The ROBLOX Assault Team

RAT is a long-lived, powerful clan on ROBLOX. It is currently 3rd largest Group/Clan in Roblox, behind Vortex Security (VS), the second largest, and First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR). They are currently lead by ColourTheory. They are currently at war with Noble Blade. The RO-Wars are coming to close, so RAT has lowered raids due to internal (and external) problems, but then raised raids because of an admin fixing most of the problems, only leaving a few problems behind.

Early History

RAT was truly started by Cezza123 with his 2nd in command, Stealthmatt around 2009. It was, at first, a modern military monarchy clan. However, It later transitioned into an empire soon enough known as "Dark Ages". Stealthmatt, which became 2nd leader of RAT after Cezza123 left, became very infamous at a rapid pace. RAT went to war with clans such as X-101st, EW, REF and many other famous clans of the day. However, the memorable Ro-War against The United Clan of ROBLOX (UCR) was easily the largest and most famous. The RAT Empire and the UCR with help of RHC (where D4 & TDfall made their appearances) faced off against each other in perhaps the most talked about ROBLOX Clan War in C&G History. No one for sure knows who came out the ultimate victor, but UCR was found to be the likely winner with help from RHC.


ThePhantomHourGlass (TPHG) ruled RAT after the great RAT-UCR Ro-War. SM agreed to sell it to TPHG, a leader and former owner of UCR. There has been some speculation that TPHG scammed SM out of RAT, but it was never proven. TPHG proved a capable leader, excelling in diplomacy, and when the situation called for it, fighting.

Veteran RAT members thought lowly of TPHG, seeing how they saw RAT as just UCR controlled. Many of them quit RAT for Stealthmatt's "RUM" or "ROBLOX United Military".



Cezza321 is a true original creator of RAT, he is the user that create RAT & put steathmatt as his 2nd in Command, then later he left RAT & gave stealthmatt ownership of RAT. However, at that time, RAT was not well-known.


StealthMatt made RAT famous after they released their first HQ. In his reign, RAT became very famous, as it grew from 50-100 members to around 20,000. After RAT's member count passed UCR, benblue9 (owner of UCR) declared war on them. After a raging war, benblue9 and ThePhantomHourGlass (who are cousins) supposedly planned to take down StealthMatt. TPHG convinced StealthMatt to give him RAT, but allegedly never paid him the money he promised. TPHG allied RAT with UCR. The two cousins were the rulers of ROBLOX.


Commonly known as TPHG, he owned RAT for a reasonably large amount of time. TPHG allied RAT with UCR after their Ro-War.


Ploober33 owned RAT for about 24 hours, allegedly due to TPHG leaving for personal reasons. Afterwards, TPHG took RAT back and began a second term.


Bobob55 also owned RAT for a short time, but he improved RATS technology with help of Donkeyo4 (now known as ColourTheory)


Once known as donkeyo4, his name was changed due to a Roblox moderator's accident. He is the current leader of the Roblox Assault Team, dismissed rulzalot as the 2nd in command because of inactivity, and sworn in Counterclockwork as ColourTheory's second in command.



These are soldiers that have just joined R.A.T. They are the main source of manpower, however, this rank may be abused by spies who can monitor group shouts and wall posts. They can be promoted by attending trainings (this requirement has recently been dropped, although it can still help a lot), guarding the bases, or impressing an Admiral. All Conscripts must get the R.A.T training badge first, however.


These are trained soldiers of R.A.T. They have braved the challenges of Conscript and receive some degree of respect. This is sometimes where members decide to stay in R.A.T, or go on to another group.


These are Soldiers that have proved themselves to be a formidable fighting force, however, this is the rank where loyalty comes onto the stage. Scouts are usually sent to enemy bases to scout a base before a raid and learn weak points, if there is any.


Guards are usually found guarding R.A.T forts, mainly Celeste and Equinox. To be promoted, you should guard the bases every day of the week, for at least an hour.


These are R.A.T members who are revoked of their command for training. They must allow people to work together without the use of force to achieve a goal. This is done for training of leadership.


There are many Supervisors, mainly because it is the highest rank without being specifically chosen by an Admiral. This is usually where R.A.T members can branch out and create their own divisions.


Decently active Supervisors can be accepted into the R.A.T Vindicator Division. This allows Supervisors to rank up within Supervisor, since many Supervisors decide to quit R.A.T due to boredom.


Marshals are R.A.T members specially chosen by Admirals. Marshals must be active or they may be demoted back down to Supervisor. Exemplary loyalty may lead the Marshal to be picked by CT (ColourTheory) to become an Admiral.


Admirals are the R.A.T members who are dedicated entirely to duty. They can receive hundreds of PM's a day, and need the time to read through them all. Admirals have the power to promote and demote.

Grand Admiral

The Grand Admiral oversees all of R.A.T's activities. It is said that he rarely goes into games, due to a large amount of work, but, occasionally, he goes in games to "play" with his fellow friends and soldiers.


There are many member-owned R.A.T Divisions. However, to save space, the divisions here are official divisions owned by CT.

The ROBLOX Assault Team Honors Division -

Only R.A.T members who are specially selected by Admirals HippieVanz, Counterclockwork, or rulzalot or Grand Admiral CT can join. Members who are in this group display a willingness to work, loyalty, and maturity.

The ROBLOX Assault Team Immortals -

The R.A.T Immortals, previously led by TDFall, Croze, and now cj10127, are limited to 100 members, to show they are the 100 best fighters in R.A.T. The group is divided into different "degrees". 1st Degree members are very vulnerable to losing their rank, while 5th degree members and higher are the top fighters in RAT.

The ROBLOX Assault Team Vindicators -

Explained above in Ranks, this group is specially made for Supervisors.

The ROBLOX Assault Team Medical Division -

The greatest minds of Frostaria working day and night for the better of the Frostarian civilians and soldiers. The most notable medics of the Medical Division are fireandicebattle, as well as gromlix. They're currently working on eliminating Bucketitus, which has rapidly grown throughout RAT.

The ROBLOX Assault Team Sparrow Corp -

Sparrow Corp is the most selective RAT division, it is the most elite fighters,builders/scripters & graphic artists in the group. Sparrow Corp controls the Roblox Assault Team.

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