Copying on ROBLOX

These days there are millions of players playing ROBLOX and some have an intent for developing games on ROBLOX and some of these developers have no clue about what's copying or copyright infringement. Copying is the act of fully cloning something like a file meanwhile some get confused with inspiration.

False copying accusations

Like what was mentioned earlier, people will get confused between copying and inspiration but the happens on the Internet a lot and so many people use it so it's no surprise that people will get confused. Many games get accused of copying when they didn't copy.

Trademark Infringement on ROBLOX

Trademark Infringement is similar to copyright infringement but on logos and names. It's basically the use of a trademarked design for a logo that you don't have the rights to use. Some people on ROBLOX will make groups with similar logo designs and names to real-life companies in a way that can confuse lots of people.


Trademark infringement on ROBLOX is most commonly found in groups such as Electronic Publishers which uses Electronic Arts' logo design and some people may find it confusing.

Copyright Infringement on ROBLOX

Copyright infringement is the use of works protected by copyright law without permission, infringing certain exclusive rights granted to the copyright holder, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the protected work, or to make derivative works. Since ROBLOX is a platform that anyone can create anything on, some will upload and make illegal and infringing content on ROBLOX.


Since ROBLOX is a build-to-create website where anyone can create anything, some people will create games on ROBLOX that use the copyrighted material such as games and audio. Some examples of games using copyrighted material on ROBLOX are the following:

  1. Pokemon Brick Bronze
  2. Project: Pokemon
  3. Pokemon Legends
  4. Five Nights at Freddy's (by many developers)

Since such fan games usually fall under fair use (see Fair Use doctrine section below), they are usually not dealt with. However, there have been cases of games being taken down by copyright infringement or being forced to rebrand the game to something non-copyrighted. A notable case would be the Content Deletion of Pokemon Brick Bronze.

taymaster and Pokemon Fangames on ROBLOX

On October 16, 2016, taymaster tweeted a picture of what looks to be him sending a Copyright Infringement notice to Nintendo[1] about the most popular "Roblox Pokemon Games" and how ROBLOX is doing nothing about it but Nintendo has still not replied to that email.


The ROBLOX audio section of the library has a lot of copyright infringement by looking at it; when you play a game on ROBLOX, people will play copyrighted audio. Back in 2013 when the "Audio" feature was first introduced on a ROBLOX Blog, users only had 15 seconds of audio. Only tidbits of copyrighted audio was uploaded until not long ago in later 2016 when the length was increased to 6 minutes or 10 megabytes [source: Upload Longer Audio Files]. This gave users the opportunity to upload full copyrighted audio material with little penalty.

Fair Use doctrine

Fair Use is an America-exclusive doctrine which allows people to use copyrighted content without permission, under limited use. This includes derivative works, parodies, criticism, and education. Under Fair Use, using copyrighted content on Roblox has been made possible and lawful.


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  • Some believe that taymaster made that email and tweet to combat the "HeavenLogin - Berreza" Drama since taymaster labeled also said, "ROBLOX Pokémon GO will soon be gone." in his tweet.
  • Even though many people retweeted that taymaster is putting Pokemon Brick Bronze at the risk of deletion, taymaster didn't show Pokemon Brick Bronze in the picture of the email he tweeted.
  • It's pretty obvious that Nintendo and/or ROBLOX hasn't seen it since nothing has been done to the Pokemon fangames mentioned in the email.
  • People will sometimes protect these copyright infringement games.
  • Back in late 2016, there was an image of a copyright infringement notice from Nintendo. However, one of the mods confirmed that the notice is fake.
  • Pokemon Brick Bronze was taken down on April 18th, 2018. Lando, the game's director, confirmed the takedown 3 days after, saying the request was from The Pokèmon Company. After Brick Bronze's takedown announcement, there are speculations that other Pokemon games are soon to follow.