Not to be confused with the 2015 Jurassic World event.

Roblox Creator Challenge (also known as Jurassic World Creator Challenge) is a Roblox event that started on June 12, 2018 and ended on September 12, 2018. The event is expected to last 3 months.

It is sponsored by a film named Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. There will be only one game, featuring three prizes for players to obtain. It will last three months, differing from other events which last for only two weeks.

Players will learn the basics of creating a game, by finishing an obstacle course where the player has to rescue Blue the Velcioraptor as the volcano begins erupting, mirroring the plot of the film. They will learn how to playtest, move and modify parts, scripting in Lua, and many more in Roblox Studio. After the lessons, the player must take a quiz to review what they have learned, with 18 questions challenging them.

Finally, the player is expected to create a game. The said player has to create a path for Blue the dinosaur to escape.


Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - Final Trailer HD

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom - Final Trailer HD

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


Name Image Creator/Group
Roblox Creator Challenge
Roblox Creator Challenge Thumbnail
Roblox Creator Challenge


Name Game Image Objective
Jurassic World Headphones Roblox Creator Challenge
Jurassic World Headphones
Complete the first lesson, and answer all the questions correctly in lessons 1 and 2.
Jurassic World Cap Roblox Creator Challenge
Jurassic World Cap
Complete the second lesson, and answer all the questions correctly in lessons 3 and 4.    
Jurassic World Backpack Roblox Creator Challenge
Jurassic World Backpack
Complete the third lesson, and answer all the questions correctly in lessons 5 and 6.

Promocode Items

Name Image Code
Jurassic World Sunglasses
Jurassic Glasses
Enter the promocode "JURASSICWORLD" on

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Jurassic World Shirt Jurassic World Shirt Free


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  • This is the longest event in Roblox history, lasting from June 12 to September 12 (3 months), possibly to give enough time for many people and classes to participate in the game creating challenge.
  • This event is very similar to the ROBLOX University 2014 event, in which in that event, users had to learn how to code and then once when they are finished with their lessons, then they would go to a custom game and take the quizzes based on Roblox Studio, and if they had passed, they would be awarded a prize for each quiz.
  • You can still obtain the items from the event as of November 2018, 2 months after the event ended.


Some people have criticised the fact that the event is "too simple and easy" for some players. Players did not have to take the lessons and could answer all the questions by looking at guides or searching them up. Also, the quiz does not provide any penalty for incorrect answers. People also criticised on how the prizes are basic retextures of the headphones, cap, and backpack meshes respectively with the Jurassic World logo added. The retextures have also been done with the Solo sponsored items from the Roblox Battle Arena (2018) event as well as the Incredibles 2 sponsored items fom the Roblox Heroes (2018) event.


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