The Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2012 was the third annual egg hunt on ROBLOX. A place was specifically made for the eggs to drop in. When collected, the eggs would go into your inventory, and you would also receive a badge. There were a total of 25 (26, if you count the unfinished Sumo Egg) eggs. Items, such as the Egg Cannon, were designed to help you find all of the eggs. The Egg Hunt lasted for about 4 days. The event shattered a record of how many players were playing one game at one time, with 9,354 being the record. This record was later topped at 2013's Egg Hunt, which attracted approximately 20,000 players to the game at one time. Many people also exploited the game so that everyone could get the Eggs unfairly.

Game Description

Egg Hunt Map 2012

The Egg Hunt 2012 map

 The place itself had multiple terrains. Two large mountain ranges bordered the map. The mountain ranges were connected via a bridge. A city that contained multiple office towers was located across from the mountains. A waterfall cascaded down from the mountains and ran into a river. The river ran adjacent to the office towers, halfway through the map. There were also several areas in the game that were modeled after classic Roblox places; these places included Crossroads, Chaos Canyon, and Sword Fight on the Heights. Several underground pathways were also located within the map.


There was a total of 24 possible eggs that could be found in the Easter Egg Hunt map. The list follows below.

Name Description Image Rarity

Aqueous Egg of River Riding

To get this egg, the player must go to the river and find this. Then they receive this egg. ? Uncommon
Vampiric Egg of Twilight Often found in the time between day and night, and the time between night and day. You just had to touch it to receive it. Vampiric Egg of Twilight Rare
Egg Timer Found anywhere, the player had to get this egg before it exploded. Egg Timer Common
Terrordactyl Egg Only players can get this egg when the terrodactyl spawned, and dropped a large egg. Terrordactylegg Extremely Rare
Subterranean Egg To get this, you had to find it underground. Subterranean Egg Uncommon
Futuristic Egg of Antigravity To get this egg, you often needed a flight potion to reach it in the sky, or you had to wait for it to float down. Futuristic Egg of Antigravity Fairly Common
Elevated Egg of Eyrie This egg was often on top of the waterfall, but sometimes it was found in the river. Elevated Egg of Eyrie Uncommon
Charles Babbage Fabergé Egg Players could only getting this egg by random encounters as it was had a very low spawn rate, this was considered as the most common faberge in 2012. Charles Babbage Fabergé Egg Extremely Rare
Office Professional Egg This egg was found inside the office buildings by the river. Office Professional Egg Common
Chaos Canyon Sugar Egg Players could only getting this egg by random encounters as it had a very low spawn rate, this was considered as the most common sugar egg in 2012. Chaoscanyonsugaregg Extremely Rare
Crossroads Sugar Egg Players could only get this egg by random encounters as it had a really low spawn rate. Crossroadsugaregg Extremely Rare
Sword Fight on the Heights Sugar Egg This egg spawned randomly, it had an extremely low spawn rate. Sfothsugaregg Unreal
Insanely Valuable Crystal Egg To get this egg by going into an underground temple and getting them in a chamber. However, players must dodge lava to get the egg. Insanely Valuable Crystal Egg Ridiculously Rare
Molten Meteoric Core Egg Players could only get the egg after a meteor struck the map and the egg popped out of the meteor. Molten Meteoric Core Egg Uncommon
Combo Egg of Trolllolol To get this egg, they must type the code. The code is "707". Combo Egg of Trolllolol Extremely Common
Eggcognito Egg To get this, find this egg wearing your hat then get him. Eggcognito Egg Common
Hyperactive Egg of Hyperactivity This egg moves faster than the players trying to capture it. Once players capture the egg, the player can move faster and jump higher. Hyperactive Egg of Hyperactivity Extremely Common
Self Replicating Egg of Grey Goo This egg creates replicas of itself; only one of the eggs created is real and obtainable-the reason of it being called "rare", is because of how the clones make it look like it's common. Self Replicating Egg of Grey Goo Rare
Ethereal Ghost Egg Players must simply touch this egg to capture it, however, the egg tended to go through walls. Ethereal Ghost Egg Uncommon
Eggsterminator Egg Players could only capture the egg while it flew, however, the egg exploded periodically. Eggsterminator Egg Uncommon
Egg of All-Devouring Darkness The egg spawned after a set amount of in-game days passed in a server. It spawned at one given location. It should be noted that every time this egg spawns, the server its in shuts down. Egg of All-Devouring Darkness Unreal
Ruby Filigree Fabergé Egg Players could only getting this egg by random encounters as it was had a EXTREMELY low spawn rate, this was considered the most rarest faberge in 2012. Ruby Filigree Fabergé Egg Unreal
Azurewrath Fabergé Egg Players could only getting this egg by random encounters as it had a really low spawn rate. Azurewrath Faberge Extremely Rare
The Last Egg Players could only get this egg when they got all the eggs including the Stooge Egg, however, due to the hackers-some players got this before any of the other eggs, OR-some got it randomly for no reason. Thelastegg Common

Catalog Items

  • Egg Cannon 9000: This gear shot eggs at the Egg Hunt place. Although it mostly shot common eggs, it shot a rare egg on occasion.
  • Egglord's Rexus: Was a buyable, BC only item. When wearing it, it would increase the chance the Egg Cannon 9000's chance of firing a rare egg, and decreased the loading time of the Egg Cannon 9000.
  • Egglord's Circlet: Was the same as the Egglord's Rexus, but was not as good.