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The 2013 ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt was the fourth annual egg hunt on Roblox. The place was made by the user Games, and the event ran It Starts March 26, 2013 and ended April 5.

Previously, there were egg drops held in 2008, 2010, and an egg hunt in 2012, which makes the 2013 Egg Hunt the first ROBLOX Easter Egg activity in an odd-numbered year. Although most of the egg hunting took place in one game, a few eggs were hidden in a few unspecified places on ROBLOX. At the egg hunt, players had to hunt for eggs in an all-terrain map. The players then received a badge when an egg was found. Also, the egg corresponding to the badge was also obtained. Some of the eggs hatched and unveiled exclusive items for players with the eggs.[1] Several different items were released in the catalog in order to assist players with the egg hunt.

The event shattered multiple records, as well as introduced several features not found in previous egg hunts. The first record broken was the amount of concurrent users at one game, with around 19,079 players being the record. The egg hunt place also became the first game to get over 2 million place visits in a week. The egg hunt introduced the first gear-type eggs, hatched eggs, Studio eggs and website eggs. Overall, the Egg Hunt garnered acclaim from users and is considered to be one of ROBLOX's best events.

Map Description

Egg Hunt Map 2013

The Egg Hunt 2013 map

The map was designed by ROBLOX admin Luke Weber (Stickmasterluke). Like the 2012 map, the map for the 2013 Easter Egg Hunt was an all-terrain map. The map contained a large stone volcano that was adjacent to a green field with a large oak tree standing near the volcano. The volcano erupted every hour in the server. A bridge that was connected to a stone tower was attached to the field near the volcano. An urban city was perched on a few gray cliffs across the map. A waterfall divided the urban city from the volcano and grassy field, and a bridge connected the two over the waterfall. A secret cave was located behind the waterfall, and led to a portion of the cliffs adjacent to the bridge. These cliffs overlooked a grassy valley

Egg Hunt 2013 thumbnail.

. The valley contained a few small single-story houses. Some of them were empty, and some contained tables holding boxes of Spam. An evergreen forest was located on the back of the map in the valley. A large, grassy hill connected the urban city to the forest. Multiple Mo'ai that resembled the ones found on Easter Island dotted the grassy hill. Several cows were found grazing on the large hill as well. An underground chamber was carved into the hill. The chamber had large urns burning in each corner of the room. Stone pillars bordered the room as well. The room was guarded by a large boss, who started in the center of the room. Players had to fight the boss in order to get the Deviled Egg.

Players spawned on a free-standing island that is suspended in mid-air. A series of teleporters that were shaped like the famous Stonehenge connected that island to the main map. Some of the other places that the teleporters led to included the urban city, the base of the volcano, the field near the tower, the secret cave, and the entrance to the underground chamber. The 'hub' of teleporters was located at the top of the large hill.


There was a total of 34 eggs in the 2013 Egg Hunt; twenty-five in the main place (including three Faberge Eggs), three hidden in the Roblox website and six obtained by doing things in the Roblox Studio.

In-game Eggs

These eggs were all found in the official Easter Egg Hunt 2013 map. There were twenty-five eggs in the map, including three Faberge Eggs.

Name Description Objective Image
Tiger Egg

An egg with a tiger pattern all over it.

This was a winner of the Roblox Egg Design competition, known as the 'Rich Ladie's Tiger Skin Egg' at the time.

This egg spawned randomly throughout the map, occasionally moving around and making tiger noises. Players had to touch it to get it.

Tiger Egg
Watermelon Egg

A watermelon shaped like an egg.

This was a winner of the Roblox Egg Design competition, known as the 'Fruity Egg of the Watermelon' at the time.

This egg was simply found and captured like normal eggs, bursting when caught. Watermelon Egg
Chocolate Egg

A brown egg with a gold and silver wrapper.

This was a winner of the Roblox Egg Design competition, known as the 'Golden Chocolate Egg of Om Nom Nom' at the time.

This egg was simply found and captured like normal eggs. Chocolate Egg
Full Moon Egg

A grey egg with lots of craters on it.

This egg was only seen and obtainable at night. Players had to touch it to get it. Full Moon Egg
Cannonical Egg

An egg shaped like a cannon's barrel with a fuse sticking out of the other end.

In the Egg Hunt, the egg had wheels of it's own.

This egg always fired at other eggs, destroying them if they could hit them. This egg exploded once touched. Cannonical Egg

An upside-down egg with a floral pattern with 'egg' on it in fancy writing.

This egg rolled away from players if they got too close. The only way to get it is to walk backwards from it, or to ram it against a wall or something similar. GGE
Egg of Duty

An egg in a soldier's outfit, armed with six grenades on a belt.

This was one of the three eggs to be obtainable as a gear.

On 4/4/13, this egg hatched into a Badblox Hatchling.

This egg commonly spawned on the volcano, and shot instant-kill kunai at players. Once touched, the egg exploded and forced the player into first-person mode. 239580-wiiu (1)
Deviled Egg

An egg with a devilish grin, horns and a demon's tail.

This egg was found in the boss's chamber, where players were armed with a sword. The egg appeared once the boss was killed. Deviledegg
Builderman Egg

An egg that looked like the 'builderman' Roblox account with the hard hat, face, hoodie and a hammer.

This egg was found in the incomplete building in the city. Players had to click the translucent parts to build a path to it. Buildermanegg

An egg with a spider's web pattern on it, and a spider on top.

This egg usually spawned in the cave and hatched into several spiders after a while. These spiders hurt and even killed nearby players. Spideregg

A bluish-green egg with black markings on it, and goo on the base.

As of 3/30/2013, the egg was discontinued as the parasites were removed.

On 4/1/2013, this egg hatched into an Alien Hatchling.

This egg was formed when the player got caught by an alien parasite, usually found in the caves. Another parasite spawned if the egg is left for too long. This egg burst once caught. Alienegg
Supersonic Egg An orange zig-zag egg with wings and jet engines pointing out of it. This egg usually spawned in the forest, near the boss's chamber, and tripped nearby players with a sonic boom before flying off. Players had to touch the egg to get it. Airplaneegg

A blue egg with lots of triangles and spots on it.

In the Egg Hunt, this egg had a speech bubble saying "HEY! [Playername]" where [Playername] was a player in the server, or OnlyTwentyCharacters if it was a fake spawned from an Egg Cannon 2013.

Only the [Playername] character could collect the egg, which exploded. Eggo-trip
Wizard of Astral Isles: Egg

An egg with a Wizards of the Astral Isles hat on it, and some wizard supplies on a belt.

This egg hatched into a 'Confused' hat on 4/7/2013.

This egg spawned in the tower and reversed the player's controls. The egg would also shoot blue bolts at the player. Players had to touch the egg or leave the tower to gain normal control. Wizardegg
Sorcus Egg

An egg that looked like Sorcus, with a Shirt that said 'Feed Me' on the front and 'I Don't Bite' on the back, plus a hand pointing to the egg's mouth.

This was one of the three eggs to be obtainable as a gear. As of 3/31/2013, this egg was removed for the remainder of the egg hunt due to it not being feedable.

On 4/9/2013 this egg has hatched into a Sorcus Stool.

This egg spawned under the bridge, but the player had to feed it Spam from the houses to obtain it. Whoever fed the egg the seventh Spam received the egg.

Outrageous Egg A gold egg with black stripes and OBC Hard Hats on it. This egg was dropped from Outrageous Builders Club members every few seconds. All players could get it by touching it. Outrageous egg
Catacylsmic Egg

A cracked black egg with a glowing blue core.

Many people believed that Faberge Eggs spawned more often during one of these eggs.

This egg spawned by the tunnel near the bridge once every hour. It then started emitting shockwaves which destroyed eggs and tripped most players, and awakened the volcano. Players had to touch the egg to stop all this, and collect it. 40a6ec08c7f24a904f6e6696c68df376
Egg of Scales

An egg with green scales and a pair of dragon wings.

This egg was released on 3/30/2013 as one of the three Gear eggs. Before then, many players thought it would be in a secret cave that contained the word 'Answers' in it.

On 4/12/2013 this egg has hatched into Scaley the Dragon.

This egg spawned in the cave as a handheld item, which when collected flied around the holder. The player then had to drop this item into the volcano to obtain it. 58f19b0c4c9ffb97cc29a84d3dc9f892
Scrambled Egg

An egg with large eyes and a crack on top of it.

The egg was publicly released on 4/3/2013, but it was obtained by a few players a day before.

This egg spawned rarely in various places, especially the city and volcano portal, as a handheld item. Once collected, the player had to walk into a hard surface, like a cliff wall or volcano edge, to smash and obtain it. 4d0fcc3d4aa44d579105638ef0f38110
Egg of Epic Growth

A wooden egg with vines all over it.

This egg was released on 3/30/2013.

This egg was discontinued on 4/3/2013 because of Scrambled Egg.

This egg rarely spawned in a secret room in the tree's top leaves, however, it was a very small handheld item. Once collected, it had to be placed in the waterfall's puddle near the houses, where it grew into a huge Epic Duck while pushing players back. Egg of Epic Growth

A white egg with black ends, blue lights and a large power button in the middle.

This egg was released on 3/28/2013.

This egg was only obtainable by players if they were using the Roblox Mobile iOS app. Using the PC or Mac versions did not allow the player to get it, which some players ignored. B527d890c7b5804ef0934ab79ebded56
The Last Egg

An egg with several blue vertical lines all over it.

This egg was released during the last few hours of the Egg Hunt.

The egg also went "on sale" for free.

This egg spawned in the cave and did not require the other eggs, unlike the 2012 Last Egg. This egg burst when caught. Fb8066286b8499889700e3f2d08780b3

Faberge Eggs

These eggs were very rare, normally spawned in the cave, and (some say) spawned more often during a Cataclysmic Egg.

Name Description Image
Regal Dragon Fabrege Egg

An egg with red dragon scales on it, on a cyan base.

This egg was a winner of the Roblox Egg Design competition, and was known as the 'Dragon Egg (Cyan Base)' at the time.

Royal Faberge Egg

A purple egg with a gold cross pattern and green gems at the gold pattern intersections, on a gold base.

This egg was a winner of the Roblox Egg Design competition, and was known as the 'Purple Faberge Egg of Royalty' at the time.

Dreamweaver Faberge Egg

An egg with a fabric design on it, on a bronze base.

This egg was a winner of the Roblox Egg Design competition, and was known as the 'Dream Weaver Faberge Egg' at the time.


Special Eggs

These eggs were not found at the Easter Egg Hunt 2013 game; they were hidden in other places throughout Roblox.

Website Eggs

Website eggs were hidden throughout the Roblox website.

Name Description Method of Collection Image
The Easiest Egg A white and red zig-zag egg.

This egg was found in the second 'O' of the Roblox logo.

The Easiest Egg
Eggvertisement Egg A multi-coloured stripy egg.

This egg could only be found by clicking on a special advertisement on any page of the Roblox website.

Eggvertisment Egg

A white egg with lots of text around it and a red 'Forum' label on it.

On 4/5/2013, this egg hatched into a Speech Bubble.

This egg could only be found by clicking on a special advertisement found on a Roblox Forums page.


Studio Eggs

These eggs could only be found in ROBLOX Studio 2013.

Name Description Method of Collection Image
Eggcellent Builder A red 8-bit egg with a blue stripe and the Roblox Studio 2013 icon on it. This egg was available to players who updated one of their places during the 2013 Egg Hunt. Eggcellent Builder
Eggstreme Builder A green 8-bit egg with a blue stripe and a car picture on it. This egg was available to players who imported a Roblox team-made car (like a Jeep) into their place. Eggstreme Builder
Eggsultant Contributor A cyan 8-bit egg with a purple stripe and a handshake on it. This egg was available to players who made and published a publicly-available Model. Eggsulent Contributor
Eggsplosion A black 8-bit egg with a red stripe and a flame on it. This egg was available to players who inserted an Explosion instance into their place.


Eggscrutiatingly Deviled Scripter An orange 8-bit egg with a red stripe and a script image on it. This egg was available to players who printed lots of text in the Script Output window. Holding a print command would have worked.


Yolk's On Us A purple 8-bit egg with a yellow stripe and a sad face on it. This egg was originally available to players who repeatedly crashed their Studio with 'crash__()' until they got the egg, until 3/28/2013. After that date, players had to insert a Model instance, name it 'Egg', then insert a Part in the Workspace, name the Part 'Yolk', and then drag the 'Yolk' Part into the 'Egg' Model. YolksOnUs

Hatched Eggs

These are the items that hatch from 6 out of 25 eggs, Brighteyes tweeted that no more were going to hatch a few hours after the last hatching.

Name Hatch Date Egg Hatch From Image
Alien Hatchling 4/1/2013 Eggtraterrestrial Alienhatchling
Badblox Hatchling 4/4/2013 Egg of Duty Abf6ee3ed91f0524101e107c8fd0bcb6
Speech Bubble 4/5/2013 TL;DR Egg Speech bubble
Confused 4/7/2013 Wizard of Astral Isles: Egg Bad1cc57565854de09b48bf92d8aa493
Sorcus Stool 4/9/2013 Sorcus Egg Sorcus Stool
Scaley, the Dragon 4/12/2013 Egg of Scales D5551606628ece5b9a6ef9de4e1247d2


Name Release Date Method of Collection Image
Studio Superstar 4/18/2013 It is obtained when the user obtained all of the Studio Eggs. StudioSuperstarHQ

Catalog Items

These items assisted players in the 2013 Egg Hunt. They were only available and usable for the duration of the hunt.

Name Cost Use Image


75 ROBUX This item told the player which eggs are currently on the map and was actively checking for eggs in the server. 4b2f5cd45d585af7dafc0bc8fcff95d5
Egg Cannon 2013



This item shot out fake eggs to confuse other players, but 5% of shots were real eggs. Egg Cannon 2013

Common Egg Compass

250 ROBUX This gear guided players in the direction of one of four random common eggs that were located within the player's server. 72dddc4839a28f297e7304564e66abdb

Rare Egg Compass



This gear guided players in the direction of one of three random rare eggs that were located within the player's server.


Fabrege Cloner

1,000 ROBUX Using this tool, the player could select one of the three Faberge Eggs. When someone else got the egg the player selected while they were still in the server, they also got the egg. Fd488bd0767175903234797501fb25f7


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  • There is an unused, scrapped egg, known as the Colored Dot Egg. It has Commander Video from the Bit Trip series in the outside of the used part of the texture. It is unknown how it would had been obtained.
  • A egg from 2018’s egg hunt called “Egg Hunt 2013 Sugar Egg” may have been the sugar egg of this egg hunt. It is unknown if it would’ve though.


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