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ROBLOX uses a lot of slang phrases; these phrases are not only restricted to ROBLOX, but most is also commonly used in other online multiplayer games (MMOs).


  • Afk: Away from keyboard, same as "brb". Can be used to show the player being away from the keyboard to do other short real-life actions, i.e. bathroom break or getting food.
  • Bloxxed: When a player's health reaches zero, and the player's ROBLOXian falls apart. This phrase is unique to ROBLOX and shouldn't be used in other games in order to prevent any confusion.
  • Brb: (I'll) Be right back, see AFK.
  • Gtg: Got to go; can also be used as "g2g". Used if the player would want to leave a game for any kind of reason, i.e. leaving to go to a mall or to return to work on homework(if available).
  • Lol: Laugh out loud. Used to indicate laughter.
  • Newb: A new player who acts the part; a new player that may have little understandings about the game.
  • Noob: Derived from "newb", this word refers to new players. Players may incorrectly use this word for people who are annoying. Common alterations are "n00b" & "nub".
  • OMG: Oh my god; alternative is "ZOMG". Used to show surprise.
  • Owned: Means that a player has been defeated, often hilariously
  • Plox: Please
  • Plz: See Plox
  • Pwned: Similar to owned, but for situations where stronger force was used to achieve.
  • Rofl: Rolling on floor laughing- used for situations where "lol" is simply not enough.
  • TL;DR: Too long, didn't read. Used mostly in the ROBLOX Forums if a post is considered too long to read.
  • TS;DR: Too short, didn't read. Typically used by Forum "Trolls"; can be used if a post has not enough words.
  • BA: Bad Alien. Since a ROBLOX employee accidentally called Alan "Alien", this abbreviation has gone viral.

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