Roblox Special Forces, or RSF, is a military organization currently led by fruitbox. RSF's history stretches back to 2009. RSF has experienced multiple leaders including Coastal Combat's founder, Legostarwars98745. After many failed promises of ressurections of RSF by Fruitbox. The community of RSF moved to a new group- Arvorian Confederation.

RSF officially shut down on the 1st of July 2016.

On the 5th of May, 2017 however. A person by the name of Naruto_xii (Vermillions) had taken back his role of 2iC, and began to reconstruct RSF.


*More to come in the future.*

*This Wiki is about to get completly rewritten.*

Types of Events

Trainings - Held daily. They are mandatory to getting promoted to the next rank if you are PVT-CPT. HR's also can pick another HR person to co-host the training. Recruits aren't allowed in training. They need to complete the Recruit Obstacle Course first to get promoted to private to attend training.

Raids- Held whenever it is decided by HR's. You raid a clan's base such as The Vaktovian Empire's Swampy Moon Outpost. The minimum people that need to be there for the raid to be official is 5 [group name here] members.

Defenses- Held when the main base is getting raided by a clan, such as John Cobras. You and your clan have to successfully defend the terminals from being captured for 600 sec./10 Min for each terminal. 3 terminals equal to= 1800 Sec./30 min. If you succeed, promotions might be given out.

Practice raid- Not an official raid. It's just to practice raid your own base. It simulates when an enemy attacks the base. Random people are chosen to be raiders and the rest have to defend the terminals from being captured.

Message- Just a reminder/news for a subject or things happening in the community. Such as elections, contests, etc.

Forum posts- A forum post meant for the group to read and find out the news that are being released. Such as elections, guides, and rules.

Announcements- Used to say a message with higher importance.


Low ranks

  • (1) Recruit [REC]:

This is the first rank of RSF. You can not join trainings as a Recruit, only as a Private+. Do the 'Recruit Obstacle Course' and contact a Brigadier+ in order to receive a promotion and then attend events. LINK:

  • (2) Private [PVT]:

You may attend trainings now. It's now your duty to make sure RSF is safe from attackers. Serve RSF as a good soldier! To receive promotions you >MUST< attend group events (trainings, raids, rallies, etc).

  • (3) Private First Class [PFC]:

Third rank of RSF. Good job! You have proven that you are more than just a normal soldier. To receive promotions you >MUST< attend group events (trainings, raids, rallies, etc).

  • (4) Corporal [CPL]:

Woah! You have reached the fourth rank in RSF. Nice job! Tell newer members what they should do, but don't command them! To receive promotions you >MUST< attend group events (trainings, raids, rallies, etc).

Advance ranks

  • (5) Sergeant [SGT]:

This is the fifth rank of RSF. You are now one step closer to becoming a MR. Keep up the good work! To receive promotions you >MUST< attend group events (trainings, raids, rallies, etc).

  • (6) Warrant Officer [WO]:

Set an example to new members; they look up to you. You may not command people yet, but giving tips would be awesome. To receive promotions you >MUST< attend group events (trainings, raids, rallies, etc).

  • (7) Lieutenant [LT]:

You're still looked up to! You may not command yet but you may give a group of people positions in defences/raids! To receive promotions you >MUST< attend group events (trainings, raids, rallies, etc).

  • (8) Captain [CPT]:

This is the eighth rank of RSF; you're almost to the end of the middle rank stage! You are now looked up to by most of the other low ranks in RSF. Being a captain, you will have to take great responsibilities to help RSF.

  • (9) Major [MAJ]:

This is the ninth and last advance rank of RSF. You are now looked up to by all of the ranks below you. You are to show respect, grammar, and maturity, setting an example for your low ranks. To be able to become a Colonel, you must be accepted into the High Rank Academy and complete the academy and be voted in.


  • Representative - this rank is not considered a rank for members to achieve. This rank is for the high ranks from allied forces to join. They have the ability to shout for assistance at their fort. *Note: RSF will not defend if another RSF ally is raiding your clan.*

High ranks

  • (10) Colonel [COL]:

This is the beginning of the High Rank stage. You now have the power to host trainings, raids, defences, etc. You do not have the power to promote members, so you have to join the Royal Parliament ( and post the names of those who received promotions on the wall.

  • (11) Brigadier [BRG]:

Second rank of the High Rank stage. Give tips to new Colonels and keep an eye on them. Correct them when needed and warn them when needed too. Do not be scared to interrupt a training session that is not running smoothly.

  • (12) Lieutenant General [LTG]

Twelfth rank of RSF. This rank has promotion powers. Lieutenant Generals not only host events, but help command the Roblox Special Forces.

High Command ranks

  • (13) General [GEN]

This is the thirteenth and final rank of the High Rank stage. You are now an inspiration to all of the ranks before you; they will look up to you and so you are to show respect, grammar and maturity. Generals are assigned jobs in RSF. To be the head of a certain criteria, you will be in command of that certain job, and keep it intact.

  • (14) Field Marshal [FM]

This rank is for the Second in Command and fruitbox's alternative account only.

  • (15) Leader [LDR]:

This is fruitbox's rank, the leader of RSF, the one and only. Respect him and he will respect you.



The Green Demons logo.

  • High Rank Academy - The HRA is a division for Majors to turn into Colonels. Led by IArlongI.
  • RSF Confederation - A group for all official RSF divisions to be allied with.
  • Royal Parliament - The division for High Ranks,
  • Arvorian Royal Guard - RSF's elite sword division. Starting to become active. Led by Isanious, xypersparky and blackrushflash.
  • Arvorian Legion - An elite division of RSF. Their soldiers "specialize" in raiding and defending. Led by LegoStarWars999.
  • Vorzeigen - RSF's technology branch, for someone to become a developer in Vorzeigen they must send an application which will be reviewed by SpinalCode. Led by SpinalCode.
  • Military Police - The members of this division enforce the regulations, and if someone is caught disobeying the regulations they will be reported to a DoHR Representative, MoR Representative or MP High Rank. Led by ddog189.
  • Newsroom - Still being set up, once this division is active it will be used to write newsletters to inform RSF members on what is happening around in the RSF world. Led by ibelieve5.
  • Green Demons - RSF's RCL and Gunfighting elites, the soldiers in this division are considered to be some of the best that RSF has to offer. Led by Isanious
  • Beta - Place on 2004 on Dynablocks on 2004 old roblox is child on Skateboard

Main Base

  • Fort Clypeus

Rules are still being written for Fort Clypeus.

For an official raid, 7 RSF / Allies and 5 Raiders must be present. Until an administrator arrives, the raid cannot begin.

Current Events

RSF is currently looking for war but otherwise at peace.

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