Roblox Special Forces, or RSF, is a military organization. RSF's history stretches back to 2009 and it has experienced multiple leaders such as Legostarwars98745 and Fruitbox, which helped make the group what it is today.

RSF officially shut down on the 1st of July 2016. However, on the 5th of May, 2017, the former second in command, Vermilions, took charge and began to reconstruct RSF.

Vermilions stepped down on March 11th, 2018. He handed the group over to General CeeJayehh, for what looks like a promising future for the Roblox Special Forces.

Types of Events

Trainings - Held daily. They are mandatory to getting promoted to the next rank if you are PVT-CPT. HR's also can pick another HR person to co-host the training. Recruits aren't allowed in training. They need to complete the Recruit Obstacle Course first to get promoted to private to attend training.

Raids- Held whenever it is decided by HR's. You raid a clan's base such as The Vaktovian Empire's Swampy Moon Outpost. The minimum people that need to be there for the raid to be official is 5 [group name here] members.

Defenses- Held when the main base is getting raided by a clan, such as John Cobras. You and your clan have to successfully defend the terminals from being captured for 600 sec./10 Min for each terminal. 3 terminals equal to= 1800 Sec./30 min. If you succeed, promotions might be given out.

Practice raid- Not an official raid. It's just to practice raid your own base. It simulates when an enemy attacks the base. Random people are chosen to be raiders and the rest have to defend the terminals from being captured.

Message- Just a reminder/news for a subject or things happening in the community. Such as elections, contests, etc.

Forum posts- A forum post meant for the group to read and find out the news that are being released. Such as elections, guides, and rules.

Announcements- Used to say a message with higher importance.


  • High Rank Academy - The Academy is a transitional period for officers to become higher ranking members.
  • The Ventus Unity - A group for all official RSF divisions to be allied with.
  • Ventus Medical Unit - The first division created after Vermilions took charge. With low requirements, anyone is able to participate in the division. Led by Liber8or.
  • Ventus Starburst Stream - RSF's elite sword fighting force. Founded in 2018, with no direct predecessor.
  • Newsletter - Still being set up, once this division is active it will be used to write newsletters to inform RSF members on what is happening around in the RSF world. Led by iJustifiedi.
  • Covert Operatives - RSF's RCL and Gunfighting elites, the soldiers in this division are considered to be some of the best that RSF has to offer. It answers directly to the overall High Command of RSF.

Current Fort

  • Fort Arvore II
    • Under Vermilions, RSF saw a return to its Arvorian routes, using both Arvore and Arvore II. Arvore II is also the current fort of the Arvorian Confederation.
    • Arvore II is raided daily, and is one of the most raided forts of any super clan at this moment in time.

These are the current rules in use by Fort Arvore II:

There must be MINIMUM of 8 RSF/Allies (Including 1 RSF HR) and 5 raiders present for an official raid.

***Other Standard/Basic Rules***
#1 - Once official, the teams are set. People will not be kicked to put the numbers back.
#2 - Exploitation of the server will result in the raid being shutdown.
#3 - 60 minutes raid limit. But there is overtime. When RSF re-captures the terminal, defenders win.

Past Leaders

RSF, to date, has had 5 leaders. These are:

  • Bambam1800
    • ​​​​​​​Bambam1800 founded RSF in 2009.
  • Legostarwars98745
    • ​​​​​​​Legostarwars98745 was the first true leader of RSF, who saw it grow from its humble origins into a clan with nearly 6000 members. Later, he became one of the richest players in the history of ROBLOX.
  • Fruitbox
    • Fruitbox led RSF from 2012, when LSW passed it on to him, until he shut the clan down on July 1st, 2016. A Well respected leader, and a leader which many owe a great deal of respect to.
  • Vermilions
    • Vermilions was the Second in Command of RSF under fruitbox. After the original shutdown in July 2016, Vermilions became Commander of RSF in May 2017, and proceeded to lead RSF for 10 months, before resigning.
  • CeeJayehh
    • An RSF veteran, and the most active HR in Vermilions Reign, CeeJayehh was rightfully given command of RSF on the 11th March 2018. He is considered a worthy successor, and RSF looks forward to a golden era with him at the helm.