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ROBLOX Summer Games 2017 LOGO

The logo of the Summer Game 2017 event on ROBLOX.

ROBLOX Summer Games 2017 is an event that started on June 27 and ends on 10 July. The event is sponsored by Balance your Fun!

How to Get the Roblox Summer Games 2017 Items

The Roblox Summer Games 2017 event has 6 event prizes, which are the Starfish Sunglasses, Summertime Water Balloon, Roblox Surfboard, Kitty-Cat Straw Hat and the Sunphones. They can be earned from playing 3 different Roblox games and completing missions, which will give you the items and a few Roblox badges.

Starfish Sunglasses and Ducky Beanie - Icebreaker

To earn the Sunphones and Ducky Beanie, you must complete 2 different missions in the game Icebreaker by Dued1. You will also earn 2 Roblox badges.

Starfish Sunglasses-

Get 5 thaws in the special map Beach Blast.

Ducky Beanie-

Find 4 hidden watermelons in the special map Beach Blast.

Kitty-Cat Straw Hat and Summertime Water Balloon - Dodgeball

To earn the Kitty-Cat Straw Hat and the Summertime Water Balloon, you must complete 2 different mission in the game Dodgeball by alexnewtron.

Kitty-Cat Straw Hat-

Win 5 rounds in the game Dodgeball.

Summertime Water Balloon

Get 2 KOs or more in a round of Dodgeball.

Sunphones and Roblox Surfboard - Theme Park Tycoon 2

To earn the Sunphones and Roblox Surfboard, you must complete 2 different missions in the game Theme Park Tycoon 2 by Den_s.


Build the 'refreshing fruits' stall and serve 25 visitors with it.

Tip: Set the cost of the stall to a minimum to complete the mission in no time.

Roblox Surfboard-

Build a water ride and serve 30 visitors with it.

Tip: Just build a simple and short ride and set the cost to a minimum like the other mission.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Sorry about the spacing, this is my first wiki post. :P

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