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Preview of the test server.

The Roblox Test Server is a duplicate of the Roblox website that the Roblox staff uses for testing new Roblox features. The background is full of "Roblox Test Server." Often, there are 1-3 pages of games. A red or orange banner will pop up if this is online. If it is offline, it will say:
The site is currently offline for maintenance and upgrades. Please check back soon!

If it is online, you must log in. The Test Server has been online many times. The last update in 2013 . The Test Server is a little more different from the real Roblox.

You usually have to make a new account. The most used test servers are listed:

Game tests

Site tests


  • Forums - When clicking the forums button, it usually simply leads to the Forums, but under Gametest instead.

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