Mix and Match Sets

Mix and Match sets include four figurines, accessories, a collector's checklist, and a virtual item code.

Name Image Description Series
Punk Rockers
Toys Mix PunkRockers
Get ready for the ultimate blox-and-roll concert! Pick up your favorite guitar and crank your amp up to eleven, because it's time to melt some noob faces. Mix-and-match the instruments and fun hairstyles to turn these punk rockers into legends. Then, create new band members by adding in other parts from your entire Roblox toy collection. Start shredding like you’ve never shredded before! Series 2
Fashion Icons
Toys Mix FashionIcons
Ever dream of starring in your own fashion show? Create your own stylish Robloxians in the palm of your hand with this fabulous collection of parts and accessories! Mix-and-match gorgeous hairstyles and colorful wings to build a unique character. Then, add other chic accessories from your entire Roblox collection to design even more fun characters. Become the ultimate Roblox fashionista! Celebrity Collection Series 1
Robot Riot
Robot Riot Toy Playset
The Roblox robot factory is going haywire! Now's your chance to rebuild these classic Roblox cyborgs the way you want. Mix-and-match your favorite gear, armor, and other fun accessories to create your own personal robotic assistants, unleash the might of a machine army, or super-charge an ordinary Robloxian with the ultimate mechanized upgrade! Series 3
Disco Madness
Disco Madness Toy Playset
Disco ball? Check. Sparkly, neon-colored outfits? Double check. Groovy dance moves? Triple check! The gang's all here, so it's time to get down and boogie with the grooviest Robloxians around. Mix-and-match your favorite accessories and hairstyles to create your own funky disco dancers and get the party started! Series 3