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ROBLOX is a game playing, hosting and development platform used by millions of users who are the architects of their own worlds. The ROBLOX Wikia is a free encyclopedia about ROBLOX that anyone can read and edit. It contains information about scripting and the API used to develop games, about the catalog, about the community, and about past and current events. It has been edited by 375 different users in the past 30 days and has been edited 290,253 times since its creation.
Did you know…
  • that Toolbox is known for making the first model, Ball 4x4x4?
  • that hair, body parts, hats, faces, shirts, and gear were mentioned on a March 2007 blog post?
  • that stickmasterluke wasn't originally an administrator and finally became one four years after initially joining ROBLOX?
  • that Cezza321 is the original creator of The Roblox Assault Team?
  • that there were sound files from the popular 2007 first person shooter Team Fortress 2 uploaded into ROBLOX that are still used today? All of these sounds were uploaded in 2009 by Clockwork before the ability for users to upload their own sound clips was removed. There are no sounds uploaded into ROBLOX from newer weapons, such as the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol and the Quick-Fix.
  • Acebatonfan


    I am a bit confused on why people seems to be creating more duplicate wikias about ROBLOX and why people are conducting business associated with these wikas on the ROBLOX Wikia. I am looking through some of the content of these wikias, and many o…

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  • Alienation999

    Last month, Tickets were removed from ROBLOX, never to return in forseeable future if this trend of hated acts continues.

    What I have noticed, though was that some people said that Tickets no longer mattered as they had little to no value, due to the…

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  • Alienation999

    Hello, this is Alienation999. Previously I have covered about the Dark Ages, and the History of ROBLOX. This time, this is going to be a list of ROBLOX Traditions, their events, and my ratings of them.

    Easter Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas
    - -



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