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The Lottery Ticket logo that was on a T-Shirt.

The Robloxian Lottery was an event hosted by the ROBLOX Staff and was only ran once. Its only run started on July 3rd, 2007 and ended on July 10th, 2007 at 4pm PST -a full week- with the final pot being 2.5k ROBUX. According to the Robloxian Lottery Results blog post, the Robloxian Lottery was a contest, which is likely a reason why the lottery ran once (like other ROBLOX Contests).

How It Works

Robloxian lotto tickets were sold at 10 ROBUX apiece, however, players were limited to only one ticket and could not purchase another ticket. As more people purchased tickets, the current pot grew. The winners were decided with a random number generator.

The lottery resulted in 3 winners, and a runner-up, with the 1st place winner receiving R$2500 ROBUX, the 2nd R$1000, the 3rd R$500, and the runner-up with R$1.

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