Role-Playing was one of subforums in ROBLOX Forum. It had over 7,600,000 posts and nearly 135,000 threads. It was used for being in an interactive story-telling forum, similar to how other boards have one.


This forum is for posting fictional stories involving your characters, and for role-playing out a scenario with other players. You can post pretty much any story or role-play imaginable, as long as it doesn’t go against the rules of ROBLOX.

Reminder: Don't post topics like relationship status, crushes, or things that involve or suggest dating. Dating is against the rules and is not allowed on the Roblox forums. THIS MEANS NO ROMANCE.


  • It's one of the few forums with over 100,000 threads.
  • This is best place to post stories, but some players get confused and posts their stories on "Movies/Tv/Books" subforum.
  • It has since been removed.

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