TeamRudimentality's emblem

Team Rudimentality or Rudimentality Developement is a development team that creates games on ROBLOX. Members of Team Rudimentality include devAdrian, devAndy, Wheatlies and WhobloxedWho.


devAdrian, devAndy, Wheatlies, and WhobloxedWho began focusing and combined their skills in game development. Around the time they released Strobe which earned them the Hall of Fame 2013 award for the most innovative gameplay. Sometime later they began to pull more people into their group with their names being currently devWes (Nytraulics) and devNathan (Guarranted).

Game development

Team Rudimentality has made many games, including complete and incomplete ones. Games they have created include the first game they published, Strobe and others like Island, Chess and inkblot which is still in development. They have attempted or are attempting to port their game Strobe to their new game engine, Cirrus.

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