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Bubble Gum Simulator is a game/simulator made by Runway Rumble, a popular development group that made multiple other popular games such as Mining Simulator. The main idea is to blow bubble gum until your 'bag' is full to get cash. You can upgrade your bag in the "Gum" tab in the shop menu, and you can upgrade how much bubble gum you get for clicking in the "Flavour" tab.

The bubble gum bubble you have can be used as a balloon, in the sense that you can jump higher and you can jump on clouds to get to special areas high in the sky. You can also upgrade your stats by opening eggs. Eggs contain pets ranging from common rarity, to ??? rarity which is known as a legendary, which is very rare. Pets have three different stats. You can also trade your pet to other players.

You can also get boosts with coins or gems in the rewards tab. These are essentially missions to get an extra reward. It will make a sound once the requirement of a mission is complete. The missions get harder gradually as you complete them.


uh sorry

Island Number Height Island Name Contains
0 0m Noob Area Shop, selling pad, Common Egg, Spotted Egg, Ice Shard Egg, Spikey Egg, starting area, VIP room, portals
1 85m Chest Area Coin chest (100 minute respawn time)
2 518m Space Extended shop, Magma Egg, Crystal Egg, Lunar Egg
3 1134m The Twilight Selling pad (x2 coins)
4 2105m The Skylands Godly gem chest (130 minute respawn time)
5 3208m The Void Void Shard egg, Nightmare Egg, Void gem chest (900 minute respawn time)
98 5338m Zen Trash Genie, gives a bad deal...


Gum can be bought in the normal and Space shop and acts as a bag for your bubbles.

Normal Shop

Normal Shop
Gum Name Capacity Price
Normal Gum 25 0 Coins
Stretchy Gum 45 175 Coins
Extra Stretchy Gum 100 400 Coins
Chewy Gum 170 900 Coins
Extra Chewy Gum 250 1.20K Coins
VIP Gum 1.00K 349R$
Epic Gum 300 2.20K Coins
Super Gum 550 4.50K Coins
Super Duper Gum 1.00K 8.35K Coins
Omega Gum 1.75K 12.32K Coins
Unreal Gum 2.25K 16.75K Coins
Monster Gum 3.50K 25.50K Coins
Ultra Gum 5.50K 35.50K Coins
Quantum Gum Infinite 699R$

Space Shop

Space Shop
Name Capacity Price
Heroic Gum 10.00K 50.00K Coins
Legendary Gum 17.50K 92.00K Coins
Mythical Gum 25.00K 130.00K Coins
Godly Gum 50.00K 260.00K Coins
Universal Gum 75.00K 425.00K Coins
Alien Gum 125.00K 2.69M Coins
Radioactive Gum 250.00K 6.39M Coins
Experiment #32 500.00K 35.00M Coins
Experiment #54 1.00M 96.00M Coins
Quantum Gum Infinite 699R$


Flavours can be bought from both shops. They are used to upgrade the amount of bubbles you obtain for clicking.

Normalny sklep

Normalny sklep
Imię Bąbelki Cena £

Space Shop

Space Shop
Name Bubbles Price
Frost +60 62.50K Coins
Ruby +80 105.00K Coins
Void +105 245.00K Coins
Aqua +135 410.00K Coins
Plasma +180 620.00K Coins
Lava +250 1.25M Coins
Venom +465 3.10M Coins
Galaxy +545 5.20M Coins
Rainbow +720 10.60M Coins
Surge +800 55.00M Coins
Triangular +920 130.00M Coins


Ranks are titles that appear above your username. Reaching a rank will change the current one above you and will give you a badge. There are currently 17 ranks.

List of Ranks

Rank Name Bubbles
Beginner 0
Novice 150
Intermediate 500
Advanced 1,250
Expert 2,500
Extreme Bubbler 7,500
Gum Specialist 15,000
Incredible Bubbler 45,000
Outrageous Bubbler 100,000
Bubble Enthusiast 250,000
Unreal Bubbler 500,000
Gum Extremist 750,000
Bubble Connoisseur 1,500,000
Bubble Master 3,500,000
Bubble Champion 7,500,000
Grand Master 25,000,000
Grand Champion 50,000,000


Pets are some of the main collectibles of the game. Eggs are found in a few of the islands and the spawn and cost coins and gems.

Pet Rarities

  • Common
  • Unique
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • ??? (Legendary)

List of Eggs

Name Price Location Amount of Pets
Common Egg 250 Coins Spawn Island 4
Spotted Egg 3,200 Coins Spawn Island 5
Ice Shard Egg 250 Gems Spawn Island 6
Spikey Egg 35,000 Coins Spawn Island 6
Magma Egg 2,000 Gems Space 7
Crystal Egg 17,500 Gems Space 8
Lunar Egg 50,000 Gems Space 9
Void Shard Egg 200,000 Gems The Void 9
Nightmare Egg 350,000 Gems The Void 9

Robux Eggs

Robux Eggs
Name Price Location Contains
Inferno Egg 4,299 Robux Spawn Island Legendary Inferno Dragon
Infernus Egg 5,299 Robux The Skylands Legendary Infernus
Dark Serpent Egg 7,299 Robux The Void Legendary Dark Serpent

List of Pets

List of Pets Note: The pet stats shown below are their Level 1 stats.
Name Bubbles Coins Gems How to obtain
Doggy +0 x2 x0 Common Egg
Kitty +2 x0 x0 Common Egg
Bunny +2 x2 x0 Common Egg
Bear +4 x5 x2 Common Egg
Mouse +3 x2 x0 Spotted Egg
Wolf +1 x3 x2 Spotted Egg
Fox +3 x2 x2 Spotted Egg
Polar Bear +4 x2 x3 Spotted Egg
Panda +4 x5 x2 Spotted Egg
Frost Kitty +3 x5 x6 Ice Shard Egg
Deer +3 x7 x6 Ice Shard Egg
Frost Wolf +7 x5 x6 Ice Shard Egg
Piggy +11 x9 x6 Ice Shard Egg
Frost Deer +15 x5 x9 Ice Shard Egg
Frost Dragon 23 28 18 Ice Shard Egg
Golem +3 x4 x2 Spikey Egg
Dino +3 x2 x3 Spikey Egg
Ruby Golem +4 x5 x6 Spikey Egg
Dragon +12 x14 x8 Spikey Egg
Dark Dragon +95 x80 x180 Spikey Egg
Emerald Golem +60 x215 x115 Spikey Egg
Magma Doggy +5 x6 x7 Magma Egg
Fire Fox +7 x9 x8 Magma Egg
Fire Piggy +7 x15 x5 Magma Egg
Fire Deer +5 x15 x14 Magma Egg
Lava Bear +15 x22 x14 Magma Egg
Demon +66 x66 x66 Magma Egg
Inferno Dragon +115 x195 x205 Magma Egg, Inferno Egg
Cave Bat +7 x9 x6 Crystal Egg
Ruby Bat +11 x8 x5 Crystal Egg
Sapphire Bat +14 x11 x9 Crystal Egg
Dark Bat +19 x25 x20 Crystal Egg
Angel +45 x70 x50 Crystal Egg
Emerald Bat +55 x105 x60 Crystal Egg
Unicorn +125 x385 x265 Crystal Egg
Flying Pig +145 x290 x385 Crystal Egg
Space Mouse +11 x9 x11 Lunar Egg
Space Bunny +8 x16 x11 Lunar Egg
Space Bull +15 x12 x15 Lunar Egg
Lunar Fox +24 x30 x15 Lunar Egg
Amethyst Golem +30 x25 x30 Lunar Egg
Galactic Angel +65 x100 x80 Lunar Egg
Lunarcorn +160 x100 x75 Lunar Egg
Lunar Serpent +295 x465 x666 Lunar Egg
Electra  +365 x1,050 x985 Lunar Egg
Void Kitty +18 x16 x19 Void Shard Egg
Void Deer +22 x19 x15 Void Shard Egg
Void Bat +26 x28 x31 Void Shard Egg
Void Bear +65 x70 x35 Void Shard Egg
Void Fox +55 x60 x40 Void Shard Egg
Void Dragon +95 x80


Void Shard Egg
Void Demon +145 x165 x125 Void Shard Egg
Dark Phoenix +565 x1,650 x1,345 Void Shard Egg
Neon Elemental +675 x2,110 x1,750 Void Shard Egg
Zombie Cat +32 x41 x33 Nightmare Egg
Demon Dog +38 x36 x35 Nightmare Egg
Skeletal Deer +48 x52 x48 Nightmare Egg
Nightmare Bat +65 x75 x105 Nightmare Egg
Night Crawler +26 x28 x31 Nightmare Egg
Hell Bat +210 x345 x185 Nightmare Egg
Evil Butterfly +165 x275 x245 Nightmare Egg
Green Hydra +585 x2,450 x2,105 Nightmare Egg
Demonic Hydra +715 x2,990 x2,655 Nightmare Egg
Twitter Dog +3 x4 x3



The Index shows what pets you have and what pets you don't have. It does not show exclusive code pets or other limited pets and it does not show pets from eggs that cost Robux. You can find it on the left side beside Rewards.

The Paid Shop is where you can buy Coins and Gems with Robux.


Amount Price
100 Coins 5 Robux
350 Coins 35 Robux
1,250 Coins 62 Robux
4,800 Coins 240 Robux
22,500 Coins 900 Robux
50,000 Coins 1,750 Robux


Amount Price
1,000 Gems 10 Robux
4,000 Gems 40 Robux
12,000 Gems 120 Robux
45,000 Gems 450 Robux
250,000 Gems 2,079 Robux
950,000 Gems 6,649 Robux

===codes (stop pls)   Codes are found on Isaac's (The developer) Twitter (IsaacRBLX) and their Twitch Channel (Rumble Studios) and will give you in-game currency and very rarely an exclusive item/pet. Your account must be 5 days old to redeem most of the codes.===


These are permanent upgrades that do various things in-game.

Gamepass Cost Description
x2 Gems 349 Robux Earn 2x the Gems you normally would!
x2 Coins 249 Robux Earn 2x the amount of coins you normally would!
Infinite Size 699 Robux Blow bubbles to infinite sizes and a Instant Sell button!
Sprint 149 Robux Move twice as fast as normal!
VIP 349 Robux Unlocks VIP Chat Color, Gum, Flavor, and VIP Coin Room!
+100 Slots 249 Robux Unlocks 100 extra inventory slots to store your pets in! Stacks with other slot gamepasses!
+5 Pets 999 Robux Increases how many total pets you can equip by 5!
x2 XP 329 Robux Earn 2x the XP on pets that you normally would!
Space Boots 149 Robux Increases your jump power and gravity! (Easier to make it to the top)
Fast Chewer 499 Robux Chew Gum twice as fast as before!
+30 Slots 79 Robux Unlocks 30 extra inventory slots to store your pets in! Stacks with other slot gamepasses!
Auto Achievement Collect 1249 Robux Automatically collects all your achievements so you don't have to! Never miss another achievement
Lucky Chances 599 Robux Doubles Epic and Legendary Chances!
+500 Slots 749 Robux Increases your inventory by +500 Slots! (Stacks with other passes)


Badges are awarded when a player reaches a rank. There is also an additional three badges for amounts of pets.

Name Description

You've blown 150 bubbles. This is fun!


500 Bubbles Blown! You're starting to get the hang of this


You've blown 1,250 bubbles, which flavor is your favorite?


2,500 Bubbles blown already? You're becoming an expert

Extreme Bubbler

7,500 Bubbles Blown, you're extreme

Gum Specialist

15,000 total bubbles, you must be a Gum Specialist

Incredible Bubbler

You've blown 45,000 bubbles, that's incredible!

Outrageous Bubbler

You're outrageous blowing 100,000 bubbles!

Bubble Enthusiast

You're truly a Bubble Enthusiast blowing 250,000 bubbles!

Unreal Bubbler

500k Bubbles, wow!

Gum Extremist

You're a true extremist with 750,000 Bubbles blown

Bubble Connoisseur

1.5 Millions Bubbles, you're a true Gum Connoisseur

Bubbler Master

You're a master of the ways of the bubbles with 3.5M blown

Bubble Champion

You're a Bubble Champion, blowing over 7,500,000 Bubbles!

Your First Pet

You hatched your first pet! What will you name it?

Pet Collector

You have 10 Pets or more in your Inventory!

Pet Hoarder

You have 20 pets in your inventory, a whole hoard of them!

Grand Master 25M Bubbles, that's crazy!
Grand Champion Blow 50M Bubbles! WOW


Trading is one of the newest features added to Bubble Gum Simulator, and allows you to trade pets to other players on the server. The button is located just above the settings menu in the bottom right corner. You can also disable recieving trade requests by clicking the button on the bottom in the trade menu.


The Settings menu is a menu that you can toggle various settings. The menu is located in the very bottom right corner. The default settings are Music on, Sound Effects on, Show Bubbles on, Bubble Gravity on, and Bubble Lock off.

List of Settings
Setting What it does
Music Turns music on/off
Sound Effects Turns sound effects on/off
Show Bubbles Makes the opacity of bubbles near you a lot lower
Bubble Gravity Toggles whether bubbles make you jump high or just have the default jump height.
Bubble Lock If enabled, it will not allow you to blow bubbles at all.