русская армия, meaning "Russian Army", is a superclan of ROBLOX. With more than 26,000 people in the group, it is also a famous clan. Currently led by Treys, it was founded by NerfModder. NerfModder was known to have battled depression, and he committed suicide on June 3, 2015.[1]


The Russian Army, also known as "RA", was founded by NerfModder on March 12, 2012. Its primary forts were fictionally located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The group was led by Penguinhardy from December 9, 2012 to February 14, 2013, then again by NerfModder. On February 9, 2014, NerfModder passed the group to Treys1, who remains the current leader. NerfModder, who later wanted the group back, claimed that Treys1 refused to transfer it back to him, and consequently created a new group, The Umbrella Corporation (Umbrex). Treys responded by saying that Nerf, when handing the power over to him, told him not to give the group back.


NKVD: The NKVD is a special division in RA. It is the oldest, and its job is to gather intelligence about the enemy, and about certain RA members. Recently, they foiled a coup attempt by several former HRs. American counterparts: CIA, FBI, MP. At Fortress Lenin, NKVD members can receive a special Government Police Bike, fashioned similar to the Rotorcycle.

Spetsnaz: The special forces of RA. They have regular divisions, and even their own RCL division. American counterparts: MARSOC, SOCOM, Green Berets, etc. At Fortress Lenin, Spetsnaz members can receive a AK74, which is more powerful than the regular AK, and a flashbang, plus a knife.

FSB: The counter-terrorist unit of RA. American counterparts: Navy SEALs, SWAT, etc. They receive same things as Spetsnaz in Fortress Lenin, since both of the divisions share a room.

RUS: The title of RUS means "Russian Federation". It is not the official country of RA though. It is reserved for skilled builders and artists in RA. On 2018, it became active again.


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