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Script example

Looking at the source of a script through a built in text-editor from Roblox Studio


A script is an Instance that allows ROBLOX users to give functionality to in-game objects, giving the player the ability to make doors, cars, moving gears, etc.


New ROBLOX Script Icon

One of a script's properties is "Source", which allows a player to access the actual code inside the script. All ROBLOX scripts run off a dumbed down version of Lua 5.1, called RBX.lua. RBX.lua does not have full Lua functionality to prevent users from hacking ROBLOX, however additional features have been added into RBX.lua to allow scripters to, more easily, manipulate the in-game world.

Got scripts? Really want to test on other users? Script Builder , a game by Ananimus, allows you to create and run scripts with other players!

How to Use and Create Scripts:

There are many different ways to use scripts, however, there are few ways to create one - The standard method of creating a script is through the Insert Menu. In order to open the Insert Menu, open (not play) a Place with ROBLOX Studio, right click anywhere on the screen (inside the ROBLOX Studio UI), hover over Insert Object, and find and click Script.


So now you have your script. Double click it in the Explorer(View>Explorer) and you should see one line of code. Delete it. Now you can start learning RBX.lua. The best place to learn is at the ROBLOX Wiki. If you would like to put in a notice/note you must use -- in front of words as the script will ignore the content past --. Here's an example of a script for you to test out. Just copy and paste the following code in a Script.

The script below, when ran, outputs a string of text that says, "Hello World!". There's not much to it really.

print("Hello World!")
--This is a comment. The double hyphens make RBX.lua ignore this message.

Guide's to Scripting:

The following list contains some scripting tutorials.

//--Editor's note: Three of these pages don't actually exist. I would appreciate some help creating them. Thanks!--\\

Local Scripts:

LocalScripts are like most other kinds of scripts, except they run client-side, and will execute from your PlayerGui, Backpack or Character. LocalScripts have a lower security level, meaning that they can access certain commands regular Scripts cannot. Most commands that are executed by a LocalScript will only display results to the player who is using the LocalScript.

​To read more​ about LocalScripts, read this: LocalScript

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