This BC-Only feature helps you sell back some of your unwanted items. However, there is a catch, you can only sell items marked with a green Limited sticker (sometimes followed by a yellow U sticker). These items are "Limited " or "Limited Amount".

Limited items

Limited items are items that used to be on sale (for a fixed price with no limit on how many there were) for users to buy freely. After a while they went off sale and became a Limited (collectors ) items. Limited items will have this sticker on them:

Big Limited Sticker

Items with this sticker on their thumbnail (or picture) are able to be sold. Click on the item to sell it and scroll down a little bit until you see a box that looks like this: Sell Item Window

That is an example of what your item should look like once it is on sale. You must set a price (only ROBUX are available), and make sure to take the 25% market fee into consideration. The market fee is what is taken away from the price once the item is sold.

Limited unique (U) items

Limited Unique items will have this sticker on them:

Limited U

These items are unique because there was only a specific amount of them sold. For example, when they were released only 300 of them were available. After all of them item was bought, they went on sale for user-user marketing, just like Limited items.

What can I sell?

Besides selling your own shirts/pants/T-shirts, gear, hats, and faces are also able to be sold if they meet the above requirements.