Sets are groups of models or decals that are created by players on Roblox. These sets can be subscribed to, allowing players to easily find needed models in one, easy-to-find location. Sets are located under the Develop page. On this page, you can see your sets & subscribed sets. To delete a set, click on "Delete this set " to do so. You must have an image for it. To search for sets, go to Subscribed Sets and click Find Set.

How to Add a Model/Decal to a Set

  1. To add a model or decal to a set, click on 'Set Options' and add it to a set. You can also go to your models/decals and click on configure and add to your set.
  2. It should now be in your set.
  3. Not seeing it? Make sure the model/decal is free to use. If you are the owner, go into the setting of a model /decal and then check the box that says "Free item ". After this, repeat step one.


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  • There is no set ID 1, the first being set ID 2.
  • Sets ID 2 ,3, and 4 are all owned by ROBLOX.
  • If a model is not a free item, then you cannot add it to a set.
  • If a set you own is deleted by the owner, you will receive a message from ROBLOX to inform you.
  • If an item is deemed untrusted, it will be removed from the set and owners of the set will receive a message from ROBLOX telling them so.

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