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A shirt is a type of clothing on ROBLOX that covers the torso and arm blocks of a character with a texture defined by the shirt's ShirtTemplate property.

Users can create shirts by creating an image based on a template and then publish them using the shirt ContentBuilder. After being reviewed by a moderator and approved, the user then can sell or use the shirt. Only Builders Club members can make and sell shirts, but everyone can buy them. The Builders Club member can sell them for ROBUX.

A slightly popular program to use for shirts/pants is Paint.NET, a paint program, because of its ability to make shirts transparent. A few users have published videos that demonstrate shirt shading using Paint.NET or GIMP.

The price floor for shirts was ROBUX10, but now it is ROBUX5.

ROBLOX has shirts sold for free. The only free shirts are:

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An example of a shirt template

  • Kittycake1 L.o.v.e
  • Sorts
  • Dem
  • c


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