The Classic slingshot (2006-present)

The Slingshot is one of the original BrickBattle weapons. It is an old weapon, but considered as a classic one, too. The Slingshot is a weak, but fast weapon. It deals barely any damage per projectile, but persistence can pay off, since the fast fire rate and reload time compensates for less damage per pellet. The slingshot is useful for countering incoming rockets fired from the Rocket Launcher, as it creates lots of pellets, creating a good likelihood of the rocket exploding into the projectiles, since the rocket will explode upon hitting a solid object, and has a short reload time. It is not recommended to shoot at walls, since the pellets may bounce off the wall and damage the user. Alternatively, this can also be a good tactic for opponents near a wall, since the pellets' bounce can be used to the player's advantage for indirectly damaging the opponent by shooting the pellets at the wall, with the pellets eventually bouncing off to the opponent.

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