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Soro's Restaurant Franchise® is a group owned by InfusedTristan with more than 200,000 members. It is currently one of the largest restaurant on ROBLOX.

Soro's Restaurant Franchise® was established in 2013, bringing a new era of culinary to ROBLOX. It hasn't stopped growing and now has more than 200k members. It is owned by InfusedTristan and developed mainly by the Head Developer, Spearritt


Soro's receives a lot of hate due to trollers accusing the company of "tolerating online dating". Whilst this is considered untrue and the executive team stop these foul, fake rumours, there is still a massive amount of hate on this group. One of the biggest raids on Soro's history was led by greenlegocats123 or commonly referred to as 'Lord CowCow'; the raid consisted of over 20+ trollers attending the restaurant and breaking most rules. This gave the executives a hard time: having to defend the restaurant from the vast amount of raiders focused on pillaging the place is no easy feat. Since then, an alliance has formed between Soro's and Lord Cowcow however many fans disagree with this agreement. Since Soro’s Island was released on December 16, 2017, trolling in the restaurant went down slightly.

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