Starting BrickBattle Map

One of the "starter map" types.

Starting BrickBattle Map is a starter level when you reset your place. You start with the classic tools of ROBLOX, which include a sword, a bomb, a paintball gun and more. It is divided into two teams, both having their own tower and long wall. There is also a large portion of space, which may be to allow players to add their own terrain to make a larger battlefield.


  • If you made an Old new place, it might show up as this map, but with a green baseplate.
  • Although the wall is meant to defend the tower, it is actually very destructable. Only about nine bombs would actually be enough to blow up the whole wall, ten if you count the towers on the wall.
  • The new stamper tool contains a castle building kit; some users who own a map like this like to put the castle kit in their towers.
  • When this place was changed into the terrain format, the ground because destructable and has the potential to completely destroy the entire map.