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Not to be confused with Starter place.

Starting Place is one of the template maps available to users when they first create a place.


The thumbnail of the template after the template is published


The place from above


Players in the game find all seven hidden items in the place (all of which are popular gear items). The first item in the place is a lantern. It can be found in the house the player spawns at.

In the middle is an area where there is an unfinished 2-story house, some parts, billboards, a room with no walls nor doors, a roof, a bridge, 3 doors, a torch, a bed, a chair, a table, and an unfinished 1- story house.


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  • When your place is deleted, your place will revert to this place.
  • If you made an account on or after March 9, 2016, you will get this place instead of Happy Home in Robloxia. But your place name will be (USERNAME)'s Place.