The text in bold are statistics which no longer are part of roblox

When you go to your Roblox homepage, you will notice a box titled "Statistics". Inside this box are some numbers. This is what they track:

  • Friends - The number of friends you have.
  • Forum Posts - The number of posts you have contributed to the forums.
  • Profile Views - The number of times your homepage has been viewed.
  • Place Visits - The number of visits to your place. This is the sum of people who've visited any of the places on your account while online. Visits accumulated is a profile statistic, not a statistic of your place. If you delete one of your places, and start a new one, your visit count will not be reset to zero.
  • Knockouts - The total number of knockouts your character has scored in-game. (Removed on July 8, 2015.)
  • Wipeouts - The total number of wipeouts your character has suffered in-game. Not shown to other users. (Removed on July 8, 2015.)
  • Voting accuracy and Highest ever voting accuracy: The voting accuracy you have achieved voting in Contests. If there is a contest running, your voting accuracy in that contest will be shown. The page will also show the highest voting accuracy you've ever got.

Removal of Profile Views, KO's & WO's and Voting accuracy

On July 8, 2015. Profile views, Knockouts, Wipeouts and Voting accuracy and Highest ever voting accuracy were removed from ROBLOX. It's unknown what was the exact reason for this. The ROBLOX Badges about KO's and WO's were also retired.

Knockouts no longer exist as a stat in ROBLOX, as they were removed on July 8, 2015. All three badges associated with knockouts have been discontinued, and the forum post can be found here.

After this was removed. The forums (mostly the Suggestions and Ideas sub forum) exploded with threads angry at the removal of these features. Despite huge backlash from the community. ROBLOX ignored there requests to bring the features back and deleted posts relating to these.

They might make a possible return whether or not ROBLOX decides to re add them as a future update.