The information on this page is outdated and needs to be updated.

When you go to your Roblox homepage, you will notice a box titled "Statistics". Inside this box are some numbers. This is what they track:

  • Friends - The number of friends you have.
  • Forum Posts - The number of posts you have contributed to the forums.
  • Profile Views - The number of times your homepage has been viewed.
  • Place Visits - The number of visits to your place. This is the sum of people who've visited any of the places on your account while online. Visits accumulated is a profile statistic, not a statistic of your place. If you delete one of your places, and start a new one, your visit count will not be reset to zero.
  • Knockouts - The total number of knockouts your character has scored in-game.
  • Wipeouts - The total number of wipeouts your character has suffered in-game. Not shown to other users.
  • Voting accuracy and Highest ever voting accuracy: The voting accuracy you have achieved voting in Contests. If there is a contest running, your voting accuracy in that contest will be shown. The page will also show the highest voting accuracy you've ever got.

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