2017 studs

The early 2017 ROBLOX studs.

Studs represent a measure of size and distance on ROBLOX as well as a SurfaceType on BaseParts. The current studs are simply blank squares without a symbol on them unlike most stud styles. The studs initially started with a circular shape (while still keeping the "R"), but then it was changed to the newer square studs due to a threat of copyright infringement from the LEGO company.

Studs are connectable to Inlet, Universal, and Weld surfaces.


2005: Studs are square and the studs look popped out instead of in.


2006–2009: Studs don't look popped out anymore and studs became circle studs similar to LEGO.


Early 2009: Studs don't look like LEGO anymore but instead, have become square but lacks the "R" on the studs.


2009–2013: The "R" symbol is implemented and are on the square studs.

2009 studs

2013–2015: Square studs are refined and have better shading.

2013 studs

2015 maintenance page: Released, studs are similar to Blockland's.

New studs

2014/2015–January 2017: The outlines on studs become more shaded.

January – March 2017: The R is changed to a tilted O, like the "O" in the ROBLOX logo. This style of studs is used for a short time.
2017 studs
March 2017 – present: ROBLOX's "O" favicon is removed and they look like the studs from early 2009.


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The mid-2000's-era studs.

  • The old ROBLOX studs look similar to the LEGO studs.
    • ROBLOX wasn't sued by the LEGO Company for circle studs. LEGO company does not have a patent on the LEGO brick.
  • The ROBLOX studs also appear similar to the Blockland studs, except that Blockland made their square shaped studs before ROBLOX did (possibly to avoid infringement as well).
  • Some people dislike the new square studs, and will make textures that resemble or are the same as the old circular ones.
  • Studs are also used in measuring. For example, a ROBLOXian is 5 studs tall.
    • According to the ROBLOX Blog, 1 meter is equal to 20 ROBLOX studs, so a stud is 5 centimeters, and a real-life ROBLOXian (that is 5 studs tall) would be 25 centimeters, about 10 inches tall.
  • Sometime in December, an update was made where inserting a brick would no longer result in it being sided with studs on the top.

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