This article is about a ROBLOX feature that is no longer available.

Old and unused Super Moderator badge

A Super Moderator is a type of Moderator that specializes in all areas of moderation in ROBLOX. They are also known as Head Moderators. They have more power over other Moderators - they can control the Forum, accept/deny assets and moderate around the website.

When all of the moderator badges was removed (Image Moderator, Forum Moderator, Super Moderator), the privileges may have been removed from the players who had it (unknown what happened exactly, until a former SM tells the community). Some of the SMs were made into Administrators, others, demoted.

There is truly no known player with the Super Moderator badge currently on ROBLOX (as of June 16, 2016) for this rank has been removed. But, this thread gives a list of people who used to be Super Moderators.

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