This page is about a badge that has been deleted. Please refer to the Administrator badge.
The Super Moderator Badge was a badge given to Super Moderators. The badge is no longer seen after ROBLOX changed the look of their badges.


This badge would identify an account as belonging to a ROBLOX Super Moderator. Only official ROBLOX moderators would possess this badge. Super Moderators were vigilant on all areas of ROBLOX including the forums, images, game chats and some behind the scenes areas.


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  • It was the hardest badge to obtain on ROBLOX, as only administrators could receive this badge.
  • MSE6MrDoomBringer, foster008SlingshotJunkie, Chro, and ArgonPirate had this badge.
  • This was one of the most well-known ROBLOX badges.
  • The badge image was the same as the in-game icon of the ban hammer gear.

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