Tad's Cobras (abbreviated as TC) is a controversial superclan owned by tadcool. Founded in March 2016, it is a year old as of March 2017, but it already has around 80,000 members due to a mix of VIP recruiting and funding from tadcool.


Name Class
Private Low
Private First Class Low
Specialist Low
Corporal Low
Sergeant Low
Senior Sergeant Low
Warrant Officer Low
Senior Warrant Low
Chief Warrant Middle
Lieutenant Middle
Senior Lieutenant Middle
Diplomat -
Captain High
Colonel High
Senior Colonel High
General High
Grand General Command
Prime Commander Command
Grand Emperor Leader


Tad's Cobras is a super clan lead by Tadcool with over 80K members. Tad went on to create Tad's Cobras after Cobalt Nation (Tad's Cobras is not a splinter group from John's Cobras, although inspiration was taken in the name; as of approx. Janurary 2017, Tad's Cobras has beaten out John's Cobras in members). Tadcool is typically not present in dealing with matters related to TC -- he defers to the 2iC and 3iC of TC (PrAvZz and SCSNV respectively) in the hands-on administration of the group, while Tadcool (along with PrAvZz) create games and other activities in order to generate revenue which is used for TC. Over the course of its creation, TC has come across a number of issues (notable events include a major admin attack on April 2016, by which TC already had 20K members), although most appear to stem from unoriginality or outright copying on Tadcool's part (disregarding whether individual events are true or untrue).


Tad's Cobras recruits players in several ways. One way is in tadcool's most popular game, it says in the description you will receive admin if you join the group. This claim is true, but only HR's in the group receive admin commands, while lower ranks get no commands.


  • Fort Astra
  • Tad's Cobras BattleGrounds - Training
  • Tad's Cobras Recruitment Center
  • RALLY HERE (Used in a major raiding day known within the group as T-Day.)

Allies & Divisions

Tad's Cobras current allies are

- Alpha Authority

- Legion Bavarian

- Noble Blade

- F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon)

- Veloxic Empire

- The Alphian Empire

- The Dark Warriors

Tad's Cobras divisions are

- TCRG (Tad's Cobras Royal Guards)

- TCSO (Tad's Cobras Special Ops)

-TCOA (Tad's Cobras Officer Academy)