Deathrun is a game created by Team Deathrun, with the lead developer of Team Deathrun being Wsly.

In Deathrun, you either play as a Runner or the Killer. The Runner's objective is to reach the end of the track by avoiding, dodging, or surviving the traps the Killer as activated. The Killer's objective is to kill all the Runners trying to reach the end.

The game is still popular as the interest rate ranges from 500 to 750 users playing daily, however, the game is rarely updated since Wsly is in University.

The game got a huge revamp on December 22, 2017.


Said above, in order for the Runners to win, one of the Runners must successfully reach to the end of the track, which has a teleporter. When the Runner steps on the teleporter, the player will be teleported to the Killer's area and being given a weapon. Using the weapon, the Runner must kill the Killer with it before the time runs out. Failing to kill the Killer in time will result in the loss for the Runners.

In order for the Killer to win, the Killer must use the traps to successfully kill all of the Runners trying to make it to the end. However, if one of the Runners reaches the end, the Killer's only choice is to avoid the Runner(s) trying to kill the Killer. If the Killer manages to survive when the time runs out, the Killer wins.

To prevent the Runners camping at the "safe-spots" of the track, such as the start of the track or spots where there is no trap, there is The Hand. The Hand spawns after several seconds have gone by, killing the people at the spawn of the track. After that, the Hand travels forward slowly, going at the path of the track itself. If a Runner gets too close to the Hand, the Hand grabs and kills the Runner. In order to be safe from The Hand, the Runners must reach the end of the track.


Maps are the courses that runners need to reach the end of in order to kill the killer. They are built and decorated on their name and each of them have traps, area for the killer, buttons to trigger traps, and they award coins.

As of now, some of the maps are decorated with the spring theme. Unlike Deathrun 2, the names for the maps weren't changed when the game switched in to a seasonal theme.

Jurassic Volcano

By far the easiest map, this takes place on a volcano, with the runners high above a valley of lava. Traps include hands coming from the ground, collapsing bridges, collapsing platforms, skeleton fish and turrets.

Castle Defence

This map is very similar to the Castle Defence map from Deathrun 2, albeit easier and shorter. For example, the cannonballs are replaced with barrels. The interior of the castle has also completely changed to become much shorter. The geometry of the first half is almost identical to Deathrun 2. This map has medium difficulty.

Isla Louca

This map is a laboratory on a secluded desert island. Purple acid is the main danger in this map. It is the longest map, although one of the easiest. Traps include sharks, wind, purple smoke, acid fills, spikes, falling platforms and turrets.

Corrupted Jungle

This is a medium-difficulty map that takes the player through a jungle. Traps include floods, collapsing platforms, nets and bombs. The cliff scaling trap is very difficult to avoid and basically requires a player to take one for the team. The bombs can be picked up and thrown away.

Icy Cavern

This is a particularly difficult map that takes place in an icy cave. There are many traps in this map including rockfalls, icy spikes, an "impossible" wall that can be defeated by throwing snowballs, ice blasts, etc. This map actually requires use of projectiles to pass safely, since the snowballs can freeze the water. This is particularly useful on the last trap. As a result, this is one of the hardest maps.

Training Course

This is one of the hardest maps of the game, simply because the final two traps are very powerful, and few players will remain. The map takes on a pretty standard Asian theme, and the traps include spinners, angry farmers, dragon fire, falling rocks and logs.

Safety First

The hardest map of the game, this map takes place on a construction site. Traps include wrecking balls, bulldozers, cars, buzzsaws, explosives, electrical wires and falling platforms. This map features a part in the middle where boxes are swinging non-stop, and being hit by one kills you. The lengthy buzzsaw survival trap near the end can also result in the hand getting you. As a result, this is the hardest map.

Pirate Cove

One of the most easiest maps of the game, this map take place on a pirate cove. Traps include waves, worms, cannonballs and bombs.The hand is a bunch of zombie pirates. This is also one of the shortest maps. This was added during the Buried Treasure event.

Sky Ruins

Like safety first and Icy cavern, the map is difficult if you're not used to Isla Louca or Castle Defense from deathrun classic. This take place in a sky and includes a variety of traps. The traps include moving wall platforms, breakable wood, slope collapse, and water poisoning.

Map Difficulty


  • Jurassic Volcano
  • Isla Louca
  • Pirate Cove


  • Castle Defence
  • Corrupted Jungle
  • Icy Cavern
  • Sky Ruins


  • Training Course
  • Safety First


Deathrun provides two ingame currency. One is coins, the other one is Gems.

Coins are normal currency, being obtained from participating in rounds. The more achievements you made that round, the more coins you get. Coins are also obtained in the track itself.

Gems are premium currency. The only rare time you'll be getting a Gem without buying them as ROBUX is on the track.