Team Domino is a superclan on ROBLOX originally created by Kohltastrophe; NarccShovel (narcXIII)  has been the leader of Team Domino since July 3, 2015. It is currently the fifth largest war group on ROBLOX, with around 119,000 members. Currently, R.A.T. is the largest war group on ROBLOX with around 216,000 members, followed by F.E.A.R with approximately 163,000 members. Team Domino is the second group in the history of ROBLOX to achieve the benchmark of over 100,000 members, after F.E.A.R. Team Domino has caused quite a lot of controversy on ROBLOX. 

Team Domino's status as a superclan has been achieved through the repeated use of free VIP games.


The group was originally created by Kohltastrophe sometime in early 2012, then PiePerson50 got the group. The amount of members in the group rose rapidly along with the popularity of Pie's games. Eventually, Pie was perm-banned for a specific amount of time, and a robloxian known as McKramer took control for a short amount of time. He later gave the group to Basketsgolba. (Millenary after his name change) Many players considered the Basketsgolba era of Team Domino the golden era of the group, as many members think Baskets reformed the group into a "true" war group, creating a new base and training facility for the group. Eventually, Pieperson50 got his ban lifted, and retained control of the group, to the dismay of many robloxians. This made a lot of the TD members angry, as such there had been many rebellions set up against Pie to get Basketsgolba back in control. Basket's appeals had been rejected. For this reason, Pieperson50 owned the group until July 3rd. NarccShovel is the true leader of the group due to Pieperson50's inactivity regarding Team Domino's affairs. On January 12th, 2013, Team Domino beat the super-clan Urban Assault Forces in a final battle that determined the winner of the war between the two groups. Team Domino was determined to be the winner, with U.A.F.'s leader, Discoheaven, admitting defeat to Team Domino. On July 3, 2015 at midnight EST, Pieperson50 handed the group over to NarccShovel.


Pieperson50 has promised free VIP on all of his games in exchange for joining Team Domino. This method of recruitment, known as Free VIP Recruiting, is responsible for a majority of the members within Team Domino. Because of this, many users within the clans community on ROBLOX do not consider Team Domino to be a legitimate war group. After a lot of time, TD has changed and continues to improve day by day.

Ranking System


The starter rank within Team Domino, the majority of the members of Team Domino are Ensigns. This rank within the group has the largest number of members within any group on Roblox. To achieve the rank of Ensign, members must join the group. This is the only rank out of any group on Roblox to have over 100,000 members present within the rank.


Scouts are members that are still considered low ranks, but have shown potential and/or loyalty to the group. In order to achieve this rank, members must have been promoted through attending a training, defense, raid, or creating technology for Team Domino.


Operatives are members that have proven themselves to the high ranks of the group. They are expected to lead small squadrons during a defense at a Team Domino base or a raid. The requirements to achieve this rank are the same as those to achieve the rank of Scout.


Members at the rank of guard are expected to be advanced in the fields of discipline and combat. Guards are expected to be active within the group, patrolling forts often, and taking part in various Team Domino activities. Like the other ranks beneath it, members must succeed at a training, or do well in a raid or defense in order to achieve this rank.


The last low rank, Specialists are expected to begin to develop leadership skills. Specialists are able to begin to command the ranks below them, as well as to successfully complete tasks for their superiors. This is the last rank where members are able to earn a promotion to Specialist through the methods listed above.


Officers are expected to serve as a role model to all lower ranking members within the clan. They are also expected to assist their inferiors when needed. Officers begin to take on roles more related to leadership and organization as opposed to combat.


The Corporal rank is very important in the sense that it's your first taste of leadership. This rank is where you start to figure out how exactly you must act in order to successfully lead a super-clan.


The rank Lieutenant is a very time inducing rank, it requires you to be online at almost any time of the day in order to prove that you are ready to take that one step closer to being a high rank. The only way to rank up in this rank is to be promoted by a Commodore or higher that thinks you are ready for major. 


Majors are expected to act with maturity exceeding most, if not all, of their peers. They are the future high ranks of Team Domino and are expected to act as such. This is the first rank where members are selected through a vote by the higher ranking members of Team Domino.


This rank is for Team Domino's allied groups.


Captain are Officers, but with more experience in the fields of leadership and tactics. They now have the ability to host trainings, and are expected to educate the lower ranking members in the fields of combat and discipline. Captains are expected to participate in high rank meetings, and help to make big group decisions. Captains are selected by those ranking Colonel+ within Team Domino.


Colonels are some of the most intelligent and respected beings within the group. They are expected to serve as advisors to their superiors, as well as role models to the group. They often search for lower ranking members with potential to achieve more within the group, and train the said users to become fellow high ranks. Colonels also have the same responsibilities as Captains, and they are selected by those ranking. 

Commodore Commodore have higher access within the Clan, they can look at the Audit Log, and they also gain Admin powers in Fort Aamon II to control the field. Commodores are the people who are trusted by the Grand Commander, therefore, gaining this rank.


Brigadiers act as a leading factor in Team Domino, it is considered a very high honor to be an Brigadier due to their ability to act in the place of Generals. They are able to, but are not limited to, regulate trainings, oversee raids and defenses, and also work out any issues between members.


General's act as the third-in-commands of Team Domino. They oversee major issues, including but not limited to: wars, allyships, justice, and many more.


Kittymeowr is 2nd-in-command to NarccShovel. The other four commanders include childish1 (Narcc's alt), bomblover, Patsshed, and Pieperson50 (the previous Grand Commander of TD).

Grand Commander

The leader of the group. NarccShovel is the current Grand Commander of the group.


These are the official divisions of Team Domino. Many more exist, but these are the only official ones, meaning they are owned by a high ranking member within the group, or by the Grand Commander himself. 



Team Domino Phoenix Squad:

Phoenix Squad consists of the most elite and versatile men and women of Team Domino. Ergo, they have high expectations to maintain their level of skill. They are not to be underestimated. Each Phoenix Squad member has a purpose that is indicated by their rank. There are three types of units within Phoenix Squad, and in each there is a regular and higher tier. Regular is for those who have met standards regarding an elite member.

Team Domino: Secret Police:

Secret Police was an old division that got shutdown but re opened on 10/15/15. TDSP is a combination of two departments: Combatants and Judiciaries. The 2 sides (Justice and Combat) do their own things, different uniforms, different Holos, different purposes, and lastly, different things. Justice's side only shall deal with the Justice side. As goes with the Combat, combat only does what combat needs. Only certain Justice members will be allowed "Jailing" power, no combat members will have this privilege, unless you're under the ranking "HRs"

Team Domino's Council:

The council is the core of Team Domino's law system and jury. The council comes together  on accounts of voting or reports, will carrying a specific role set upon themselves. Any member is allowed to join if they have enough skill.

TD's Council.






NFRACTIONS is Team Domino's Major academy, which is committed to train Majors to succeed in Team Domino. INFRACTIONS was created so it would be easier to see which Majors have the ability to become a Colonel and above, and to avoid favoritism by voting.

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