Teen Titans Go! was a sponsored event held at the game Work at a Pizza Place. It started on June 15, 2015, at the same time as ROBLOX Summer Camp 2015 and ended on July 6, 2015.


The Teen Titans have come to ROBLOX, and they’re eating all the pizza! They’ve hidden Teen Titans Go! Robin in Work at a Pizza Place for you to find. Look hard – if you find the scavenger hunt item, you’ll win a Teen Titans Go! Robin mask prize. Don’t miss Teen Titans Go! Your new favorite show. Every day on Cartoon Network.


Teen Titans Go! I Roblox I Cartoon Network

Teen Titans Go! I Roblox I Cartoon Network

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.




Work at a Pizza Place
Work at a Pizza Place Teen Titans Go! Thumbnail


Name Game Image Objective
Robin's Mask Work at a Pizza Place
Robin’s Mask
Find tiny Robin randomly spawning throughout the game, and collect him.

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
Beast Boy
Beast Boy
1 ticket
Raven's Mask
Raven’s Mask
1 ticket



  • This event was heavily panned by ROBLOX users due to the show itself being heavily criticized already. The already negative perceptions combined with how the event was handled resulted in it being considered one of the worst events in the site's history, alongside Ready Player One and Aquaman.


It is the first event in the universe of DC Comics, the second was that of the extended universe movie "Aquaman"


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