A teleport place is a type of scam where victims are teleported to another place. This does not harm one's account, but is believed to make it look like the place where you're teleported to is the actual place itself. Some places will also use a custom teleport GUI and a black overlay to make it look like the place is still loading.

These places are not used that much anymore, because, since the removal of tickets, no ROBUX is given when the place is joined.


Some users use Teleporters to get more place visits, however, some people use the teleporters and have been scammed.


  • Shrek Simulator Tycoon (Teleports to a tycoon)
  • JAWS (Teleports to a free model-ish game)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's (Teleports to a classic building game)
  • Flood Escape (Teleports to a 2008 place)
  • Work at a Pizza Place (Teleports to another Work at a Restaurant Place)

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