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Terrain Toolbar

The Terrain Plugin is the built-in plugin used for editing Terrain in Roblox Studio. There are eleven scripts in the plugin that add the tools, though some were removed. (This is indicated by the number behind the script's name. Some numbers are missing, therefore some scripts are removed.) The tools that were removed still have their tool icons.


Since an update, the Undo functionality was added to the Terrain plugin.

Plugin Tools

These are the eleven plugin tools provided by separate scripts.

01. Terrain Generator

Main Article: Terrain Generator

Terrain Generator Button The Terrain Generator is the main feature of the Terrain plugin. It allows players to generate random Terrain.

02. Builder Tool

Builder Button This tool is used to edit Terrain manually. This tool builds Terrain and automatically smoothes the Terrain near it.

03. Delete Tool

Terrain Delete Button This tool is used to edit Terrain manually. This one is used to remove existing Terrain cells.

04. Elevator Tool

Terrain Elevation Button

05. Paint Tool

Terrain Paint Button

06. Tunnel Tool

Terrain Tunnel Button

07. Crater Tool

Terrain Crater Button

08. Orb Tool

Terrain Orb Button

11. Road Tool

Terrain Road Button

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