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The gametest1 testing site

Testing sites are websites used by the ROBLOX Corporation to test potential ROBLOX updates. Typically, when ROBLOX opens a testing site, a system-wide announcement will be placed on the main ROBLOX website with a link to the testing site. Unlike the regular site, assets users might acquire while playing on the testing site may be deleted at any moment, and all progress that occurs on the testing site will not roll over onto the main website. Certain features, such as Builders Club and playing games may be disabled on the testing site.

List of testing sites

The following is a list of the known testing sites, any notable tests performed on them, and whether they are currently accessible to players. As a part of tickets being removed from ROBLOX, the ticket feature was disabled on most of these testing sites by spring 2016.

Test SiteDescription Status This testing site displayed the 2012 version of ROBLOX and was used to test future game updates, such as the Mega Place feature and R15 animations (January 2016). Some notable features of this testing site include a non-functioning Games page, inability to play any games, and unmoderated forums.

Broken No specific tests are known to have been performed on this site. Runtime Error This test site is typically for testing new game features. The forums and commenting features are disabled on this site. Runtime Error This testing site is considered unplayable and is speculated to be a website for tests held by the ROBLOX administrators. Unlike the other test sites, players cannot play games on this website, and a SSL error occurs when one tries to register an account. When this gametest site came back up, anyone could create an account; however it could only be done through a Facebook login. Runtime Error Like gametest4, players cannot play games on this website. It is speculated that this is also a website used by the ROBLOX administrators. This testing site was partially merged with sitetest3. Runtime Error No specific tests are known to have been performed on this site. Maintenance This website hosted the alert url test for Google. It was accessible to ROBLOXians for a few hours. Maintenance This website was partially merged with gametest5. Maintenance This test site was used to test out the economy of ROBLOX. For approximately two hours, each user who logged onto the site received ROBUX100,000 to spend within the site. Further tests were conducted after this test where users received ROBUX1,000,000instead.


Phishing Websites

Many users create fake ROBLOX websites claiming to be a test site. These sites trick users into giving information such as login information, authentication codes, or .ROBLOSECURITY cookies, which might lead to that account being compromised. When in doubt, avoid following any links leading outside of unless ROBLOX announces a testing site through a site-wide banner.

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