TheKJWINNERS is a semi-famous ROBLOXian who is mostly known for his tycoons, especially The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX. He is consider "legit" to many ROBLOXians for donations and occasional giveaways. He really loves to collect limiteds.


Most of his places hit over the 5k mark, which may have contributed to his success over time and thus, reaching the 250k mark. However, there are some criticism about his places that he put some "free models." Nonetheless, the majority of his places reach a 90%+ positive rating.

Some of his well-built places include but not limited to:

  1. 24 Missions (WIP)
  2. The Longest Tycoon on ROBLOX
  3. Space Center
  4. Laser Nightclub
  5. Skydive 1337 Stages to Epicness
  6. The 0 Wipeout Obby
  7. Tropical Paradise Tycoon


TheKJWINNERS is a Christian, and he created the National Bible Study. It is a small, humble group of 70 members where Bible study sessions are held.

TheKJWINNERS Fan Group is a group created in September 2013 where fans join and discuss about his works, which extends beyond places (clothing, models, etc.) Shouts include update notes to his current projects.

TheKJWINNERS SG is a group that is, perhaps called, "arcane" because there are less than 19 (active) members where approval is required. It is believed that TheKJWINNERS only accepts people who deserve to be in the group, based on his specific standards,


TheKJWINNERS is a very enthusiastic limited collector and trader. He buys limiteds and occasionally hoards them. He has over 416 limiteds and counting, but his intelligence is proven by transferring some of the limiteds to alts so if he gets hacked, he can be able to not need to start from ground zero. This is a very intelligent idea, so I, myself, advise you to do the same thing, if you can.

Hoarding: He likes to hoard very cheap limiteds, but does not really care if hoarding them results in an increased price of that limited. So far, he has 94 riptides and 60 apple pies, 2 of the cheapest limiteds (gear) in ROBLOX.

When he is online, he always play Trade Hangout by Merely, or build his games. He says that "you are lucky if I visited your place, provided that your place has a 90%+ positive rating."

"Legit tips to get decently famous"

It is guaranteed that this guide works for sure, because Seranok, the first replier of the post, agrees.

Link to the guide (forum):


TheKJWINNERS has lots of alts, where some of them are BC, and some of them ex-BC. All of his alts are found in TheKJWINNERSBadge.

His most active alts are:

TehTowersofdaRange-37k+ RAP

kjwinners-154k+ RAP


Final Remarks

TheKJWINNERS is very amiable. If you happen to meet him, he treats you very kindly. He is very open to opinions and respect different kinds of people. Unlike most famous ROBLOXians (well, I would consider him rich because he never dips under 50k+ robux), he is willing to join your groups if and only if it is not a war group, visit your places if your place has over 90% positive rating, and accept all friend requests.