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The Conquerors 3

This The Conquerors 3 is the third in the Conquerors game series. The third installment adds skins, game modes, and many more maps.This game is made by BrokenBone previously as HatHelper. "Be in the battle The Conquerors is a real-time strategy game where you command entire armies. Watch your soldiers and tanks fire at enemy buildings, and ally with other armies to win the game! ". In this game, players start out with three light soldiers, 1 scout and a construction soldier (depending on the map) and a command center. Players are encouraged to create power plants near power crystals. This ensures they have enough money to fund their growing army. There are a variety of buildings and troops with many functions. In the classic game mode, the last team standing wins. As of December 2017, there are 7 game modes Conquest, Conquest Level 5+, Conquest Level 10+, Survival, King of the hill, Territory Conquest Gamemode and 4V4 Conquest. Winning the game causes players to gain experience and coins. Players can buy Skins, Hats, Packages, Guns, and Flags to customize their soldiers, Tanks, Planes, Space and Naval Units.

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