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The Crown of Warlords is a limited hat that was released in 6/3/2008. The hat is basically a viking hat with an eyemask that covers the area surrounding the eye. It used to cost 50,000 tickets before going offsale. Sometime in June 2010, it was voted by many users to be taken off sale and eventually become limited after it was off sale. Many users sold this hat for extremely low prices when it was first limited. As of June 27, 2012, the average price of the hat is currently 9,944 Robux.


"Pwning noobs is for noobs. I pwn the noobs that pwn the noobs. Don't post numbered comments, don't ask for a lower price, don't beg, and don't be a noob. You're the kind of noob this hat pwns. Good game."



  • Many users have noticed that the hat resembles the iconic helmet worn by the Dovahkiin in the popular 2011 role playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Despite the claimed reference, The Crown of Warlords came first before Skyrim, at 2008, though The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is released 3 years later. Because of the reference to the game, some comments regarding Skyrim can be found, including the popular phrase, "Fus Ro Dah.".

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