The Nighthawk Imperium (commonly referred to as TNI) is a well-known military group on ROBLOX founded by the user iTradiing.

Growth and Leadership

TNI has 5 different types of Ranks, cadets (new members, often joked about in TNI for their general incompetence), troopers (first official ranks, those actually are trained and know most of the rules), officers (those help to keep the group running and organize events), HCOM (high command, highest-ranking members of TNI besides leader), and the leader, of course

Ranking system

Unlike in other groups, ranks in TNI are not gained by personal promotion by officers, but by gaining honor points. Honor is given by officers who host events, like gamenights, practice raids or trainings. When user gains enough honor, he/she is promoted by a bot.



The first rank within TNI, already able to post on the wall, they are the first rank within the group, they are expected to be active, and attend events to get promoted.


The second rank within TNI, these members have attended at least one TNI event and are on their way to achieveing higher rank. Achieved by gaining one honor.


The third rank within TNI, final rank in cadet stage, achieving it actually shows that you are active within TNI and are performing good. Achieved by gathering ten honor.


Second stage of advancement in TNI


The fourth rank within the group, first official rank within military, members above this rank get more weapons to use on the group game. From this rank forward, members of TNI may attend tryouts to join units (such as Marine Corps) or divisions (such as Military Police). Earnable by getting 20 honor.


The fifth rank within the group. Step up from trooper, not much of a change besides advancement itself. 35 honor required.


Again, not much to say. 60 honor required.


Still no major change, keep going. 100 honor required.


Getting close to something important. 150 honor required.

"Staff Sergeant"

Not much advancement from sergeant. 205 honor required.


Last rank earnable through honor system (350 honor), first step towards becoming an officer. On this rank you are able to co-host events with lieutenants.


These people host events and make sure everything within the Imperium runs smoothly.


First rank within officer core of TNI. They are able to host events and have to keep troopers in check. To gain this rank, you must first co-host five events as ensign, fill out an applictation and be evaluated and accepted by progression committee.


Step up from lieutenant, comes with more power but also more responsibility (as all ranks do, especially officer). Reaching this rank requires hosting five events as a lieutnant, pass an evaluation and be accepted by high command.


In order to progress to this rank, you have to own a division, or be chosen by an admiral.

High Command

Leaders of TNI


In order to become an admiral, you need to lead a department or be productive within several departments. Promotion happens through a vote.

"Arch Admiral"

Chosen personally by Commander and Viceroy, there can be only three arch admirals at one time. One of them is Director of Internal Affairs, other Director of External Affairs and third is an Advisory.


Highest of the highest authorities in TNI, no one outranks them.


Position currently occupied by Shinedown204.


Leader of TNI, position currently occupied by Cryptonox.

Divisions and Units

Like many war groups, TNI has several sub-groups, representing different divisions within Imperium military. Each unit fill out different role, has its own command chain and training areas. Members of each division get special morphs and weapons while playing The Grand Crossing, TNI border simulator and current patrol place.

Marine Corps

  • Leader: 3igBoss
  • Requirements: Trooper+ within TNI, and pass a tryout
  • Role: Assault Troops
  • Special equipment: Blue Marines Morph, FAMAS
  • Current member count: 1462

Wolfpack Unit

  • Leader: Twilightfox
  • Requirements: Trooper+ in TNI, pass a tryout
  • Role: Heavy Weapons Team
  • Special equipment: Gray Wolfpack Morph, LMG
  • Current member count: 1620

Reconnaissance Corps

  • Leader: NotDhu
  • Requirements: Trooper+ in TNI, pass a tryout
  • Role: Scouts and Snipers
  • Special equipment: Green Recon Morph, Sniper Rifle and SMG
  • Current member count: 1313


  • Leader: SilentMutiny
  • Requirements: None
  • Role: Swordsmen
  • Special equipment: Black-Orange Vanguard Morph, Revolver, Sword
  • Current member count: 3979

Military Police

  • Leader: MissAlyshia
  • Requirements: Trooper+ in TNI, fill out an application
  • Role: Keeping order in the Grand Crossing, arresting criminals and insubordinate TNI members
  • Special equipment: Red armor, taser, handcuffs, B-55, riot shields
  • Current member count: 657

Royal Guard

  • Leader: clonecommander1000
  • Requirements: Corporal+ in TNI, be personally selected by HCOM member, pass a series of trials
  • Role: Protecting HICOM members, secondary duties include high-risk law enforcement, riot control and intelligence gathering
  • Special equipment: Golden Royal Guard Morph, Shield, Short Spear, TeamKill Pistol
  • Current member count: 36


  • Leader: zepenguin4
  • Requirements: Pass CET (Commando Evaluation Trainings), accepted after three successful sessions.
  • Role: Elite Gunfighters, Spec Ops Division
  • Special equipment: Black Commando Morph, Jetpack, Dual P2s
  • Current member count: 87

Group games

Nighthawk Imperium runs many games, mostly centered towards military activities for TNI members. Here I will list and briefly describe facilities that are currently used.

The Grand Crossing

TNI border simulator, and place where members go on patrol. Grand Crossing is a big complex, where people from TNI and beyond can engage in many activities, beside only crossing the border. Grand Crossing is often a battlefield for TNI soldiers, rebels and hostile civilians.

Genosis I

Training facility, place for officers to host trainings, evaluations and tryouts. It consists of rally hall, where players gather in between rounds, and combat itself takes place on maps, where players are teleported by trainers.

Genosis II

Upgraded version of Genosis, currently in beta.


Fortress, where raids, practice raids and defence trainings are hosted.


Rally facility, rarely used.

Border training and tryout facility

Secondary server for border, used mostly for Military Police trainings. Used for hosting tryouts before MP moved on to accepting new members via application.

The Institution

Sort of academy in TNI, place where officers host lectures to teach beginners in TNI about rules.

Besides the most prominent places, there are also numerous facilities used for hosting raids and defence trainings. Used rarely, most of events of thistype are hosted on Arcon.

Red Cell

Red Cell is an official rebellion group for TNI. Group is not as popular as TNI itself. Members of Red Cell get access to "Rebel" team on Grand Crossing, after joining they receive weaponry to attack TNI border. Red Cell members are shot on sight by TNI troopers.