The Nighthawk Imperium (commonly referred to as TNI) is a well-known military group on ROBLOX founded by iTradiing.

Growth and Leadership


The ranks are as follows Having many different ranks, TNI has 5 different types of Ranks, B, LR, MR, HR, X, And the leader, of course

"Low Ranks"

=="Initiate"== [LR] The first rank within TNI, Already able to post on the wall, they are the first rank within the group, They are expected the be active, and try their hardest, to earn their promotion.

=="Warrior"== [LR] The second rank within TNI, These members are as the name says, warriors within the group. Their main goal, is to defend the base, as well as attend trainings for a promotion to the next rank.

=="Vanguard"== [LR] The third rank within TNI, they are responsible for the same stuff the others are responsible for. As well as a promotion to the next rank.

=="Suspended"== [B] Suspended members, are members that have done something wrong, and then suspended, Those suspended could be pending for exile, or just suspended until a HR see's fit. They cannot see anything with the group, not the wall, not the shout.

=="Guard"== [LR] The fourth rank within the group, these members may attend any event to get a promotion, please note that promotions slowly become more difficult to earn, as you progress, you will not be getting promotions at every single training.

=="Paladin"== [LR] The fifth rank within the group. It their role is the same as the guard's role, defend, attend, and eventually they will be promoted to the next rank.

=="Knight"== [LR] The sixth rank within the group, it is the last LR rank and then they will become MRs, They have the same responsibilities as all of the other LRs but must be active "Role Models" toward the lower ranks.


=="Guardian"== [MR] The seventh rank within TNI, they may take command of lower ranking members, but must have a higher ranking official's supervision, These members are expected to be active, and participate in events.

=="Prime"== [MR] The eighth rank within TNI, these members may do the same thing as the guardians, as well as trying to get a promotion to the next rank.

=="Centurion"== [MR] The ninth rank within the group, these members may take control of lower ranking members at defenses ONLY, without a higher ranking's supervision. People that are this rank, may be role models toward lower ranks.

=="Brigadier"== [MR] The tenth rank within TNI, these members may co-host trainings, if allowed by the host. This rank is the last MR rank within the group, many members may be at this rank for a while, until deemed fit for a promotion.

==Emissary== [-] The diplomat rank within TNI, This rank is for High ranks in Allied clans. This rank may shout for defenses, or aid at their group's fort, These are not considered any rank within the group, but they shall get the same respect as any other high rank.

"High Ranks"

=="Commandant"== [HR] The eleventh official rank of the group, this is the first HR rank of the group, these members may also co-host trainings, They may also take control of entire defenses. These members will be promoted based on what Overlord's+ see fit.

=="Dev-Team"== [HR] The twelfth rank within TNI, also home to some of the finest developers.

=="Lord"== [HR] The thirteenth rank in the group,

=="Warlord"== [HR] The fourteenth rank in the group, as well as the last official HR rank,

"Higher Ranks"

=="Overlord"== [X] The fifteenth rank within the group, these members are picked by [HR]Azeq, Azeq himself.

=="Council Men"== [X] The sixteenth rank in the group, also the highest attainable besides leader. These members consist of right now, Xirios, Being the 2iC of the group. DrFunnyMan, being the 3iC, Head of events, alliances, and member progression. Noivix, Being in the council, he.... Vorcon, Being in the council, he.... Digitalveer, in the council, he is also a developer.


The leader's rank, also his username. He watches everything within the group, he is also Head of War.


In-dev, Coming soon!!

Current Leader

Azeq: Current leader. currently doing reforms and other fun stuff, =His 2iC=: Xirios =His 3iC=: DrFunnyMan

==In-dev== More information coming soon!