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The ROBLOX 2014 Summer Games was an event hosted by ROBLOX developers. It lasted from July 2, 2014 to July 24, 2014. The event consisted of summer-themed versions of five games: Ultimate Marble Rider, by asimo3089, ROBLOX Hiking, by TheAmazeman, Paintball 2!, by daxter33, Deathrun 2, by Wsly, and Call of Robloxia 5, by litozinnamon. The event was based around the Leaderboard and Player Points system, and each game had its own unique and particular method to obtain Player Points. When gaining Player Points players ranked up on the "Today Leaderboard". The event was met with mixed reviews from users.

Prizes (which you can see below) were given out daily to the top twenty players on the "Today" sort of the player points leaderboard on each of the five games. To get to the top twenty, players had to obtain Player Points and move up the ranks.

Also, weekly prizes were awarded to the top ten thousand players with the most player points.

Games and rewards

Game Image Name
Ultimate Marble Rider

Adurite Top Hat

ROBLOX Hiking!
Adurite Hiking Visor
Paintball 2
Adurite Paintball! Mask
Deathrun 2
Adurite Crown of Speedy Feet
Call of Robloxia
Adurite ROBLOX Militia Mask

Weekly Prizes

Every week during the Summer Games, a hat, similar to the Adurite ones are awarded to the top 10,000 players based on all of the games.

The first weekly prize was the Adurite Fedora with Black Iron Accent. The second weekly prize was Adurite Shades. The final weekly prize was the Adurite Teapot.



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  • The event was originally scheduled to last from July 2nd, to July 21st, 2014, but was extended due to exploiters.
  • This is the first Developer-made event on ROBLOX.