The ROBLOX 2014 Winter Games was an event on ROBLOX that took place January 31, 2014 - February 10, 2014. It was the first event on ROBLOX that featured Universes.

The Lobby

The lodge was the lobby of the event. Most of the lodge was created by a popular ROBLOX user, asimo3089, the ski lift being created by user Badcc. The lodge featured a campfire, a hidden room, moving gondolas, and trees similar to the trees featured in asimo3089's The Wind. When entered, players would spawn on a frozen river. The player could cross the river and follow the path until they met an intersection. The player could turn left to get to a campfire that had the global leaderboard, or the player could turn right to enter the lodge. The lodge itself had 3 floors. The first floor featured the foyer, a bathroom, the hidden room entrance, a kitchen, and a dinning room. The second floor featured 2 bedrooms, and a living space. The third floor featured just a loft with a bed in it. If the player went through the back door in the kitchen, they could follow a path that led to the ski lift. The ski lift featured gondolas that teleported players to the events when they stepped on the gondola of their choice.


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In the event there was 5 worlds. Each world featured a different gameplay concept and different prizes.

ROBLOX Kart's Winter Edition

ROBLOX Kart's was a round based car racing game.

In the game there was two different modes, Battle Mode and Racing Mode, there was also many power-ups to help you win.

In Battle Mode. The goal was to get as many points as possible. You could get points by collecting different things.

In Racing Mode. The goal was to get first to the finish line.


Breeze Kreig was a round based battle game with tanks.

In the game you was assigned to a team, and then you had to kill as many enemy tanks as possible by shooting snowballs.

Winter Snowboarding

Winter snowboarding was a competitive snowboarding game where you had to collect powerups, and do everything to get to the finish line first.


SnowBlox was almost the same as Winter Snowboarding.

Snowball Fight

Was a free for all(everyone vs everyone) snowball fighting game. In it you had to throw snowballs at the 15 other players in order to get as much points as possible.


In the event you could win many different prizes by participating, here are all the prizes.

Image Name World How To Get
2014 Winter Games Bronze Medal All except lodge To get this hat you had to win a bronze medal in any world.
2014 Winter Games Silver Medal All except lodge To get this hat you had to win a silver medal in any world.
2014 Winter Games Gold Medal All except lodge To get this hat you had to win a gold medal in any world.
BreezeKreig Adventurer BreezeKreig To get this hat you had to collect 1000 snow patches in BreezeKrieg.
BreezeKreig Ski Cap BreezeKreig To get this hat you simply had to win a round of BreezeKreig.
Red ROBLOX Scarf SnowBlox To get this hat you had to hit at least 3 speed boosts in a single round of SnowBlox.
Red Ski Hat SnowBlox To get this hat you simply had to win a round of SnowBlox.
Expert Snowboarder Helmet Winter Snowboarding To get this hat you had to have won 20 rounds of Winter Snowboarding in total.
Blue Bandit Winter Snowboarding To get this hat you had to obtain 5 power ups in a single round of Winter Snowboarding.
Snowflake Snowboarder Beanie Snowball Fight To get this hat you had to get at least 35 points in a round of ROBLOX Snowball Fight.
Midnight Blue Winter Scarf Snowball Fight To get this hat you had to find a hidden gift box in ROBLOX Snowball Fight.
Yeti Headphones ROBLOX Kart's Winter Edition To get this hat you had to win a round of ROBLOX Kart's.
Blue Snow Bird ROBLOX Kart's Winter Edition To get this hat you had to summon a fake block and then hit it in a round of ROBLOX Kart's.
BLOXikin #34 Polar Bear The Lodge To get this BLOXikin, you had to sit near the campfire in The Lodge until you started burning.
BLOXikin #33


The Lodge To get this BLOXikin, you had to enter a Winter Games world. However it was very glitchy.


This was the things you could buy related to the event.

Image Name Prize Description
Team ROBLOX Beanie 10 tickets "There is no 'I' in team. Or ROBLOX. But there is one in Beanie. I'd ignore it though."
Winter Games 2014 Headphones 500 ROBUX "What do you listen to when you're going for the gold?"
Winter Games 2014 Snowman Domino King 25000 ROBUX "Bow before the snowman king!"
Team ROBLOX 100 ROBUX "To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them."
Team ROBLOX Ski Suit 350 ROBUX "You're a winner for a lifetime / If you seize that one moment in time / Make it shine"


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