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There are two super-clans on Roblox that are titled The Raven Empire. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened on Roblox. Both groups used the Free V.I.P. Recruitment method in order to achieve a majority of their members. However, 2coolfirework's group has a slightly better reputation within the clan world, as it was made first. The way to distinguish between the two groups is the type of raven in which they call themselves. Channy97's group is also known as The Crimson Ravens, whereas 2coolfirework's is known as The Imperial Ravens. Despite sharing the same name, neither clan is allied with the other. On March 24, 2013, 2coolfireworks gained control of Channy97's The Raven Empire.

The Crimson Ravens

The Crimson Ravens version of The Raven Empire is a group founded by Channy97 was then shutdown, and currently owned by Praecursor. Out of the two Raven Empires on Roblox, the Crimson Ravens are the larger of the two, having over 43,000 members. The group is currently the twentieth largest group on Roblox, and the fifteenth largest war group on Roblox. Channy97's version of the group was made after the Imperial Ravens. The group also has two divisions, a high ranking members division, and a Elite Ravens division, which is a division for some of the most skilled fighters within the Crimson Ravens. The headquarter for Channy97's Raven Empire is Crimson Beach, which currently has over 34,000 visits. In early 2013, The Raven Empire hit the front page of groups, surpassing clan WIJ. On February 6, 2013, Channy97 quit Roblox, and KodakKid3 became the new leader of the group.

Shortly after, Channy97 had came back to Roblox and wanted this group back. However, KodakKid3 refused to giving him back TRE and so Channy97 had started to rebel. He had slowly persuaded most of the TRE HRs into joining his rebel group, Black Hawk Brigade, and pretty soon the group had been taken over. Madlyzee and many other HR's AA'd and so KodakKid3 had given back TRE to Channy97. Channy97 then gave the group to 2coolfirework and made a fresh start with Black Hawk Brigade. 2coolfirework eventually shut the group down stating "This group has failed to copy the original." The group will most likely not be bought back.

Black Hawk Brigade the group that came up in TRE's fall can be found here

The Imperial Ravens

The Imperial Ravens is the second largest group to bear the name of The Raven Empire, and also the first with the name created. Like The Crimson Ravens, The Imperial Raven Empire also used some Free V.I.P. Recruitment in order to achieve super-clan status. The game that gives players V.I.P. into this Raven Empire is Nacht Der Untoten by Starbattle. This Raven Empire is more strict than that of The Crimson Ravens, and has more of a role-play theme than the other one. This The Raven Empire has a division titled Ravens Special division. The headquarters of 2coolfirework's The Raven Empire is called Tyberious, which is also the name of their home planet. Their headquarters has over 15,000 place visits. Newly owned by Cataphract after shutdown.  After shutdown, became a new group with a fresh start called AEC, which made all the improvements that were supposed to happen before the shutdown.

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