The Real U.S.S.F. (short for The Real United States Special Forces) is a 21st century war group on ROBLOX. The group is quite popular on ROBLOX, having achieved over more than 100,000 members. The Real United States Special Forces is currently the 6th largest war group on ROBLOX, ahead of some of the unfair bases of the war groups. Despite the popularity of United States Special Forces war groups, The Real U.S.S.F. still remains the largest of its kind. The group has been in several wars, including wars with some super-clans like the both USM wars, UPA, FEAR, IE WAR #1 & #3, JC war #2. USSF is one of the fastest growing groups on Roblox, having achieved over 15,000 members in 2012, over 35,000 members in 2013, and over 70,000 members in 2016. USSF while in war with USM claimed to have won the war due to lack of evidence from USM, this war was started by and immature war group leaders which lead to a growing dislike of the USSF, causing these groups to unally the USSF and declare war. In the end, The Real U.S.S.F. won the war.


[1] Private

The starter rank for USSF. This rank constitutes a majority of the members within the group. Many are untrained. In order to become a Private, players must simply join the group.

[2] Private First Class

Members of the group ranking Private 1st Class are still considered low ranks, however, they have proven themselves worthy within the group by participating in a successful raid or defense, or succeeding in a training.

[3] Specialist

These members have proven to the high ranking members of the group that they have potential. They are also expected to be more active within the group, as well as work on their combat skills. The requirements to achieve the rank of Specialist are the same for those as achieving the rank of Private 1st Class.

[4] Corporal

Corporals are members that are expected to have improved their combat skills, and begin to work on their loyalty and discipline within the group. Players need to participate in a defense or raid or complete a successful training to achieve this rank.

[5] Sergeant

Sergeants continue the duties that they carried out in previous ranks, but are also expected to be more active in the group, and also work on the skills previously mentioned. Players need to participate in a defense or raid or complete a successful training to achieve this rank.

[6] Officer

Officers are expected to have perfected their skills in the fields of discipline, loyalty, and combat. They are now expected to begin to learn leadership skills, show more respect towards their superiors, and serve as an example to their inferiors. Players need to participate in a defense or raid or complete a successful training to achieve this rank.

[7] Warrant Officer

Warrant Officers have the same responsibilities as Officers, but they are also expected to monitor the Officers and make sure that they do their jobs correctly. Players need to participate in a defense or raid or complete a successful training to achieve this rank.

[8] Second Lieutenant

Lieutenants are expected to assist the lower ranks, and introduce them to the group. Lieutenants are also expected to be mature, and have relatively developed leadership skills. Players need to participate in a defense or raid or complete a successful training to achieve this rank.

[9] First Lieutenant

The First Lieutenants are Middle Ranks. This rank is the last rank to achieve their position by the set requirements. Members need to participate in a defense or raid or complete a successful training to achieve this rank. First Lieutenants are able to assist in a training event. Formerly known as the Captain rank, but those within this are de jure Captains, as of December 17, 2017.

[9] First Lieutenant (JSOC Trainers)

This rank is for the people that host trials and training for the branches. They get admin at the MA and in Geronimo but no admin rights for the group depending on the rank.

[10] Captain

As of December 18th, 2017, all former captains have been placed in the First Lieutenant rank. This rank is currently undergoing changes. No members have been placed in this rank.

Auxillary Ranks


The rank of Ambassador is not a low or high rank within The Real U.S.S.F. These members are representatives from allied nations, They are selected by their respective groups, and are given the respect of a normal high rank within U.S.S.F.


The rank of suspended is reserved for those requiring a form of disciplinary action. The probationary rank for those whose membership within the ranks has been put under review.

High ranks


Majors are the starting HR rank of the USSF. They are handpicked from the hundreds of captains, and are expected to host trainings. They are the beginning of HR in The Real U.S.S.F. and must be respected by in the group at all times (This also includes other HR or others in the group depending on what rank or who you are).


Veteran's are retired USSF high ranks, who have usually resigned from the High Rank position, but are still within the group.


Colonels are expected to host trainings, and be leaders in the USSF. Colonels are also expected to promote and demote people as necessary. They are expected to be extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about the group. Members achieve the rank of Colonel through selection by higher ranking members of the group. Colonels are chosen from the few Generals or BRIAN010 himself.


In addition to having to carry out the duties listed above, Generals also must make big group decisions. The second in command of U.S.S.F. is located within this rank. In order to become a General, members must be selected by the Commander himself. Becoming a General in U.S.S.F. is considered hard to get to that level of rank but not impossible. Generals are chosen by the very few Colonels.

Assistant Commander (Terminated)

Justinh12 was the 2nd in Command of the group of The Real U.S.S.F. until he left to work on his groups. More information about this by BRIANO10 himself or in the link. (more information about it in this link


The leader of the group. BRIANO10 serves as the current Commander of The Real U.S.S.F.


----Vehicle Divisions (Currently being reopened by BRIANO10)----

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 【VC (Vehicle Crew)】: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 【Description】: "In the past, there was an Airforce branch and Vehicle Crew branch. They were shut down because they limited the access to land and air vehicles for the USSF.

This branch was reopened to ensure the users of certain USSF vehicles are more experienced on average. They have access to the best air and land vehicles used by the USSF. It is the successor of both the old AF and original VC."-BRIANO10 (

USSF Vehicle Crew

U.S.S.F. Vehicle Crew

The Vehicle Crew is the division of The Real U.S.S.F. that controls the heavy vehicle technology within the group. These members have access to these vehicles at U.S.S.F. bases. The members of this division are usually relatively experienced members within The Real U.S.S.F. , and are granted admission into the division through trials that are administered by a high ranking member of the Vehicle Crew division. The Commandant of the Vehicle Crew was used to be Justin12h. As of now, the group is being reformed into one single group.

U.S.S.F. Air Force

"We blotch out the sun with our 70mm Hydras, 163mm Hellfires, 20mm Vulcan, and 30mm Vulcan rounds. We support the ground troops, transport them as well as demolish the enemy. Angels over our shoulders."

USSF Air Force

These members are our eye's in the skies. Like all other U.S.S.F. divisions, these members are tested in trials that test the member's grammar, spelling, listening skills, and skills in flying an aircraft. These trials are held at the official fort for the Airforce. As of now, the group is being reformed into one single group.

----Special Forces----

U.S.S.F. Navy Seal


USSF Navy Seals

Navy Seal's are some of the elite of the USSF The SEALs are extremely proficient in allied tech, as well as their own. Entrance into SEALs is possible through trials in JSOC, which are announced on the main group shout.

U.S.S.F. Marines


USSF Marines

"Marines, some of the most destructive people in USSF's arsenal, we attack in astronomical numbers and we will not quit without permission."

MARSOC "Run and gun". Marines train organize, equip and deploy task organized scalable and responsive Marine Corps Special Operations Forces worldwide in support of combatant commanders and other agencies. Marines is one of the most active USSF branches, and requires you to be active. The current Commander of the MARSOC of the Marines is timtim276. Marines are like Navy Seals, but deploy in higher numbers and do more ground based attacks. Marines are also some of the elite, with many well trained soldiers. Entrance to Marines is possible through JSOC.

U.S.S.F. Navy

Has never been activated, but still a valid division of the USSF. Has never been operational and likely never will.

U.S.S.F. High Ranks



The purpose of this division is for the high ranking members of the USSR to discuss group matters in secret. These members are HRs within the main division, and serve as role models to those that are currently ranked lower than them. To join the high ranking members division within The U.S.S.F., members must have been promoted from Captain to Major within the main group.


All of these bases were built by BRIANO10, and are located on his profile. New York is now out of commission.  

Forward Operating Base (v8)


The Real U.S.S.F. Forward Operation Base is currently the headquarters and most popular U.S.S.F. It is the most visited city and is the way the U.S.S.F. attracts it's members. The base has been visited more than 3,550,738 times, and has been a favorite by over 42,000 times. The base is notorious for its large amount of weaponry and vehicles. There are currently many different weapons at the fort, as well as many different aircraft models. The base also contains many vehicles. Located in a desert terrain, the base is located on three remote islands, with a Aircraft Carrier where U.S.S.F. is headquartered. The three islands are connected by two bridges and a metro. An alternate route is to swim. The first island is the largest of the three and includes a Church, Compound, Metro, Dock and the Raider Spawn. The second island is the second largest of the three. It contains a Village, Trees, a Beach and a canal. At the U.S.S.F. Aircraft Carrier, there is a teleport to a beach which is near the Church. Vehicles can be spawned in using the menu when you either join the game, die or reset.  

The third island contains the terminal needed to capture the fort. The terminal is contained in a walled compound bordering the island. There are two gates, one for U.S.S.F. players, and one that can be opened only from the inside of the base. Players can gain access into the compound by completing the obstacle course located on the wall. Inside the compound is a jail inside the wall containing the gates, basketball court, barracks building adjacent to the basketball court, a football field, multiple sniper towers, and the terminal. An airfield with four hangers and a rally area is also located on the second island, behind the items previously listed. The main goal of the raider's is to capture all the spawn points, prevent the soldiers from taking them back, and take the ICBM terminal. If the base is held until the GUI on the top left says Owner: Raiders 100%, then the ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) will explode into a nuclear fashion signifying that the raider team have won. The server then needs to be shut down by an HR.

The base used to be called unfair, but now most people call it fair, since both sides get access to the same weaponry and the same damage on vehicles, with the same amount of vehicles.


Weapons include Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns, Sub Machine Guns, Light Pistols, Heavy Pistols, Automatic Pistols and Anti-Armor projectiles. The USSF has one of the most, if not the most weaponry on a Clan Fort.


USSF Tech, specifically Vehicles are known to be one of the best, if not the most well designed tech, with it well scripted and built, minimum lag and also rarely breaking. It is also completely built by BRIANO10, the group leader, and none of it is outsourced.

USSF - Headquarters -New York City (Out Of Commision)

The secondary base for U.S.S.F. HQ is a base that is located within the capital of modern day New York. The base currently has over 22,000 place visits, and is inactive. The format for the city is very similar to New York. Like F.O.B., members of the group spawn on a man made island away from the actual base, which is located on two separate islands connected on a bridge. Players then teleport into the city, which is made up of empty buildings, and flag points that can be captured by any of the teams. Several elements of the real New York are in the map, including the wall of The Real U.S.S.F. posters around the city. Across the bridge on the second island is the terminal bunker, identical to that of FOB Inside the bunker is a football field, a basketball court, a barracks building, multiple sniper towers, the terminal, a rally area, and an airfield with four hangers.