The Sky Clan of ROBLOX is a modern military group founded by Mattapplesstar in 2010.


Mattapplesstar, the second in command of UCR at the time, was unhappy with the leader, Trick555's, current position in UCR. Mattapplesstar demanded that Trick555 surrender his position of leader under the threat that SCR would declare war on UCR.  Trick555 refused, and war was declared.

During the summer of 2011, Mattapplesstar lost his password and remained inactive for a year. As a result, the group decreased in activity. Mattapplesstar later resigned and gave the group to the second in command, EnergyFlare. EnergyFlare later gave SCR to BrilliantTheory. The last thing we heard about BrilliantTheory was that he is going to return at the end of 2015 with a new account.

Throughout the spring of 2014, SCR was slowly revived. Persisted purchased SCR and, through the use of advertisement campaigns, increased SCR's member count to 19,000.

It changed throughout several leaders and ended up in the hands of PoliticalJustice who lead it with CrushingPower and VengefulJustice. Throughout this time many members joined and it's member count jumped to around 23,000; activity died though and it went ended up being sold to Flavoured who sold to MagnesiumBlow after many leadership changes.

Under the leadership of MagnesiumBlow, or his various accounts, the group jumped to around 50,000 members and growing. SCR was one of the strongest sword clans at it's time with 50+ member activity. At the time SCR had many 2iC's and 3iCs including but not limited to Deathranger, Camm, VengefulJustice, DevTools, and a few others.

Afterwards, in 2016, the clan was sold to GlobalPenguin who brought it to almost 68,000+ members, bringing it back the activity.

The old leader resigned and a new era started with Chancellor zigza19.

Zigza19 then abandoned the group by stealing group funds and handing the leadership to Papabuckett. Rumours say he did this for the dev exchange.

It was unknown why Zigza19 did this but it was unexpected as 2iC Intricxte/Incending was promised the 1iC rank prior to the theft of funds.

Incending, our new leader, reformed the ranks and the HR Academy. He saved the group, relying on his 2iC and HICOM, and always confers with them for answers. VengefulJustice/The_Harbinger was made 2iC yet again with BrokenLimits after KranosGorehowl and apm412 retired.


Currently, SCR has two major divisions alongside it's main group.

  1. SCR has a leadership division, for it's High Ranks only to notify and give messages only to the high ranks of SCR. This division is lead by apm412.
  2. SCR has an Immortals or Elite division. This division is for the only the finest sword fighters of SCR, and finest of ROBLOX. Admission to get into the exclusive division is often a tryout, which are typically hosted several times a month. The immortals division typically practices 3-4 times a week, and form complex strategies for raids and defenses. It is currently lead by xxxGuestLie.