The United States of America is a group on Roblox based on the real-world country of the same name. Aside from being one of the largest groups on Roblox, it is also the largest country-clan group on ROBLOX. This was looked down upon other country leaders, as many other USAs with more work put in at the start grew to only a few thousand. This is also a relatively new USA, the first being "Americans" and the second was Gmf23/34's USA stolen by Maculus. The group is seemed to be the biggest most democratic group on ROBLOX. The group was founded by 5 people; Nightgaladeld, baxterknite(devanAC), izaak136, MamaClinton and NCISrox. The current President is SheldonCarpenter with the Vice President TimGeithner. It is formally known as NUSA.


The group has several cities used for the group:

Washington D.C.

This is the capital of the USA group, made by Nightgaladeld. It was featured in a Crossfire, and it has game passes and gear that allows us to drive around Washington D.C., visit the White House, and much more. However, two of the game passes only work when inside the group. It also has a federal court and a federal prison.

Head Developer: Aceylos

Las Vegas

This city was originally made by Pauljkl, but Nightgaladeld had full permission to use it for his group. It has nine game passes, and it has a car and gun dealerships.

Head Developer: pauljkl

Albany, New York

Albany New York is a city current in-dev for scripting, but what makes this city distinct is that it does not use as much bricks as it's counterparts, NYC or LV, but rather uses detailed decals on surrounding buildings.


This is a city for the USA group, but a update is being planned out. It has 4 game passes, which one of them allows you to drive a boat, and might remind you of Grand Theft Auto on the cover of the place. A newly formed USA Developer Team is currently remaking New York City.

Head Developer (Old New York City): Ethancomputermad

Head Developer (New New York City): Snythia


There are many agencies for the USA group, like the DIA, NASA, and CIA but most of the agencies have tryouts, most of them are allied with the USA group and are owned by Nightgaladeld, while others are not allied, but are official because the President/Vice President of the group owns them. Most agencies start with [USA]. When you are in a specific agency, your rank in the USA group might change. Here are some common ones.

[USA] Department of Defense

The Department of Defense, or as you would refer it to, the DoD, are allied with the USA group, and are allied with agencies that uses defense, such as, The United States Military (the one owned by Nightgaladeld) Defense Intelligence Agency, DARPA Defense Security Service, and more agencies.

[USA] The United States Military

The United States Military or USM is an agency that has over 3000 members, and has five branches, which are owned by the President. They have bases and a training center, owned by the Vice President, and some new bases and training centers owned by other USM members.

[USA] Department of Homeland and Internal Security

This is an agency that protects the USA group and their cities. Agencies allied to the group would be the Coast Guard (a United States Military branch), the NSA, the United States Secret Service, and few more agencies, some of which are part of the Department of Defense.

[USA] Intelligence Community

This agency is allied with other agencies that require intelligence, such as the DIA, CIA, FBI, and a few more other agencies.


Immigration Office

This is the rank that you get when you join the group. You will get promoted to Middle Class Citizen by the Vice President, President, or Founder as soon as they can do so! You will also get promoted to Federal Prison by the Vice President, President, or Founder when you are a terrorist, criminal or a player that has an inappropriate or illegal name.

Federal Prisoner

This is the rank for the criminals, terrorists and players with an inappropriate or illegal name convicted by the United States Government.

American Citizen

This makes up the majority of the members, and is the main rank after you become an immigrant. Basically a normal citizen.

High Profile Citizen

This rank is for the famous people. Currently the only way to receive the rank is to either: be known in the Roblox community and ask for a promotion to the rank. Or to resign from a senior position, such as Cabinet or Congress. Or buy the VIP t-shirt or pass.

Military Command

This is a rank for the high ranks of the United States Military representatives, usually VJCS+.

Federal Employees

This rank is people who work for specific divisions, such as government agencies.

Foreign Ambassador

This rank is reserved for Ambassadors to and from the United States.

Department Directors

This rank is reserved for people who are the director of a US Government Agency.

Federal Court Judges

This rank is reserved for Federal Judges.

Supreme Court Judges

This is the rank in which all of the Supreme Court Justices (minus nightgaladeld and icysound) reside.

Chief Justice

There is only one person in that rank, and it is reserved for the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Congressional Member

This rank is for people who are a Senator or Member of the House of Representatives in the United States Congress.

White House Staff

This rank is for people who work in the White House at Washington D.C.


This rank is for people who are members of the Presidents Cabinet. No one cares about any of them but officer CUS he's the CUList

Congressional Leaders

The current incumbent is Aescia and he is the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Previous Speaker of the House's include: Aescia, Mr_HeIIo, Ozzymen, teasoup, goleros

Vice President

This is the rank for the Vice President of the United States, elected at the same time and on the same ballot as the President. Current Incumbent: JustYourDailyNoob

Previous Vice Presidents: Isner, Jbn011, lumidas, Aerium , SuddenRush12G, Zeyad567, jcmand, Zeyad567, lumidas, SuddenRush12G, DavidAxelrod, HHPrinceGeorge, TerenceWalsh, TimGeithner, AdamStratton, PurgeSabre, sufferpoop


This is the president of the group, and he is the elected leader of the United States and is the second highest rank of the group. He owns the branches of the United States Military and he owns some other agencies. Current Incumbent: SheldonCarpenter

Previous Presidents: Nightgaladeld, Marinio, lumidas, PowerOfPersuasion, MamaClinton, SuddenRush12G, TheySinned, rapidaax, sufferpoop

Clan Managers

Clan managers moderate the group's structure and affairs.


The current group holder is Pauljkl.

Presidents and Vice Presidents System

Just like the real country, the group changes Presidents and Vice Presidents, but their terms only last half of a year. They have to have enough votes to become President and Vice President. They have multiple parties, just like the real life country. There are individual groups that are owned by people who want to be President. They have cabinet candidates and other types of ranks for the white house group. Later, the President and Vice President candidates come from each party, then the citizens vote and who ever has the most votes become President and Vice President.


Various images and logos used by the United States of America.