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"Robloxian Tickets are earned by other people going to your place or a daily login bonus of ten (10) tickets, and are rewarded with fabulous prizes." - ROBLOX

Tx enhanced

Enlarged and enhanced version of the 16x16 Tix logo.

Tickets (shortened to Tx or Tix) are one of the two main currencies of Roblox, but are worth about ten times (varies) less than the 2nd Roblox currency, ROBUX . You can use the currency exchange feature to trade tickets for ROBUX. They are seen commonly as yellow and brown tickets, with the white words TIX printed on it. Tickets were the base of ROBLOX currency.

Gaining tickets

"Tickets are granted to citizens who are helping to expand and improve Robloxia." -ROBLOX

  • Log into the Roblox website! You get 10 tickets each day for doing so, and you don't need to logout.
  • Sales of user made items, such as clothing. (need BC to sell)
  • Another user visiting one of your places gets you 1 ticket or 10 on BC only games
  • Trade ROBUX for Tickets in the currency exchange (rates may vary)


  • If you have a good game make an ad and earn tix.
  • Use the currency exchange wisely! It's an easy way to make tickets.

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