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Ticket New Style

Symbol used up until being discontinued.

Ticket icon

Original symbol.

Tickets (shortened to "Tix" or "Tx") are a discontinued currency and was one of the two currencies of ROBLOX. Compared to the primary currency, ROBUX, Tickets had very little value. Tickets were earned by players through various methods including visiting the site daily and having other users visit their Place. Tickets could be spent on Catalog items and on advertisements.

Login Bonus

All users earned tickets10 as a daily login bonus. When the Ambassador program was still running, you earned tickets2 per link each day.

Place Visits

Users earned tickets1 for every place visit. If you had Builders Club, you could make your place BC-only, and this payout would increase to tickets10 per visit instead. ROBUX still works the same way.


Main article: Catalog

When tickets still existed, users were able to purchase certain items using their Tickets through the Catalog, including hats, faces, and user-created content. You could also earn tickets yourself by making your own clothing, such as T-Shirts.[1] Clothing designers who sold clothing in Tickets earned 70% of all revenue received from that item. Regular users earned 10% of all revenue and 90% if they were in Builders Club.

RoblEX (Trade Currency)

Main article: RoblEX

RoblEX, commonly known as the Currency Exchange, was a feature which allowed you to trade in your Tickets for ROBUX and vice versa. This in turn created the ROBLOX economy as the price of Tickets and ROBUX changed through supply and demand. You could earn a substantial amount of profit by buying a large amount of ROBUX for a lower price, then exchanging them later for a larger sum of Tickets.

Along with Tickets, RoblEX was unfortunately removed on April 14, 2016.



Picture from the official ROBLOX site that shows Tickets is no longer a currency.

There are several reasons why Tickets were discontinued. The following reasons were cited in the blog post:

  • Tickets had caused "confusion and delay" for first-time users. By removing Tickets, ROBLOX will be simplified from the UI to the catalog to user-accounting.
  • More free items are intended to be released; avatar customization without ROBUX will continue to be creative and rich, migrating towards a fully community-driven catalog.
  • Remove incentive for people to login every day simply for the Ticket bonus and create alt accounts for more.
  • ROBLOX plans to create a community-controlled catalog, which would let ROBLOX developers to make body parts, hats, gear, animations and other things.

Tickets were not automatically converted to ROBUX, if they were not spent by April 14, 2016.


Commemorative items that were released between March and April 2016.

ROBLOX also announced plans to unveil a new rich achievement and reward system to replace the Ticket bonus. Currency Exchange was also removed at this time. Additionally, the price floor was lowered to ROBUX5 to compensate for these changes. Items sold with a Ticket price will have their price converted to ROBUX at a rate of 17:1. To celebrate the Tickets, exclusive, commemorative items were sold in the Catalog from March 15, 2016 to April 14, 2016.[2] Currency trading rates were expected to fluctuate during this time period.[3]

These changes were tested on ROBLOX's GameTest1 site to test the economy before implementing this change. This was done to see if removing Tickets was a viable option.

A large number of users were unhappy and angry with this change and voiced their disapproval on the Forums.

Several users also believed this change was an April Fools' Day joke, as the announcement and removal took place between March and early April.

Due to the recent update, the removal of Tix has made it difficult for players to customize their avatars as the Trade Currency function provided a way for players to trade Tix in exchange for Robux, therefore allowing the ability to buy items. For many developers, the DevEX function had become more difficult to use as Tix were vital in the process.


  • Tix were not actually removed from the website entirely. They were just hidden and can't be used in any way. This link shows that the Tix balance is still available to view.
  • People thought the Tickets update was an April fools joke, due to the blog post's release date being March 15th.
  • You could still see the items you purchased with Tickets through the transactions tab.
  • Daily bonuses were removed just before the Tixapalooza sale started to help prevent further Tickets farming and exploitation, and while it did help the economy, it limited what the Non-Builder's Club members could get from the sale and many didn't get some of the more higher-priced items.



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