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Tickets (shortened to Tx or Tix) are one of the two main currencies of Roblox. Compared to the second currency, ROBUX, tickets are considered to be of lesser value. Tickets are earned by players by visiting the site daily and having other users visit their place. Tickets can be spent on catalog items and on advertisements. Tickets and Robux are the building blocks of the ROBLOX economy.

Earning Tickets

All ROBLOXians earn tix10 as a daily login bonus. In addition, builders earn tix1 for every place visit; the payout rises to tix10 per visit for BC-only games. Clothing designers who sell clothing in tickets will receive 70% of all revenue received from that piece of clothing. Other developers will earn 10% of all revenue earned if they are normal users and 90% if they are Builders Club. Players can also exchange ROBUX for Tickets and vise-versa through the RoblEX currency exchange.
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Login bonus

All users earn tix10 each day they log in; however, a BC member will also earn Robux. In the past, when the ambassador program was still running, you earnedtix2 per link each day. Some users were making a lot of money through this by having lots of running links.

Place visits

Each time a player enters a server of your place, you earn tix1. However, if you have BC, you can make your place BC only, giving you tix10 per visit instead. This could easily allow you to gain thousands of tickets if you create a popular place if you have BC.


Main article: RoblEX

RoblEX, commonly known as the Currency Exchange, is a feature which allows you to trade your tickets for Robux and vice versa. This, in turn, creates the ROBLOX economy as the price of tickets and Robux change through supply and demand. You can earn a substantial amount of money by buying a large amount of Robux for a lower price, then exchanging them later for a larger sum of tickets.


Main article: Catalog

You can buy certain items using your tickets through the ROBLOX catalog, including hats, faces, and player-created content. You can also sell your own content, such as T-shirts, to earn revenue.

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