The following is a timeline of the history of ROBLOX.


  • David Baszucki is born in 1963.
  • Erik Cassel is born on December 16, 1967.


  • Somewhere between 1989 - Interactive Physics is released by Knowledge Revolution, which was owned by David Baszucki and co-owned by Erik Cassel. It would soon become an influence to the creation of ROBLOX.




  • January 30 – The ROBLOX domain is purchased [1].
  • June 30 – ROBLOX's "first" user called Admin joins ROBLOX. He was later banned and moved to ID 18, most likely to test the bans. During the March 18th 2017 ROBLOX Controversy his place got more than 13K views before being put under review for unknown reasons.
  • June 30 – The qa account is created.
  • July 1 – david.baszucki creates his account.
  • July 2 – erik.cassel creates his ROBLOX account.
  • July 31 – david.baszucki creates a game called "spasmotron2 vs. wimpotron2".
  • Some time in September - ROBLOX is in Alpha mode.
  • November 5 – david.baszucki makes the "child on skateboard" model. Also, 1,318 models are made[citation needed].


  • January – Dynablox becomes ROBLOX[citation needed].
  • February 11 – ROBLOX's very early alpha testing ends, and beta testing begins [citation needed].
  • March 18 - ROBLOX site patents appear.
  • May 11 – The first ROBLOX patent claim is filed.[2]
  • May 22 – ROBLOX (user) joins ROBLOX. The ID of user ROBLOX is 1. The ID was supposed to be for the user Admin.
  • June 6 – The "Steer the Spheres" contest begins.
  • June 24 – ROBLOX is re-released to the public. Unlike ROBLOX's games, they had minigames, which you can earn points from [citation needed].
  • June 25 – ROBLOX's first official account, John Doe, is created.
  • June 25 or 26 – ROBLOX's second official account is created. The username was Jane Doe.
  • Unknown date around 2004-2005 – Around 1,000–2,000 games are made on the site[citation needed].
  • Unknown date around 2005 – The first starter place is made but later on is scrapped [citation needed].



Early homepage dated 5/19/2006. Homepage image supplied by a archive site.


ROBLOX's homepage in 2006.


Probably an early rocket launcher texture (note the old ROBLOX logo).

  • February 27 – Minigames are removed from the site[citation needed].
  • March 29 – The starter place which name used to be "room_environment_blue" is changed to "(Player Name)'s Place". The first user to receive this new place name is disenman.
  • April 6 – ROBLOX is open to everyone [citation needed].
  • June 21 – Telamon (now known as Shedletsky) joins ROBLOX.
  • September 28 – Games go multiplayer, and friends and private messaging are added.
  • October 25 – Search features for Places, People, and Models are added.
  • October 26 -- The first ever ROBLOX video on Youtube is uploaded, the video is called Chaos Canyon Firelight and was uploaded by Shedletsky.[citation needed]
  • November 6 – You can now choose if your place is "Friends Only" or "Public".
  • December 1 – Crossroads is released.
  • December 6 – The ROBLOX Blog is created. The first posts start with a line from the Chronicles of ROBLOX.
  • December 21 – Santa's Winter Stronghold is revealed.
  • December 22 – ROBLOX Badges first appear.


January 2007

  • January 8 – 44 ROBLOXians have the Bloxxer Badge [citation needed].
  • January 9 – On this day, many things are revealed . It includes the Administrator Badge, and Private Message history and notifications. But the most famous update was the animations that made ROBLOXians look like they were walking.
  • January 12 – ROBLOXians can now color their bodies and wear T-shirts [citation needed].
  • January 17 – The Homestead Furniture Making Contest starts, making it the first contest [citation needed].
  • January 20 – The first and original Happy Home in Robloxia is created .
  • January 26 – Teams are tested, but not released[citation needed].
  • January 31 – The Report Abuse feature is added[citation needed].

February 2007

  • February 16 – ExplorerImageIndex 17Tools and Teams are released, the website became faster, and bugs were fixed [citation needed].
  • February 17 – The Copylock feature is added [citation needed].
  • February 24 – Fleskhjerta joins ROBLOX, he grows onto fame due to his funny videos he had posted on YouTube.

March 2007

  • March 27 – Supersafe Chat, Image Mods, custom skyboxes, and a new profile page are released [citation needed].

April 2007

  • April 1 – An April Fools joke happens, when ROBLOX claimed to have been bought out by Google and was going to be turned into Gooblox. Later, Telamon bought, which redirects to ROBLOX [citation needed].
  • April 12 – Builder's Club, swords, paintball guns, and new skyboxes appear [citation needed].

May 2007

  • May 1 – Spawns are added, bugs are fixed, a max Player cap is added to places, an early beta of servers is made, and places now have their own pages [citation needed].
  • May 3 – Hair is tested, but fails [citation needed].
  • May 14 – ROBUX is added, replacing "ROBLOX Points" as the previous currency [citation needed].
  • May 21 – The wealthiest ROBLOXian (with ROBUX) is miked, with 3,246 ROBUX [citation needed].
  • May 23 – Hats are shown in a sneak peek [citation needed].
  • May 30 – Hats are added to ROBLOX. Also, Clockwork joins the admins as an intern [citation needed].

June 2007

  • June 2 to 13 – The Domino Rally Contest is held [citation needed].
  • June 13 – The Domino Contests ends. Also, wookong joins the ROBLOX team and FFJosh, MrDoomBringer, Gamer3D, Cruss Kilderstohe, and miked help the team [citation needed].
  • June 14 – Bspurrell suggests the Veteran Badge, which was made on that day [citation needed].

August 2007

October 2007

  • October 30 – Bevels, a search bar for the catalog, and comments are released. Explosions are changed from being simple red spheres to more realistic particle effects. "Toolbox" and "Edit Mode" on the in-game menu are changed to "Insert" and "Tools", respectively, and also switch places [citation needed].

November 2007

  • November 3 – The first ROBLOX Review is published [citation needed].
  • November 17 – ROBLOX T-shirts (and goodies) are for sale [citation needed].

December 2007

  • December 3 – ROBLOX removes arm collision [citation needed].
  • All of December – Several winter wonderland parades happen across this month. The first set of Christmas gifts are also given away all throughout the month [citation needed].
  • December 21 – Spawn shields are introduced to prevent spawn-killing [citation needed].



The login screen from 2008.


The front page in 2008.

January 2008

  • All January – builderman place design contest takes place [citation needed].
  • January 16 – Image Modding is released [citation needed].

February 2008

  • February 24 – ROBLOX now uses PayPal to buy Builders Club [citation needed].
  • February 29 – In celebration of Leap Year, the Bluesteel Gift of Long Years is awarded to all players who log in on this day. The last ROBLOX Review is published [citation needed].

March 2008

  • All March – The Egg Hunt 2008 takes place, making it the first Easter event [citation needed].

April 2008

  • April 2 – Places and models now appear in your "My Stuff" page and in the Catalog. Comments on places are released. Users can verify their account by linking it to their email address. ExplorerImageIndex 42Sparkles and ExplorerImageIndex 41ClickDetectors are released.
  • April 9 – The Spring Block Party happens [citation needed].
  • April 24 – Fully-body shirts and pants are released. The previous torso-only shirts are renamed to "T-shirts" to prevent confusion. A new character creation page is released. Users can now favorite places, models, and clothing. New lighting is released. The moderation system is enhanced, and the ROBLOX news feed is featured on the front page [citation needed].

May 2008

  • May 14 – Decals are added [citation needed].

August 2008

September 2008

  • September 26 – Users can now play ROBLOX as a guest to see if they would like to create an account. They can also buy ROBUX [citation needed].

October 2008

November 2008

  • November 21 – The RoblEX trading system and advertisements are added [citation needed].

December 2008

  • December 18 – Heads are added [citation needed].
  • December 22–29 – Miked's Ultimate Paintball gets 1,000,000 place visits, marking it the first place to reach one million place visits [citation needed].


January 2009

February 2009

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009

June 2009

July 2009

August 2009

  1. User-made badges
  2. More groups depending on the level of Builders Club you have
  3. Group Search
  4. Owner transferring
  5. Status updates for groups

September 2009

October 2009

November 2009

  • November 26 – Bubble Chat is added.

December 2009

  • December 17 – Smoke is added.


January 2010

  • January 24 – Sets are added.

February 2010

  • February 9 – Contests are added.
  • February 28 – Contests are fixed.

March 2010

  • March 30 – Roblosam gets interviewed.
  • [UNKNOWN] (Possibly around April) Wedge Parts are added

April 2010

  • April 20 – ROBLOX is featured on Click.
  • April 29 – Body Shapes (Packages) are tested.

May 2010

  • May 14 – ROBLOX introduces its first package, Robloxian 2.0. It was very controversial, people accused that online daters were using it.

June 2010

  • June 8 – The Triple Hat Feature and the Join In-Game feature are added.
  • June 23 – Fire is shown in a demo.

July 2010

  • July 23 – Privacy features are added.

August 2010

  • August 2 – Facebook Connect returns.
  • August 11 – A new theme is added to ROBLOX.

September 2010

  • September 14 – A new site skin is made for Outrageous Builders Club users.
  • September 26 – ROBLOX first introduces game cards. Several gear items were also released to commemorate the inception of game cards.

October 2010

  • October 1 – ROBLOX Gift Cards are now at 7-Eleven.
  • October 31 – ROBLOX Gift Cards are now at Best Buy and GameStop.

November 2010

  • November 15 – Dialog is shown in a sneak peek.
  • November 24 – ROBLOX adds a Captcha.

December 2010

  • December 2 – Blazing Man and Dialog are added.
  • December 7 – Merely joins ROBLOX.
  • Sometime before Christmas – In-game recording is added for Windows XP only.
  • December 30 – ROBLOX adds BC-Only Places, which angers BC-ers and non-BCers alike.


January 2011

  • January 6 – Exploits were fixed, ROBLOX ran faster on old graphics cards, and Groups could now allow everyone (including NBCers) into their group places.
  • January 12 – Physics-based collision sounds are added.
  • January 28 – Ambient occlusion is released.

February 2011

  • February 3 – Groups could now advertise themselves.
  • February 28 – The in-game screen recorder is released for all platforms.

March 2011

  • March 9 – The BC Loyalty program is released.
  • March 17 – Seth Deesub gets a million ROBUX by Make a Wish Foundation.
  • March 23 – New users can sign up with a gender (Male or Female).

April 2011

  • April 5 – Facebook Connect is re-added.
  • April 8 – Group owners can become "allies" and "enemies" with other groups.
  • April 14 – Basic data-persistence is added.
  • April 28 – Users can declare a primary group.

May 2011

  • May 5 – You could now see your favorite places on the Games page.
  • May 21 (?) – A new game GUI is released, with a new player list. You can take pictures and videos.
  • May 26 – A basic iPod/iPhone app for ROBLOX is released. Users can't play yet only check messages and the like.

June 2011

  • June 16 – The ROBLOX Rally is announced.
  • June 22 – You could now play with friends.

July 2011

  • July 18 – ROBLOX's first television commercial is made and launched.
  • July 22 – Teleportation between places (TeleportService) is added, which Telamon has been trying to do for a number of years.

August 2011

  • August 1 – The ROBLOX Rally happens in San Francisco.
  • August 11 – Mega Places are added. Also, a time of day slider was added, as well as Plugins.
  • August 15 – Shedletsky gets banned for breaking a ROBLOX rule, which is posting an offsite link.

September 2011

  • Early September – Chrome users can directly launch ROBLOX in browser.
  • September 9 – ROBLOX cards are now available in Canada.
  • September 18 – The ROBLOX iPhone app can now allow the user buy various kinds of Builders Club at various durations using iTunes money.
  • September 22 – ROBLOX has their first Rich Tester Day, where a tester on the ROBLOX Test Server could win 10,000 ROBUX.
  • September 26 – ROBLOX releases their first toy, which are some building blocks that spell 'ROBLOX'.

October 2011

  • October 7 – Terrain Generation is finally released.
  • October 24 – ROBLOX game cards are now in Target and CVS.
  • October 27 – The Meet an Interesting ROBLOXian series starts.

November 2011

  • November 2 – Personal Servers are finally added.
  • Mid-November – ROBLOX finally brings gift cards to the UK.

December 2011

  • December 8 – The fog feature is added.
  • December 9 – Sword Fights on the Heights IV becomes BC only. This caused protests from the ROBLOX Community and Suggestions and Ideas were filled telling ROBLOX to undo this update. Someone by the name of XiaoXiaoman eventually made a video about this.
  • December 23 – The Developer's Blog is renamed and updated, now exists as the "Community Blog".


January 2012

  • January 6 – ROBLOX Studio for the Mac reaches beta stage.[3]
  • January 13 – Hack Week begins, and universes are shown and tested.
  • January 18 – Water, buoyancy, and ropes are shown.
  • January 20 – New dynamic lighting is shown.
  • January 21 – ROBLOX games can now be played on more internet browsers.
  • January 26 – Video thumbnails are shown.

February 2012

  • February 8 – ROBLOX users can now buy ROBLOX cards at F.Y.E. and EB Games.

March 2012

  • March 6 – After two years in operation, the Ambassador program is discontinued.
  • March 19 – ROBLOX improves their network physics.
  • March 20 – ROBLOX is featured at the Game Developer Conference.
  • March 29 – ROBLOX introduces thumbnails for places.

April 2012

  • April 1 – DracoSwordMaster compromises the website. This resulted in the catalog and the trade currency system becoming disabled and ultimately ROBLOX temporarily shutting down. The 2012 April Fools Hack article provides more information about this.
  • April 6 – ROBLOX's interpolation code is improved, resulting in smooth motion of objects.

May 2012

  • Around May 4 – ROBLOX shuts down many places in order to apply an exploit prevention plugin for all of the places. When the plugin was finished, however, it caused raycast and debris functions to not function properly.
  • Around May – ROBLOX updates the selection after purchase log.
  • May 15 – The demonstration of the new V2 and V3 (Man and Woman) bodies was shown, resulting in dislike among some users regarding the bodies.
  • May 18 – The Trading System is nearly close towards completion.

June 2012

  • June 4 – ROBLOX Studio 2.0 Beta is launched.
  • June 5 – The water feature is released.

July 2012

  • July 12
    • The Trading System is finally added.
    • Man and Woman ROBLOX 3.0 packages are added to the catalog but is not placed on sale yet. The packages are, however, met with heavy criticism by many ROBLOX users due to its questionable appearance.
  • July 15 – ROBLOX releases the Hall Of Fame for ROBLOX Game Conference 2012 (RCG 2012).
  • July 17 – Both the Man and Woman packages are placed on sale, resulting in heavy criticism from many players.
  • July 19 – ROBLOX shows a demonstration of new looks of ROBLOX and graphics.

August 2012

  • August 3 – ROBLOX updates the loadstring function to prevent it from executing arbitrary Lua bytecode.

September 2012

  • September 5 – ROBLOX discontinues support for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard).
  • September 15 – ROBLOX releases the first Game Template, which is a CTF.
  • September 17 – Game Passes are created.
  • September 18 – TIME names ROBLOX one of the 50 best sites of 2012.

October 2012

  • October 8 – You can now allow and sell specific gear on your game page.
  • October 19 – ROBLOX for iPad is first announced. Also, the starter place was changed from the Happy Home to a light grey baseplate. The first user to start with this place was titanic15474. It was changed once again a few months later. It is still available as a place template, except the baseplate is darker and is thicker.
  • October 23 – Three Game Templates are introduced: Control Points, Free for All, and Team Deathmatch.

November 2012

  • November 14 – 100,000 users play ROBLOX at the same time.
  • November 29 – Giftsplosion 2012 begins, starting with the ROBLOX Newshound Gift.

December 2012


January 2013

  • January 10 – A contest for a ROBLOX Studio splash screen begins.[4]
  • January 12 – ROBLOX releases additional images that prototype the future look of the game.[5]
  • January 18 – Fast parts are released.[6]
  • January 22 – ROBLOX announces support of vehicles and chat on all devices using ROBLOX Mobile.[7]
  • January 24 – ROBLOX encourages users to suggest locations for the 2013 ROBLOX Game Conference.[8]
  • January 31 – The contest for a ROBLOX Studio splash screen ends.[9]
  • [Around Early 2013] – The player list receives a minor revamp, with the list being smaller in size, the player's own name above the list (usually in a larger size, although sometimes it would appear smaller). The option to make the player list expand was removed. The idea of making the player's own name appear above the player list may be due to possible confusion over where the player's name is on the player list or who they are playing as. Also, clicking the two-arrow button on the bottom of the list now simply removes only the list below the player's own name instead of completely hiding the list.

February 2013

  • February 1 – The LEGO® Hero Factory: Brain Attack event begins.[10]
  • February 2 – ROBLOX Studio 2013 is released.[11]
  • February 11 – Erik Cassel, co-founder of ROBLOX, passes away at age of 45.[12]
  • February 12 – The Well Worn Hat is renamed to Erik Cassel's Hat in honor of Erik.[13]
  • February 15 – ROBLOX holds its first sale, The 2013 President's Day Sale, in which several catalog items' prices are reduced temporarily. Several items may also be timed, go on sale temporarily after being unavailable for a certain period of time, and also release new items.[14]
  • February 22 – The 2013 President's Day Sale ends.[14]

March 2013

  • March 1 – Three contests begin: the Fan Art Contest, the ROBLOX Face Creation Contest, and the Egg Retexture Contest.[15]
  • March 8 – RGC 2013 is renamed BLOXcon.[16]
  • March 10 – The Fan Art Contest and the ROBLOX Face Creation Contest end.[15]
  • March 20 – The Egg Retexture Contest ends.[15]
  • March 26 – The ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2013 begins.[17]

April 2013

  • April 1 – In an April Fools' Day prank, all forum are renamed to memes or pop culture references.[18]
  • April 4 – New rendering code is shipped, improving performance, particularly in the context of rendering static environments on slow or dated hardware. Also, bevels are removed permanently.[19]
  • April 12–15 – From April 12 to April 15, transaction fees were lowered from 30% to 15%.[20]
  • April 16 – ROBLOX implements selling multiple copies of limited items.[21]

May 2013

  • May 2 – ROBLOX releases in-game item selling.[22]
  • May 7 – ROBLOX fixes a bug through which former Builders Club members could own multiple places.[citation needed]
  • May 9 – Dynamic lighting is released.[23]
  • May 24 – Memorial Day Sale 2013 begins.[24]
  • May 29 – Memorial Day Sale 2013 ends.[24]

June 2013

  • June 7 – ROBLOX announces Paid Access, a feature that allows game creators to require players to purchase access to their game.[citation needed]
  • June 11 – The "Top Grossing" Sort is added to the main "Games" page.[citation needed]
  • June 12 – The ROBLOX Catalog glitch, making most common hats of ROBLOX, 1 tix. Intern Merely confirmed that this was just a bug and was going to be fixed soon.[citation needed]
  • June 17 – The starter place for new players is modified to a baseplate made of grass. It changes into smooth terrain two years later. The first user to start with this place is jf 116. Before this change, players started with a place that had a Content Deleted logo as the thumbnail.[citation needed]
  • June 18 – A cosmetic overhaul for individual pages of games is released, which adds a "Thumbs Up" rating system.[25]

July 2013

  • July 5 – ROBLOX adds a liquid layout for the games page.[26]
  • July 11 – ROBLOX adds outlines to parts.[27]
  • July 15 – Due to many complaints from the community, ROBLOX adds 4 more game slots for former Builders Club members who do not currently have a membership.[citation needed]
  • July 16 – The beta test for paid access ends, allowing all game developers to sell access to their games.[28]

August 2013

  • July 30 - August 6 – ROBLOX takes many hats offsale to make more room in the catalog for further hats. Among the hats going offsale were obscure Robux hats with under 1000 sales, old ROBLOX t-shirts from 2007, and many Tix hats, including popular, low-priced Tix hats. This caused some fear from users on the forums.
  • August 21 – ROBLOX adds outlines as an option.[citation needed]
  • August 29 – Labor Day Sale 2013 begins.[29]

September 2013

  • September 2 – Labor Day Sale 2013 ends.[29]
  • September 4 – ROBLOX updates their font engine.[30]
  • September 19 – International Talk like a Pirate Day sale begins.[citation needed]
  • September 21 – Virtual BLOXcon goes live from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.[31]
  • September 24 – A price floor is added. The minimum price for T-shirts is 10 ROBUX or 100 tickets. The maximum price for shirts and pants is 25 ROBUX or 300 tickets. This caused widespread criticism.[32]
  • September 25 – User-made audio is introduced, receiving positive reviews.[33]
  • September 30 – Dynamic lighting shadow support is released.[34]

October 2013

  • October 1
  • October 2 – ROBLOX shows a sneak peek of its official animation tool.[36]
  • October 3 – The price floor is reduced to 100 tickets and 10 ROBUX for shirts and pants, and 20 tickets and 2 ROBUX for T-shirts,[37] and some of the criticism dies down.
  • October 11 – All packages are now available to non-BC users.[38]
  • October 22 – ROBLOX gives users the ability to change their usernames for approximately 1000 ROBUX.[39]
  • October 25 – As a joke, Shedletsky changes the forum's names to names that involve the Doge[1] meme. Various front page games also had Doge in their thumbnails, and/or titles.
  • October 28 – The studs get changed into a ROBLOX "R".
  • [Unknown dates in October]
    • The forum layout gets a revamp, receiving mixed reviews.
    • 6 new material textures are released.
    • The existing material textures get updated.

November 2013

December 2013

  • December 2 – Giftsplosion 2013 event begins.
  • December 7 – The first ever BLOXcast is streamed live on ROBLOX's YouTube channel at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. Also, bigger terrain building is enabled.
  • December 12 – ROBLOX allows developers to make HTTP requests from their games.
  • December 13 – ExplorerImageIndex 64SurfaceGuis are added. Also, the last Gift for Giftsplosion 2013 is released.
  • December 16 – Hack Week begins.
  • December 17 – Siege of Quebec game begins with free virtual hats.
  • December 18 – The last prize for Giftsplosion 2013 is released.


January 2014

  • January 15 – Users can now upload audio up to 120 seconds (2 minutes) for 100 ROBUX.
  • January 16 – Users can now download studio plugins for ROBLOX Studio instead of downloading plugins via third-party websites.
  • January 28 – The Developer Stats feature is released.[40]
  • January 30 – Users can now upload character animations for 30 ROBUX using the animation plugin.
  • January 31 – The ROBLOX 2014 Winter Games begin.

February 2014

  • February 6 – Intellisense & Wiki Integration now available in ROBLOX Studio.[2]
  • February 8 – ROBLOX launches their Twitch channel with a 3-hour live stream.
  • February 10 – The ROBLOX 2014 Winter Games end.
  • February 14 – President's Day Sale 2014 starts.
  • February 18 – President's Day Sale 2014 ends.
  • February 28 – Developer Products (also known as Consumables) go live.

March 2014

  • March 3 – Game Universes go live.[3]
  • March 28 – A new ROBLOX Rendering Engine comes into use, the old one being discharged.[4]

April 2014

  • April 1 – An April Fools joke about ROBLOX bodies becoming cats is broadcast.
  • April 2 – Multiple announcements and updates are made.
    • The Developer Exchange rate goes from 10% to 20%.
    • ROBLOX announces ROBLOX @ Maker Faire.[5]
    • A superhero costume contest begins.
  • April 3 – Supersafe Chat is removed.
  • April 4 – The 2014 BLOXY awards are introduced.
  • April 10 – ROBLOX Studio is given a new interface.
  • April 11 – The ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2014 opens but closes due to bugs.
  • April 14 – The ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2014 re-opens.
  • April 15 – Player Points are announced, which are given when someone spends ROBUX. A new Health Bar has been introduced as well.
  • April 21 – A Developer Console is released, which can be toggled by pressing F9 in a player's game.
  • April 22 – Clan Points are released in beta.
  • April 23 – The ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2014 closes.
  • April 24 – New terrain textures are released.
  • April 25 – Player Points are reset.
  • April 29 – New skyboxes are released.[6]

May 2014

  • May 1 – TheGamer101 becomes the first Game Developer to cash out $10,000 US Dollars from Developer's Exchange.[7]
  • May 3 – Submissions for the 2014 BLOXY Awards open.
  • May 9–10 [exact date unknown] – New ROBLOX Wiki layout. Not announced until May 12.[8]
  • May 13 – OBJ Exporter goes live. Users can now open any ROBLOX file on any 3D software.
  • May 14 – John Shedletsky officially announces that he has stopped working full time at ROBLOX.[9] Also, players without Builders Club can now sell game passes.
  • May 17–18 – ROBLOX live streams Maker Faire Bay Area 2014 (also known as BLOXfaire 2014) on their Twitch channel.[10]
  • May 23 – Voting for the 2014 Hall of Fame Awards open. Also, the Memorial Day Sale 2014 begins.
  • May 26 – Memorial Day Sale 2014 ends.
  • May 28 – The 2014 ROBLOX summer interns are revealed.[11]
  • May 29 – New character shadows are released.
  • May 30 – An explanation for some players' data loss is posted.[12]

June 2014

  • June 5 – Player Points multiply 100x more than the former rate.
  • June 6 – Environment Maps and Dynamic Reflections are released. Further details can be found here.[13][14]
  • June 7 – ROBLOX's LEGO Ideas Building Contest begins.[15]
  • June 8 – Submissions for the 2014 BLOXY Awards close, as well as voting for the 2014 Hall of Fame Awards.
  • June 10 – ROBLOX announces the return of "Behind the BLOX".[16]
  • June 12 – New character animations are introduced. The /e animations get an upgrade.
  • June 21 – The Virtual BLOXcon 2014 event takes place. Also, the 2014 Mid-Summer Night's Sale begins roughly around 9 p.m. PST and ends the next day in the afternoon.
  • June 23 – Players can no longer buy/sell Player points as a currency.
  • [Exact date unknown][Not announced until June 24] – ROBLOX adds to their Physics Engine with rocket jumps, jump pads, and other varying additions.[17] The new physics upgrade upsets many players due to the fact that users are unable to walk when lunging a sword, and because users slide for a split second after walking.
  • June 26 – The new physics engine gets updated. Excluding the sword lunging problem, bugs have been fixed, and small details have been edited.
  • [Exact date unknown][Possibly released in late June 2014] – Certain players, mostly new players had a new Website UI, as a testing feature. The UI now contained a Sidebar UI, which can be opened by pressing the bar icon. When the browser's screen is maximized or is zoomed out, it will instead be fixed.

July 2014

  • July 2 – The ROBLOX 2014 Summer Games begin.
  • July 11 – DeadzoneZackZak is interviewed about his Steam creation.[18]
  • July 12 – The ROBLOX 2014 Summer Games temporarily shut down due to exploiters.
  • July 15 – 3D Thumbnails for user avatars and catalog items are released. Also, The ROBLOX 2014 Summer Games reopen.
    • Note: The winners from July 12 did not get a prize due to the fact that the Summer Games closed before the day ended.
  • July 16 – ROBLOX Mobile is finally released for Android (4.0.3 or later).[19]
    • Note: ROBLOX Mobile Android for the US and Canada was released on July 16, ROBLOX Mobile Android for international locations was not released until the following morning.
  • July 17 – Let's Play!, a new segment on ROBLOX's Twitch channel, is streamed for the first time.
  • July 20 – The submission period for ROBLOX's LEGO Ideas Building Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.
  • July 24 – The ROBLOX 2014 Summer Games end.
  • July 25 – Improved camera and controls are added to ROBLOX Mobile.
  • July 28 – Two updates are released:
    • A new place loading screen is added, but taken down a day later.
    • New AI Pathfinding script functions are released.
  • July 29 – The new ROBLOX layout is finally released and given to the majority of users. Some users receive the new layout before July 29, and some are not receiving it at all.
  • July 31 – The voting period for ROBLOX's LEGO Ideas Building Contest ends.
  • [Possibly released in late June 2014][Not announced until July 31] – ROBLOX releases Cobblestone, Metal, and Wood Planks as new materials.
  • [Exact date unknown][Not announced until July 31] – ROBLOX revamps the materials, Fabric, and Grass.

August 2014

  • August 1 – Solid Modeling is released.[20][21] Also, Developer Exchange rates go up, from 20% to 25%.
  • August 10 – Select ROBLOX staff go to the Bricks by the Bay event.[22]
  • August 11 – ROBLOX asks the community to vote for their panel for SXSW Interactive 2015.[23]Also, 3D Thumbnails for shirts and pants are enabled.
  • August 14 – The in-game mouse lock, player points awarded, and friend request GUIs get a revamp. Also, Chief Just us announces the scheduled events for August 2014 through January 2015.[24]
  • August 18 – A new Outrageous Builder's Club site theme is released.
  • August 19 – ROBLOX Clan Battle 2014 begins.
  • August 20 – The finalists for ROBLOX's LEGO Ideas Building Contest are announced.[25]
  • August 22 – NobleDragon and JackInTheBlox take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and a gear is put up for sale in the catalog to support the challenge.[26][27] Also, to celebrate the end of summer, ROBLOX renames the sub forums to beach related names.[28]
  • August 25 – A new Library tab is added to the Develop page. Also, the first period for ROBLOX Clan Battle 2014 ends.
  • August 26 – The second period for ROBLOX Clan Battle 2014 begins.
  • August 27 – The in-game inventory, health bar, player list, chat list, and the Game Menu GUI are revamped.
  • August 28 – The World of The Boxtrolls sponsor place opens.[29] Also, the character movement sounds get revamped, but are removed the day after.
  • August 29 – Labor Day Sale 2014 begins.
  • August 31 – ROBLOX Clan Battle 2014 ends.

September 2014

  • September 1 – The maximum Developer Exchange payment is increased from 5 million ROBUX for $12,500 to 8 million ROBUX for $20,000.
  • September 2 – A new API is added that allows users to input in game video ads into their places for players on ROBLOX Mobile to view. Also, Labor Day Sale 2014 ends.
  • September 3 – The maintenance banner gets revamped.
  • September 4 – It is announced that the ROBLOX community and staff helped donate over $6,000 to the ALS Research Foundation.[30]
  • September 6 – ROBLOX University 2014 event starts. Also, the first Game Creation Challenge begins, with the theme being 'Scare Us Silly.
  • September 11 – New character movement sounds are released.
  • [Exact date unknown][Possibly released in October 2014]ROBLOX University 2014 event ends.
  • [Exact date unknown][Possibly released in October 2014] – In-game badge achievement sounds return.
  • [Exact date unknown][Possibly released in October 2014] – Global leaderboards are removed.
  • September 24 – Humanoid limbs with Packages, T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants are now properly scaleable for the first time since 2010

October 2014

  • October 1 – BLOXtober 2014 event begins.
  • October 11 – A new loading screen for places is added, but then taken down about 12 hours later due to possible negative reception.
  • October 13 – The final BLOXtober 2014 gift is released and Hallow's Eve 2014 : The Witching Hour Returns place opens.
  • October 14 – All ROBLOX badges are revamped. Inviter badge and Ambassador badge are discontinued but remain on user profiles. Image Moderator badge, Forum Moderator badge, and Super Moderator badge no longer show on user profiles.
  • October 24–25 – ROBLOX goes live for the 24 Hour Extra Life Twitch streaming event on Friday, October 24, at 6 p.m. Pacific Time. At 10 a.m. Pacific Time on October 25, ROBLOX starts streaming again and makes the monthly BLOXcast part of the event. The event continues up until 6 pm Pacific Time. Afterward, an incident occurs in which administrator, b1tsh1ft, accidentally leaves the microphone on and the voices of many administrators from the stream can be heard.
  • October 26 – A looper script is developed that allows places to receive mass amounts of place visits. As a result, the front page was spammed with games using this script.
  • October 27 – ROBLOX administrators SnowBL0X, JacksSmirkingRevenge, and b1tsh1ft are fired due to the October 25 Twitch Incident. Elite Einherjar becomes an administrator.
  • Unknown dates
  • October 30 – The chat feature is updated.
  • Unknown date – A phishing message was sent to multiple players. The message contained a link to a fake ROBUX generator; users who entered account information into the generator had their accounts compromised.

November 2014

  • November 2 – The BLOXtober 2014 event ends.
  • [Exact dates unknown]
    • [Possibly released in late October 2014]: The default Force Field receives further edits.
    • Parts that use solid modeling now have physics.
  • November 10 – The loading screen (when loading places) is updated. The new loading screen is now the loading screen that was taken down before 12 hours on October 11.
  • November 11 – The ROBLOX Zazzle store opens.
  • November 14 – An update to the forums is announced. Multiple forums are anticipated to be merged.
  • November 17 – The same forum merge announced 3 days ago takes effect.
  • November 19 – The BLOXgiving event starts.
  • [Exact date unknown] – ROBLOX's website UI was updated, before it was updated, players saw a special "ROBLOX is undergoing maintenance" message. The message was "ROBLOX is currently undergoing maintenance. Game joins are temporarily disabled for a few minutes." or similar to that.

December 2014

  • December 11 – URLs in forum posts, place/item descriptions, chat, and user blurbs are now clickable.
  • December 17 – The home page is updated.


January 2015

  • January 19 – The 2015 Winter Games start.
  • [Around Early 2015] – The player list receives a major revamp, with the background being more transparent, the font being replaced with Source Sans Light, the players' names and the player's own username above the list and the list itself being smaller in size, and the lines between the players' names being thinner. Also, the button used to hide the list was removed, players will now need to simply click the area with their username in it to hide part of the list.

February 2015

  • February 4 – Friends lists are changed to followers/following lists, and best friends are changed to friends as part of the "Friends and Followers" update.
  • February 9 – The Name List is updated.
  • February 24 – ROBLOX adds the ability to follow players from within a game. Now, friends turn into followers and best friends turn into friends.
  • February 26 – New Surface Lightings are shown.
  • [Unknown time in February] – New game templates added; City, Medieval, Obby, Racing, and Shooter.

March 2015

  • March 1 – Updated game menu when you select a game to play.
  • March 5 – Game pages are updated.
  • March 18 – ROBLOX now supports .ogg audio files.
  • March 23 – Egg/Dev Hunt 2015 starts.

April 2015

  • April 1 – In honor of April Fool's Day, the ROBLOX Twitter made a tweet saying that "old ROBLOX" was back. On ROBLOX's Facebook page, it was announced that all characters were changed to BLOXikins.
  • April 5 – The Egg Hunt 2015 ends.
  • April 23 – The in-game navigation bar is updated, as well as the default smile.
  • April 24 – Custom Particles are released.
  • April 30 – taymaster is the first developer to earn $50,000 in one month using DevEx.

May 2015

  • May 10 – ROBLOX "Ultimate Competition" begins.
  • May 22 – Memorial Day Sale 2015 begins.
  • May 25 – Memorial Day Sale 2015 ends.
  • May 27 – ROBLOX adds smooth terrain for ROBLOX Client and ROBLOX Studio. A week later, new players begun starting with a place made with smooth terrain.
  • May 28 – Group users can now earn money off of Group Owned Games.

June 2015

  • June 1 – Jurassic World event begins in anticipation of the release of the movie of the same name.
  • June 3 – ROBLOX releases Game icons, making it easier to navigate, as well as the new beautiful UI. The extra search bar on the games page is removed. Also, new players begin starting with places made of smooth terrain. The first user to start with this place is freddybear246.
  • June 15 – The ROBLOX Summer Camp starts. Also, the Jurassic World event ends, and a Teen Titans Go! sponsorship begins at Work at a Pizza Place.
  • June 23 – The Smooth Terrain Contest starts.
  • June 30 – The Smooth Terrain Contest ends. The winners of the contest were also announced.

July 2015

  • July 1 – A sponsorship of the Illuminations' movie Minions begins, and also the "ROBLOX Summer Games" event ends and the Lunchables sponsor starts.
  • July 2 – A new kind of material is added to ROBLOX under the name of Neon, which makes blocks seem bright without light.
  • July 23 – The loading screen was updated with a background and a circular spinner, but however, it did not show how many voxels/instances/bricks/connectors it was loading. They also broke the in-game player list, making it so it could not close.
  • July 26 – Due to a glitch in a site update many players were automatically logged off couldn't log in. It was however, fixed within an hour after the discovery.
  • July 30 – An update in the ROBLOX client broke Local Scripts that can hide the in-game player list and also, A free model which is the old cursor was glitched out and broken again, just like what happened to the top bar update. It broke old ROBLOX simulators and some FPS games.

August 2015

  • August 2 – The Lunchables sponsor concludes.
  • August 5 – 6 months and lifetime options for Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club are removed.
  • August 14 – The paint palette on ROBLOX Studio got a new look and more colors were added.

September 2015

  • September 2 – Profiles are changed and now have more features, but some people said they couldn't see what their friends are playing and even lost a number of badges.
  • September 14 – A new in-game menu is introduced which featured keyboard shortcuts for the Desktop version and makes reporting people to ROBLOX moderators much easier.

October 2015

  • October 5 – New physics are introduced. Unfortunately, this introduction broke some older game mechanics like Trains using Cylinders as wheels.
  • October 7 – New shaders are added.
  • October 16 – A new website chat interface was added, which showed whether your friend's are offline or online and their current face appearance.
  • October 29 – A new logo for the ROBLOX icon on the desktop is introduced. Also, the old ROBLOX word is back in its entirety.


January 2016

  • January 18 – ROBLOX releases a concept for their new avatar design. After receiving loads of backlash and hate from numerous ROBLOX community members and developers, ROBLOX was forced to head back to the drawing board and create something else.

February 2016

  • February 9 – ROBLOX comes up with the R15: A new avatar design similar to ROBLOX's current avatar the R6. This version of the character brings more parts and hinges to ROBLOX's standard 6-part character, thus allowing more parts of the character to be animated.
  • February 17 – ROBLOX gets a new character look and many glitches are present on that day such as: no animations, not spawning with packages and hats, spawning as a noob. Those glitches was later fixed.
  • February 18 – Beta testing for 'R15' begins.
  • February 24 – The ability to use underscores in usernames which was removed in 2007, is re-added again. (Now, users could "steal" old underscore accounts, for example, freez_man was terminated in 2007, and someone signed up with the username freez_man and gained access to the account.)

March 2016

  • March 9 – The default place for new players is changed, starting at id 113726813 which is for player ImWhite_NotBlack.
  • March 11 – The Snowed-In Game Tournament, the first sports-style event, starts.
  • March 12 – R15 players are announced in a blog post. The upcoming update had garnered some praise for its bendy limbs, but has also received some controversy, because some players wanted to bring R6 back. Some even suggested to add a feature to switch between R6 and R15.
  • March 15 – ROBLOX announces that tickets will be removed which made a lot of criticism from the community.
  • March 15–16 – The price floor for ROBUX on shirts and pants can be now 5 ROBUX (minimum price).
  • March 18 – The Eggventure game is released in beta.
  • March 22 – Eggventure 2016 is launched.
  • March 24 – ROBLOX for the Xbox One now lets players play their own games.
  • March 29 – ROBLOX's website glitched and the website was shut down for a short period of time while ROBLOX engineers worked to get the site back up.

April 2016

  • April 1 – ROBLOX said that they were releasing ROBLOX on the Sega Genesis but turned out to be an April Fools joke, Also, they were also doing an April Fools joke on the game reviews that they say that if you climb up all the 10000000 stairs then you will get Super Admin on ROBLOX, if you were reaching that, it would say "APRIL FOOLS!!!" on the GUI. Also, not planned by ROBLOX, developers changed their game titles and thumbnails on April Fools.
  • April 6 – ROBLOX celebrates their 10th anniversary.
  • April 13 – All ticket items are on their final time on sale. Also, on the same day, ROBLOX releases the new Team Create system in ROBLOX Studio, which allows you to work with friends on your game. Also, Team Create is announced via a blog post, which will replace personal servers (PBS).
  • April 14 – Tickets are removed from ROBLOX. Remaining tickets were not converted to ROBUX.
  • April 16 – A bug made by a tickets removal removed the ability to donate ROBUX by groups. ROBLOX did shut down the payout system temporary until they fixed the bug.
  • April 18 – ROBLOX has launched ROBLOX Battle Arena 2016 with sponsoring to the new Captain America: Civil War movie.
  • April 19 – Something unknown on ROBLOX made a bug that made a lot of players disconnect from ROBLOX games. ROBLOX fixed the bug and found out that the ROBLOX game servers crashed and only players with strong internet connection could play games.
  • [Unknown time around April] – Two games which were in ROBLOX Battle Arena 2016 were shut down temporarily to fix a bug that ROBLOX players couldn't earn hats.
  • April 20 – The players picture has turned into circles.
  • April 22 – ROBLOX is released to Oculus Rift.
  • April 25 – ROBLOX has released the beta script for the new R15 body.
  • April 28 – New faces are released. They are Happy :D, XD 2.0 and ¬_¬. Many players wanted the old faces back as seen in the comments of the faces.

May 2016

  • [Unknown time around May] – ROBLOX shop is closed for unknown reasons, all links redirect to the catalog.
  • May 5 - A hat in the catolog, Gentleman's Spring Hat, was sold for 100 tix, 3 weeks after the tix removal. It was changed 2 days later to 100 robux, but some people got the hat before it changed to robux.
  • May 6 – ROBLOX Battle Arena 2016 has ended.
  • May 10 – New physics properties has been released and as well new physics props.
  • May 12 – A glitch had happened that some of your player's friends had black circles. It is unknown how this glitch happened.
  • May 13 – The Angry Birds Movie event starts.
  • May 14 – Voting polls for Memorial Sale 2016 open. To view the poll use this link: (You cannot vote on this poll anymore.)
  • May 17 – ROBLOX adds post-processing effects and anti-aliasing. Also, seven new materials for smooth terrain were released: Asphalt, Cobblestone, Ice, Leafy Grass, Limestone, Pavement, and Salt.
  • May 18 – An old forum post from 2009 and 2015 was revived and the moderators reviewed it. As a result of the rapid posting of spam comments, the comments section is removed from all catalog items.
  • May 19 – An unknown person bypasses ROBLOX's ASLR causing lag throughout the site.
  • May 22 – ROBLOX's site crashes for an unknown reason.
  • May 23 – Legacy Physics are removed, many old games break.
  • May 24 – ROBLOX now released their app in the Windows Store.
  • May 26 – A message from ROBLOX was sent to every player, informing them that personal servers would be discontinued soon.
  • May 27 – The 2016 Memorial Day Sale starts.
  • May 30 – The 2016 Memorial Day Sale ends.
  • May 31 – Xbox One players are now able to play every game on ROBLOX.

June 2016

  • June 2 – Around The World event starts.
  • June 3 – The Angry Birds Movie event ends.
  • June 4–5 – Another unknown person bypasses ROBLOX's ASLR making people create injectors (a kind of exploit) easily.
  • June 6 – A glitch occurred on ROBLOX avatars where players' legs would become invisible by wearing the Man package right and left legs.
  • June 7 – ROBLOX releases the push notifications feature for Chrome. It automatically sends notifications to players when others send them trades, friend requests, messages, etc. It has to be enabled through Chrome and through the Privacy section in settings.
  • June 8 – All Personal Build Servers (PBS), or Personal Servers, are converted to game places, and the option to view PBS servers is removed. Also, five new animations are released: Linear, Cubic, Constant, Elastic, and Bounce.
  • June 9 – Players are allowed to upload their own meshes for the first time since 2010, as ExplorerImageIndex 73MeshParts.
  • June 10 – The Voltron: Legendary Defender event begins.
  • June 16 – The Post, Create and Play event starts. Also, VIP servers have become available for group games.
  • June 20 – The Around The World and Voltron: Legendary Defender events end and the ROBLOX Summer Camp 2016 event starts.
  • June 22 – The movie theater company Cinemark files a trademark infringement lawsuit against ROBLOX over an in-game movie theater from Phantom Forces, which features logos from Finding Dory and its ROBLOX event.
  • June 23 – The Voltron: Legendary Defender event restarts.
  • June 28 – Players can now change the color of particles using the Color Sequence Editor in ROBLOX Studio.

July 2016

  • Early July – The ROBLOX Summer Camp 2016 event ends.
  • July 11 – The mobile version becomes the number one growing platform on ROBLOX.
  • July 12 – ROBLOX changed the look of guest avatars. However, many people hated it and some even talked about it on the forums.
  • July 21 – ROBLOX has changed the Terms of Service, it says that if you are suspended or banned from using the service, you are not allowed to use the service, including signing up for a new account.
  • July 22 – The ROBLOX Imagination Event begins.
  • July 27
    • ROBLOX holds a contest for a new studio startup image. The winner will be chosen in late August–early September and will win $500 cash, as well as having their name on the image.
  • July 27–28 – New Friend text has been changed, If you friend someone and they accept it, now it just says New Friend.
  • July 28 – ROBLOX Studio testers can now test gamepasses without spending ROBUX.
  • July 29 – The ROBLOX error pages are updated to have 3D instead of 2D images, on all three error pages (404, 403, 500).

August 2016

  • August 3 – The ROBLOX catalog and all other forms of ROBLOX economy are restored around 9 p.m. EST.
  • August 4 – In-game chat messages now start from the top.
  • August 5 – The first ROBLOX Developer Conference is held on Twitch.
  • August 7 – The ROBLOX Imagination Event ends.
  • August 8 – ROBLOX receives a DDoS attack. ROBLOX characters wouldn't show up on forums, ads wouldn't load, and games were disconnected. The website eventually shut down at 1:40 p.m. PDT and went back online at 2:00 p.m. PDT. Also, the 2016 ROBLOX Summer Games event starts.
  • August 12 – "Limited user information dating from 2012 and earlier", as ROBLOX describes it, is leaked from a test site. "Certain accounts" are asked to reset their passwords.
  • August 18 – ROBLOX earns a spot on the 35 Annual Inc. 5000 as #2706 in the Consumer Products & Services category.
  • August 19 – Old terrain is officially deprecated and is scheduled to be removed on January 1, 2017 on the RBXDev Forums. Also, the GameAvatarType setting is enabled for all users, allowing anyone to use R15 in their game without the need of third party scripts.
  • August 22 – The 2016 ROBLOX Summer Games event ends.
  • August 27 – The Endless Summer Cruise is live on Twitch for 12 hours.
  • August 29 – ROBLOX goes down due to DNS issues worldwide, at some time before 1:30 a.m. PDT. During that time, the ROBLOX website domain was removed from the internet, shown here. Some users were able to access the site for a few minutes at a time. The site became more stable around 7:30 a.m. PDT, but many users still had problems accessing ROBLOX Studio and the website. People have thought of it to be a DDoS attack but it was in fact, DNS issues. Data loss occurred on many games, leaving some players with missing stats.
  • August 30 – ROBLOX continues to have DNS problems worldwide, with some users still unable to access the site. Also, users are now able to chat on the ROBLOX app.
  • August 31 – ROBLOX fully fixes the critical DNS problem which caused ROBLOX to be removed from the internet temporarily. Although a few players still can't access the site.

September 2016

  • September 2 – ROBLOX adds Developer Console to Mobile, which satisfied many mobile users worldwide as previously, they cannot really check for server problems due to the app not having F9 Developer Console.
  • [Unknown time around September] – ROBLOX changes the price of audio to depend on the length of the audio. This would later be changed back to a flat 100 ROBUX fee.
  • September 8 – The ROBLOX High School Fan Club becomes the first group to reach 1 million members. Also, ROBLOX discontinues support for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
  • September 8/9 – ROBLOX updates their purchase section, which shows when going to an item to purchase it. Additionally, if users go to a group on mobile, it shows the new mobile group layout.
  • September 10 – MeshParts can now use part materials.
  • September 15 – Team Create is improved. Blog Post
  • September 19 – The ROBLOX website receives yet again another DDoS attack, but Coolplugalt is the very first one to talk about this. Plus, he does remind @ROBLOX about this situation from Twitter.
  • September 26 – Players can now switch between R6 and R15 on the Avatar page. Also, ROBLOX introduces 2-step verification and users can now upload up to 6 minutes of audio, and the pricing system is changed again.
  • September 27 – Constraints are added to ROBLOX Studio's UI, making it easier to create and use them.
  • September 29 – R15 is released to the public.

October 2016

  • October 1 – BLOXtober 2016 countdown begins. It is sponsored by Nerf.
  • October 6 – ROBLOX changes the audio limit back to 2 minutes, and the flat 100 ROBUX fee is imposed again.
  • October 9 – The website is down for about 20 seconds, with the message "Service unavailable".
  • October 13
    • An item with a timer countdown now shows days, hours, and minutes, instead of just days. Example here.
    • The official ROBLOX shop on Amazon is opened.
  • October 14 – Natural Disaster Survival is the first ROBLOX game to reach 1 million favorites.
  • October 18 – ROBLOX User Survey starts.
  • October 20 – A new template is added named "Village".
  • October 21 – ROBLOX falls victim to the 2016 Dyn cyber attack and the site is down from 12 PM to 5 PM.
  • October 27 – ROBLOX officially removes Build mode for good. They had announced this in their blog on September 15.

November 2016

  • November 1 – New audio effects and properties are added to ROBLOX Studio.
  • November 1/2 – Around 12 a.m., the site shuts down for unknown reasons. Mobile users are met with a message upon using ROBLOX; "The service is unavailable". Six days later, the same thing happens.
  • November 5 – A new ROBLOX update featured a new graphics mode Metal which is accessible through the ROBLOX Studio's options window. Also, ROBLOX undergoes a massive technical difficulty that not many users can play their games which happened around 8:50–9:00 a.m. PT. ROBLOX goes down at about 12:15 p.m. EST with 219+ reports on
  • November 8 – ROBLOX Studio tutorials are implemented.
  • November 10 – 3 new ROBLOX Studio startup backgrounds are added, and they alternate every time users open Studio.
  • November 14 – ROBLOX opens up nomination forms for BLOXY Awards 2016.
  • November 16 – The create a place button is removed from the Develop page.
  • November 17 – ROBLOX implements R15 scaling.
  • November 22 – The create a place button has been added back to the Develop page, and notifications are added. Also, the BLOXY Awards 2016 finalist list is opened and people can nominate for their favorite finalist.
  • November 25 – Face Accessories are released, the first face accessory is the Shinestone Shades: Ruby Radiance. Also, a guest chat is added back without a custom chat somehow.
  • November 30 – Hats are now called Accessories and various hats like Brown Charmer Hair will be moved to the Hair category.

December 2016

  • December 1 – ROBLOX announces on the blog that there will be new payment options using the Developer Exchange (DevEx) Program.
  • December 2 – Comments are removed from games and the ROBLOX blog announces they will release 3 free gifts which causes outrage and criticism from the community.
  • December 5 – ROBLOX chat messages now start from the top with new supported languages.
  • December 6 – A glitch occurs where a player can abuse the sign-up page to make an account with the same name, this caused player names such as 1dev2, PlatinumFalls, and ROBLOX being made.
    • The graphics mode, Metal, is announced that it is based on Apple's 3D Graphics API and also a blog post about this can be read here.
  • December 8/9 – A glitch occurs where a player can't chat in game. Also, the ROBLOX Universe event starts.
  • December 13 – ROBLOX Avatar Editor is now available for iOS and Android.
  • December 28 – The image of the "c:" face from 2012's April Fools hacking reaches 1,337 favorites.
  • December 29 – ROBLOX said on Twitter that during the DevEx program, they gave over 7M+ to developers.
  • December 30 – MeepCity's maximum player count changes to 80.
  • December 31 – The last day to vote for the BLOXY Awards 2016.
  • [Unknown time in December] – New players have a curated front page with a grid of "Recommended" games, and other sections show the first few games until the player hits "See All".


January 2017

  • January 1 – ROBLOX discontinues voxel terrain and its support, as announced here. Also, the nomination of finalists for the BLOXY Awards 2016 close. PlaceRebuilder's Reason 2 Die also closes, due to hackers, making it one of the most visited places to be closed down.
  • January 9 – The catalog and search features are removed for 6 hours at 9 p.m. BST due to staff fixing bugs. Also, ROBLOX removes the feature (using the "=" key) to drop hats on Windows and Mac.
  • January 10 – ROBLOX changes its logo and also the signup page, the new logo made criticism that players want the old logo back. Also, ROBLOX releases lots of new items with the description as "Get this exclusive item when you redeem a code from a ROBLOX toy – coming soon to retail stores! Check out to learn more..". This supports that ROBLOX are making toys for real life. Also, ROBLOX now allows you to say "gay" ingame and on the site, and the new search feature now uses the filter and searches everything with the words if it's more than 1 word in the search term.
    • The Blog News display when visiting the Home page ( does not function well as of now and displays empty/null
  • January 16 – The health bar has been changed, making the health bar above the name tag disappear when the player has full health, and it will appear when the player gets damaged. Also, ROBLOX is taking down lots of heads, and stuck with only the Roundy, Trim and Blockhead heads. It is unsure if it was a glitch or ROBLOX is removing heads on purpose. ROBLOX had also released three new heads, called Chiseled, Paragon, and Strong Jaw, all of which fit the aesthetic of ROBLOX's soon-to-be-released toys. ROBLOX had also added 2 semi-realistic faces (Friendly Smile, and Winning Smile), both of which caused an uproar for being rather unsettling.
  • January 19 – Animations packs for R15 are released, these being Zombie, Stylish, Superhero, Robot, and Levitation.
  • January 23 – ROBLOX changes the user search page, removing the date of the player last seen, also adding a "Add Friend" option for the player and showing their primary group. However, it was changed back to the old user search page later.
  • January 30 – ROBLOX takes down a lot of games in order to apply a new chat system that adds a filter feature. Some of the first page games had been shut down.

February 2017

  • February 1 – ROBLOX now requires FilteringEnabled on games for under 13 users to search for games. Under 13 users can still play non-filtering enabled games, just not find them using search.
  • February 3 – Icons that have not been changed change to a random starter place with a ROBLOX logo on it. Also, MeepCity's maximum player count changes to 70.
  • February 4 – Dued1 is the first user to hit 300 million place visits.
  • February 15 – The ROBLOX 2017 Winter Games event begins. Also, the health bar is modified again making the health bar in the area where the username shows disappear when the player has full health and appears when the player loses health and also, parents were horrified after few players sent "sickening" messages to little kids forcing them to delete the app. (It's unknown if the players are trolling or have no clue). Article:
  • [Unknown date in February] – The Brick and Wood Planks materials get a revamp to seem more realistic.
  • February 17 – ROBUX purchases might be delayed.
  • February 22 – ROBLOX announces an update for the avatar, which can be found here.
  • February 25 – ROBLOX adds an "Account: Over/Under 13 yrs" message to the top right corner of the website to show users the age they have selected for their account. For example, if a user puts "2000" as their birth year, it will show "Account: Over 13 yrs", but if they put 2008, it will be "Account: Under 13 yrs". Also, there is now Parent PINs.
  • February 28 – The ROBLOX 2017 Winter Games event ends.
  • [Unknown date in February] – The ROBLOX icon on the taskbar and desktop size increase.

March 2017

  • March 2 – The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2017 event begins.
  • March 7/8 – A glitch happens where users search is replaced with games search.
  • March 8 – The Innovation Tycoon event begins.
  • March 10 – The Plaza and Theme Park Tycoon get hashtagged.
  • March 11 – The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2017 event ends.
  • March 16
    • The UI on a game page changes. Also, Smurfs: The Lost Village event begins.
    • A new ROBLOX (client and studio) update features the 7 new graphics mode, Vulkan, this morning which is a competitor against OpenGL.
  • March 17 – ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2017 eggs are teased.
  • Maybe around March 21-25 – ROBLOX updates the standing animation on the R15.
  • March 25 – ROBLOX removes the tilted "O" from the studs and universal studs and all other that have studs on them possible that ROBLOX is adding a new form of the studs like they did back in 2009.

April 2017

  • April 1 – No special April Fools event is held by ROBLOX, but many game creators update their games with thumbnails and buildings. However, InceptionTime posts a prank on Twitter saying that the ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2017 has opened early. It is a link to a game that plays rick roll music, and has the characters standing on an orange. The tweet can be found here (currently redicts to .
  • April 3 – ROBLOX moves many settings from places to games, including the active setting. But it is shortly changed back.
  • April 4 – The ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2017 event begins.
  • April 5 – The Egg Hunt 2017: The Lost Eggs event gets a lot of glitches, causing many things to not work. This includes the portals to different worlds.
  • April 10 – Smurfs: The Lost Village event ends.
  • April 11 – ROBLOX is hosting a challenge wherein players will submit their games to the Roblox Tournaments. Also, the Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2 event begins.
  • April 12 – ROBLOX updates their catalog UI.
  • April 16 – The starter place is changed to a normal baseplate, some users think a new starter place is releasing this day. Also, all searching services (Catalog, Library, Studio Toolbox, and Game Search) are suspended for 4 days after a DDoS attack the previous day as they implement the new Catalog UI, casing outrage and panic from many users.
  • April 18 – The ROBLOX "Activate game" feature is removed and placed in games tab.
  • April 19 – The catalog page is given a major revamp, with five items being on top of the catalog instead of four as well as enlarging the buttons of the items and item type menu. The catalog shows when the item was last updated, its creator, number of favorites when you hover over it now. However, it is later reverted back to the previous version. ROBLOX is also going slow at around 8:00 pm EST. It also adds the list of players who are playing in time.
  • April 21 – ROBLOX adds the amount of people playing at the left of the "Place Visits" on a game page.
  • April 23 – ROBLOX has tweaked taking photos via the print screen button. It no longer pauses the game and open a new window that you need to close - instead, you get a notification in the bottom right corner.
  • April 24 – The ROBLOX Easter Egg Hunt 2017 event ends.
  • April 28-29 – ROBLOX adds a new UI editor in ROBLOX Studio.

May 2017

  • May 1 –
    • The forums are raided by a Twitch user named QuackityHQ. He commands his fans to raid the ROBLOX forum. He is soon terminated.
    • As a result of the forum raid, ROBLOX implements an age limit for the forums. You must have been playing on ROBLOX for 2 years to be able to post. This causes an outrage from newer users.
  • May 3 – ROBLOX removes the 2 year limit, allowing all users to post on the forums once more.
  • May 4 – ROBLOX aligns the description on all game pages.
  • May 10 - Choir is added to ROBLOX.
  • May 12
    • A report flag button is added in the player list section of the Game Menu. It allows players to report a player directly when they press Esc and click the button. When clicked, it will transfer them to that player they want to report.
    • The new Client Menu when players press the hamburger menu brings out a new layout to the Settings and Report tab.
  • May 15
  • May 17 – The Avatar Page update, announced in a February 22 blog post, takes effect. However, users can still change colors for individual body parts via the Advanced menu.
  • May 19 – ROBLOX adds Collision Groups in ROBLOX Studio. Blog Post
  • May 24 – The ExplorerImageIndex 93Trail effect is released in ROBLOX Studio for PC users only.
  • May 26 – The Memorial Day Sale 2017 starts.
  • May 28 – The Buried Treasure event ends.
  • May 30 – The Memorial Day Sale 2017 ends.
  • May 31 – ROBLOX once again revamps the catalog page as introduced on April 19. After some time it was reverted to the original.

June 2017

  • June 1 – The ROBLOX Heroes event begins.
  • June 2 – The Chat & Party on the ROBLOX website has been updated
  • June 4 – The forums are raided again by QuackityHQ. This results in ROBLOX closing the forums to everyone. Nobody is allowed to post.
  • June 5 –
    • ROBLOX makes the chat GUI's length longer.
    • The forums are opened again, and users resume their forum activity. Everyone is allowed to post once again.
  • June 6 – ROBLOX reverts the Concrete texture.
  • June 15 – The ROBLOX Heroes event ends somewhere between 7:00 AM PT and 8:00 AM PT.
  • June 16 – ROBLOX comes up with a new update in which if a user's avatar has no clothes (the update also took effect on the same day), it is set with a default set of clothes, due to the fact that players without clothing could roleplay sexual acts, which could raise concerns.
  • June 21
    • The Catalog gets a brand-new fresh look. Then it was reverted back to the original.
    • ROBLOX finally makes Color3 no longer match to the nearest Color2 color. Color3 now allows HTML colors.
    • ROBLOX reduces the part size limit to 0.05.
  • June 22
    • The loading screen is revamped with a different thumbnail for a short period of time, this time instead of "Loading...", the ROBLOX icon replaces it. The ROBLOX icon spins around until loading is finished. Also, the block-looking texture is removed with a plain black texture instead. The thumbnail of the game is also shown. It was later removed.
    • The new catalog layout is finally released to the majority of users, after being revamped three times with changes to the appearance, such as having five items per row instead of six and the Category section using expand menus instead of pop-up menus.
    • ROBLOX introduces Portrait Mode for mobile devices as well as a new, dynamic thumbstick. Not all games on the mobile app support it yet, for now it's just two games that use it: Natural Disaster Survival and MeepCity. Later in the future, Portrait Mode undergoes some minor changes.
  • June 26 - All parts used in ROBLOX Studio now fully support Color3, which allows builders to color parts to a color not part of the default part colors without using scripts.[41]
  • June 27
    • The ROBLOX 2017 Summer Games event starts.
    • Whenever someone has an idle of an animation pack, they will have a pose that still stares at the user, except for zombie which stares diagonally up.

July 2017

  • July 6 – All Studio users are met with an error while launching Studio. This was fixed within minutes.
  • July 6-7 – The net code ROBLOX has might be changed, modified, or altered. This could be seen in the Networking Diagnostics Panel by pressing Shift + F5 on the user's keyboard whilst focusing on the client. The Network Receive now reflects on users' FPS rather than half of their FPS.
  • July 10 – ROBLOX shuts down for a few hours and it is unknown why.
  • July 11 – The ROBLOX 2017 Summer Games event ends.
  • July 12 – ROBLOX adds emoji support for mobile users. For PC users, emoji support would be shipped later.
  • July 13 –
    • To avoid spam bots,[42] Servers are now Servers My Friends In, which it will see a user's friends playing in the game instead of all servers in one whole game. The owner of a place can still see all servers in one game. Lots of players critized this update. The spam bots continued spamming comment sections and messages of players who let everybody message them.
    • The website went under maintenance for seemingly unknown purposes.
  • July 14 – A message was sent out of all users saying that the forums will be "Updated" by rolling the existing forums into five different categories. This caused outrage in the Forums and ROBLOX attempted to delete as many messages as possible.
  • July 19
    • The ability to move around with the WASD keys was removed temporarily for unknown reasons,causing outrage in the forums.
    • An update released during this day patched several physics bugs, mostly involving using other player's momentum.
  • July 20 – ROBLOX re-implemented the ability to move around with the WASD keys.
  • July 22 –
    • The All Things ROBLOX Forum was raided with posts saying "RT IS BETTER" and captions such as "death to ATR" and "Erik Cassel deserved to die!".
    • The ROBLOX Developers Conference 2017 starts. Hence that, ROBLOX's lighting "prototype" was released, showing major changes.
    • Also speaking at the conference, ROBLOX unveiled a new anthropomorphic avatar, and it received a lot of hate for being creepy and also being called an ideal avatar for "online daters."
  • July 24 – The loading screen is revamped with a different thumbnail again with the ROBLOX icon spinning around on the bottom right and the game's icon and title in the middle. This was the same as the June 22nd update version.
  • July 26-27 – ROBLOX undergoes maintenance at 12:45 EST.
  • July 26 – On the last day of ATR, the fourm gets raided with the same message on July 22.
  • July 27 –
    • An unknown reason made all games of ROBLOX get crashed and after trying to rejoin it shows "Bad request/The game has shut down"
    • ATR, RT, OT, and every other subforum are taken down and replaced with RN&D. Only LMAD, C&G, Help, Scripters, and Game Marketing remain. Help sub-forum gets raided.
    • Universe sponsored by DreamWorks: Voltron: Legendary Defender has started.
  • July 31 – Experimental Mode gets an update.

August 2017

  • August 5 – The RDC UK ROBLOX Tournament, announced on August 2, is held.
  • August 10 – The Voltron Universe event ends.
  • August 11 –
    • All packages share the R15 pose.
    • Client 0.302.0.14152 introduced an update that at the Help menu under the hamburger menu in the client, on the bottom one can see the server and client version. Starting with this client version, ROBLOX integrated 64-bit support especially for the Mac platform in preparation for Apple's 64-bit only platform. On the other hand, the Windows platform remained their clients on 32-bit due to mixed users using 32-bit versions of Windows, therefore remained compatibility.
  • August 15 – The ROBLOX Imagination event (2017) begins.
  • August 16 – Client 0.303.0.144032 introduced an update that the overall typeface of the client is changed, the changes were noticeable by the playerlist, performance stats, diagnostics panel and the menu. The new typeface is unknown, but it's smoother than Source Sans Pro.
  • August 17 –
    • Users now need to enter their date of birth before entering any other information when signing up.
    • The site goes down for maintenance at exactly 1:37-1:36 EST, and comes back up at exactly 1:54 EST.
  • August 19 – Certain games didn't function correctly for a certain amount of time, making it so joining games was impossible. Avatars couldn't be changed as well. This was from either a DDoS or maintenance.
  • August 21 or 22 – Client 0.304.0.145042 added the words "Joining server" and are below the game title in the loading screen while a place loads, indicating that a player is about to join the game. Also, the Server Version reflects on the client version, depending when the server started in which client version.
  • August 23 – ROBLOX went on maintenance from 11:00 AM to 12:40 PM EST. ROBLOX also now has 1 billion games. The first person to get a 10-digit ID game was yokyn's Place.
  • August 28 – The ROBLOX Imagination Event (2017) ends.

September 2017

  • September 1 – The Labor Day Sale 2017 begins.
  • September 5 – The DuckTales Event begins.
  • September 6 – ROBLOX players were not able to play ROBLOX games due to an unknown error, however some players were still able to play. Soon after, the forums became flooded with criticism of this crash, and it was later fixed. Some users even speculated that ROBLOX shut all the servers down in order to implement the Anthro body, however this did not happen.
  • September 7- The ROBLOX Sports Event begins.
  • September 9- The ROBLOX website goes down temporarily.
  • September 12 – All places hosted on the ROBLOX account become inactive.
  • September 16 - ROBLOX shuts down all servers for unknown reasons again. 20 seconds after it happened, the forums became flooded with criticism of the crash. ROBLOX also puts back the old loading screen for a short time, but replaces it back to the new 2017 loading screen.
  • September 18 – ROBLOX shuts down all servers yet again, causing outrage in the fourms.
  • September 20 or 21 - ROBLOX changes their friends, followers, following and friend requests on games with the user's head, some of the user's torso, the user's neck and the user's shoulders. It used to be the whole user.
  • September 22 - ROBLOX went on maintenance from 7AM to 8AM BST.
  • September 23 - ROBLOX shuts down servers from 11AM EST to 12:52PM EST.
  • September 24 - Players are now allowed to chat in any group that he/she isn't in. Also, the infection script has been added to Roblox Studio. When it does a Roblox remix song will play. Although, this does not appear in games.
  • September 26 - The Spider-Man Homecoming Event begins.
  • September 27 - ROBLOX changes their words "joining server," "server found, loading," and "requesting server" to a lighter font and the game name now has a bold font.
    • ROBLOX servers go down as of 6PM EST. Avatar editor doesn't work as well, causing outrage in the forums. It goes back up at 7:25PM EST.
    • Update: ROBLOX raised activated place limit to 200 for all users during this time. (BC advantage lost.)
  • September 30 - The place/game for the Spider-Man Homecoming event (Heroes of Robloxia game) gets content deleted, causing the forums and community to panic. All threads about it end up getting deleted.

October 2017

  • October 1 - A person by the name of Mysteriousgamer10 (now terminated) abused a VPN to share CP (illegal photos of children) on the forums and manipulated people into clicking the links to them. This worried the users who saw them. This was solved by moderators deleting the posts linking to the website and terminating the users who posted them.
  • October 3 -
    • Nightmare Before Bloxtober, sponsored by Thor: Ragnarok, event begins.
    • Guest Mode is removed from ROBLOX PC/Mac and Xbox 1, leading protests on the forums to occur.
  • October 4 -
    • The DuckTales event ends. Grand prizes start to be handed out.
    • Around 4:30pm EST Time, hundreds and thousands of players came to the popular games page to find that the four most popular games at the moment were altered. This included: Jailbreak, Meep City, Whatever Floats Your Boat, and Phantom Forces. The thumbnails were changed to the character “Robbie Rotten” from the children's show Lazytown. In addition, the four games each changed their name to: We, Are, Number, One, spelling out the song, causing concern on the forums.
  • October 13 - ROBLOX Studio gets updated when users first go on. The visual appearance now looks different. While ROBLOX was updating ROBLOX Studio, some people could not access Studio, because it would open and close until they close it altogether.
  • October 16 - Nightmare Before Bloxtober event ends.


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