This page should document only past and current events. Do not document speculated or future events. Only notable events should be documented (ie: not every single time Roblox undergoes maintenance or the platform is down)
The following is a timeline of notable Roblox history. Future events are not documented until they occur. Notable events do not include every time the Roblox client undergoes maintenance or shuts down, players are banned or terminated, or non-major glitches occur.

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    • (Sorry for the long reply) I found out about Roblox when my friend ThezombieH8R told me about it back in March 2017. But, I have a different j...
    • Well, the first time I found ROBLOX was because kids at my daycare played it around 2012-2013ish as guests. Then, for a while I forgot about...
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    • For me, it is the green sparkle top hat that is a Limited U, but sadly it is glitched and because of it no one haves it, so, R.I.P my best loved hat.
    • My personal best item IN MY OPINION is...Purple Banded Top Hat because it's such a classic.