The trade system allows Builders Club members to trade limited hats, gears, and faces and eliminates the risk of being scammed.

Sending a trade request

To send a trade request, go to the person's profile and click More > Trade Items. A window will pop up that looks like this:

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The person you're trading withCancel the trade without sending itThe item(s) you are offeringThe value of the item(s) you are offeringThe item(s) available for you to offerThe category of item(s) being shownThe value of the item(s) you're asking forThe item(s) you're asking forSend the requestThe item(s) available for you to choose fromThe category of item(s) being shownSendTrade
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Receiving a trade request

When you receive a trade request, ROBLOX will send you a PM. Follow the link to your trades tab to see it. Then, click "View Details." A window will pop up that tells you which items the sender is requesting to trade you. Evaluate the trade request and see if you like it.

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Expiration dateItem(s) you will giveItem(s) you will receiveValue of the item(s) you're givingValue of the item(s) you're receivingAccept the tradePropose a different offerDecline the tradeClose the trade window. This will not affect the tradeThe person that sent the trade requestRequestDetails
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Note: Trades are irreversible. Be careful when deciding whether to accept, decline, or counter.


The following are tips to help maximize your profit from trading.
  • Not all items are equally desirable, regardless of RAP (Recent Average Price). Some items are traps, others are gold.
  • Know the value of items. Knowing whether a trade is good or not can greatly help you.
  • Weed out "bad" trades by setting the Trade Value Ratio in your account settings.
  • Join a trading group and forum in LMaD (Let's Make a Deal). Being social will increase the number of trade requests you get.
  • When RAP is in your favor, trade it. When RAP is not in your favor, sell it.
  • Your trades are much more likely to be accepted if the RAP of your offer is close to the RAP of the items you're requesting.

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