The trade system is a feature that allows Builders Club members to trade limited hats, gears, and faces and eliminates the risk of being scammed. It was released in the summer of 2012[1]. The trade system was often used and discussed in the Let's Make a Deal subforum. Several places have been created where players are encouraged to use the trading system, the most notable being Trade Hangout.

Limited values

Limited values are an amount of Robux that an a Limited item is worth. They are used a lot in trading, also known as value trading. Value trading is used amongst of all the trading community but most still RAP trade. Values of an item are given based on its looks, selling, and rarity. Values are mostly found on

Good Value trade:

Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat: 7,000 Robux value


Green Banded Top Hat: 9,000 Robux value

Bad Value trade: Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Space People: 6,000 Robux value


Sinister Branches: 3,000 Robux value

Values of the most Expensive items

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  1. Dominus Empyrus: 9,000,000 Robux value
  2. Dominus Frigidus: 7,500,000 Robux value
  3. The Kleos Apthiton: 7,000,000 Robux value
  4. Dominus Infernus: 4,500,000 Robux value
  5. Domino Crown: 4,250,000 Robux value
  6. Eccentric Shop Teacher: 4,000,000 Robux value
  7. Dominus Astra: 3,700,000 Robux value
  8. Wanwood Crown: 2,300,000 Robux value
  9. Lord of the Federation: 2,300,000 Robux value
  10. Lady of the Federation: 1,800,000 Robux value
  11. Red Sparkle Time Fedora: 1,600,000 Robux value
  12. Rainbow Shaggy: 1,550,000 Robux value
  13. Eerie Pumpkin Head: 1,525,000 Robux vaue
  14. Dark Assassin: 1,500,000 Robux value
  15. Living Art: Starry Night: 1,300,000 Robux value
  16. Bling Boy's Rainment: 1,200,000 Robux value
  17. Purple Sparkle Time Fedora: 1,100,000 Robux value
  18. Green Sparkle Time Fedora: 1,100,000 Robux value
  19. Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora: 1,050,000 Robux value

Sending a trade request

To send a trade request, go to the person's profile and click More > Trade Items. A window will pop up that looks like this:

The person you're trading withCancel the trade without sending itThe item(s) you are offeringThe value of the item(s) you are offeringThe item(s) available for you to offerThe category of item(s) being shownThe value of the item(s) you're asking forThe item(s) you're asking forSend the requestThe item(s) available for you to choose fromThe category of item(s) being shownSendTrade
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About this image​​​​​

Receiving a trade request

When you receive a trade request, ROBLOX will send you a PM. Follow the link to your trades tab to see it. Then, click "View Details." A window will pop up that tells you which items the sender is requesting to trade. Click Accept to accept the trade, and click Decline to decline the trade.

Expiration dateItem(s) you will giveItem(s) you will receiveValue of the item(s) you're givingValue of the item(s) you're receivingAccept the tradePropose a different offerDecline the tradeClose the trade window. This will not affect the tradeThe person that sent the trade requestRequestDetails
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When countering, the trade menu will appear, with the trade selection. The other player has an option to change the circumstances to even the trade.

Adding robux

There is also the ability to add robux to the trade, which can be added at the bottom of the trading display. Anyone can add the number of robux depending on how much each user has. There is also a 30% fee that will take away 3/10th of the original price. As of April 16th, 2013, a player can now own more than one of the same limited, or trade the same limited(s).


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  • Ever since the Trading System came out, many items and games in the catalog and game section are frequently flooded with messages asking them to trade, but this has died out.
  • The Trade System was one of the most requested features by users before it came out.
  • As of April 16th, 2013, a player can now own more than one of the same limited, or trade the same limited(s).
  • If one of the players doesn't have any limiteds or Builder's Club, the player cannot be traded with.


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