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The Transformers Event was an event that took place on February 11, 2011, which was the first ever sponsored event. It was to celebrate the new series on The Hub, called Transformers Prime.


There were 2 teams for this event. One team worked for the Autobots, and the other team worked for the Decepticons. If you worked for the Autobots, you had to find 5 Autobot coins. If you worked for the Decepticons, you had to find 5 Decepticon coins.


If you found all 5 coins for the Decepticons, you won the Decepticon Recruit hat. If you found all 5 coins for the Autobots, you won the Autobot Recruit hat.


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  • ROBLOXians often called the Decepticon coin a "Decepticoin".
  • ROBLOXians often called the Autobot coin an "Autobling".

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